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Valien is the son of Vivet Daldari, born in Third Age 5924. He has dark hair.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: As part of a Koriani plot to entangle Arithon, Vivet becomes pregnant with a child. She falsely informs the elders of Ettinmere Settlement that her child is Arithon's. Arithon reluctantly agrees to claim child-rights of the child until puberty.

Third Age 5924: During Vivet's labor, Arithon is attacked by Roaco. He regains consciousness hours later after the child has been born. Arithon names him Valien during the traditional Ettin blessing ceremony. He leaves the settlement the day after Valien's birth.

Third Age 5925: Valien is with Vivet when Tanuay tries to convince her to consider Herthov's suit. Afterwards, Arithon surprises Vivet and promises that he will continue to support Valien to maturity if she agrees to leave Ettin with him.

Arithon's plan to seek sanctuary in Havish under Charter Law is thwarted when the Koriathain drive a storm into the Storlain Mountains. After holing up for several days, the trio turn east into West Halla to resupply. Still pursued, Arithon sets a non-lethal trap that ruins the Ettinfolk's bows and uses iyats to steal their pants.

When the trio crosses Silvermarsh faster than expected, Vivet loses their only knife as a delay. Arithon is forced to turn north to Daenfal Lake, where he strikes a bargain with a fishing boat captain for passage across the lake. In Daenfal, Arithon leaves Vivet and Valien at an inn while he resupplies.

After Arithon's departure, Vivet is met by Koriani seniors from the Daenfal sisterhouse and a True Sect contingent. The Koriani peeress orders Valien to be taken into custody and reveals that Lirenda Prime has coordinated with the True Sect to trap Arithon. A subsequent probe of Vivet's memories by a High Examiner leads to the incorrect conclusion that Valien is Arithon's son. The High Examiner sentences him to execution.

At the execution, Arithon pleads for Valien's life. As The Hatchet prepares to execute the toddler, Arithon realizes that the Fellowship have sacrificed Valien to save him. He tries to aid Valien's crossing of the veil but misses the proper intonation, and Valien's spirit is left in limbo. When Dakar discovers this, he uses Valien's true Name to finish the crossing. This ends the Fellowship's oath of nonintervention (as Valien's death counted as crown heir of Rathain).