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Vastmark is the western principality in the kingdom of Shand. Although principalities do not have static borders, the general location is bounded to the northwest by Rockbay Harbor, and to the south by the South Sea. The region is highly mountainous with treacherously faulted shale, and not served by trade roads, taverns, or post stables. Vastmark is loneliest sweep of land on the continent, and is inhabited by nomadic shepherds and wyverns. The region endures large amounts of rain, which is said to put lustrous coats on the sheep. The southwestern coast of Vastmark (around the Cascain Islands) is known for shipwrecks.

The sigil of Vastmark is a black-on-gray wyvern.

Human-Inhabited Cities

Paravian Ruins

Natural Landmarks


  • Unnamed Road: Crosses the entire principality from north to south, touching all four cities and eventually going to Innish.
  • Unnamed Road: Splits off from the main road near Firstmark and goes to Ganish.

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