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West Shand is a small kingdom on the southwestern penninsula of Paravia. It is not a High Kingdom and has no principalities. West Shand is bordered on three sides by water, the Westland Sea, Rockbay Harbor, and South Strait. To the north is the kingdom of Havish.

West Shand was the site of a major drake conflict and later inhabited and ruled by Paravians. Humans did not have a presence here well into the Third Age -- the South Gate's use as a place to send technological misfits into exile played into this change in demographic.

Relationship to East Shand

East Shand, as a High Kindgom is a separate entity from West Shand, which was long ruled by Dragons. Paravians ruled East Shand starting in the Second Age, and eventually ruled West Shand as well. When humans arrived in Third Age 1, a High Kingdom was established in East Shand, with West Shand remaining under Paravian rule. Mankind eventually took over West Shand as Paravian presence waned[1].


The heraldic device of West Shand has changed throughout the years.[1]

Human-Inhabited Cities

  • Vhalzein: This city has not yet played a role in the events of the story.
  • Jarde: This city has not yet played a role in the events of the story. However, it is marked as an "unvanquished town", a status shared with Alestron and the Ettinmere Settlement.[2]
  • Shandor: This city has not yet played a role in the events of the story.

Paravian Ruins

Natural Landmarks

Other Landmarks



  • By sail, the trip around the southwestern cape of West Shand takes twenty days.[3]

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