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The True Sect is an offshoot branch of the religion of Light.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5683: The True Sect forms after Lysaer s'Ilessid turned apostate to the doctrine of Light (the Great Schism). True Sect priests adopted Erdane to establish the High Temple of the Light and begin recording time based on Year of the Canon. The most jaded members believe that Lysaer turned away from the truth due to his obsession with civil office as Mayor of Etarra.

Third Age 5691: The True Sect signs the doctrine into the First Book of Canon Law.

Third Age 5922: Acting within the bounds of the Fellowship's vow of noninterference, Selidie Prime manipulates True Sect policy and direction to pursue Arithon and potentially upset the Compact.

Third Age 5923: The resonance of the planet shifts when Davien and Seshkrozchiel cause a plant to grow on Kathtairr. The High Priest is thrown to his knees and several diviners are rendered unconscious. Arithon's location is discovered by a diviner when he uses his music to protect Tarens from the effects of the resonance shift.

In the aftermath of the shift, True Sect diviners launch a purge of new talent through summary executions and mass burnings. Fear in Etarra leads the populace to reinstate True Sect rule there in Lysaer's absence. Arithon's arrival in Torwent, Havish is the catalyst for a full-scale invasion under the direction of The Hatchet. The army crosses Lanshire with the aim to attack High King Gestry's defenses on the border of Carithwyr. Harried by Elkforest's clansmen and outbreaks of Darkness, the True Sect presses the assumption that Arithon assists Havish's defenders.

Gestry's war band travels to Scarpdale to find Lysaer leading the True Sect army. Gestry taps his crown jewels in defense. The initial effect fails to deter the True Sect but his attempt ultimately summons projections of all three Paravian races, halting the fighting and rendering many combatants senseless. The result spares lives on both sides and Dakar hopes that some True Sect soldiers might forsake their faith as a result.

As soon as Arithon has left the High Kingdom, Asandir returns to evict the True Sect army.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: The Hatchet is summoned to the High Temple of the Light in Erdane, where he is given revised orders.

It is revealed that Sulfin Evend was responsible for the transfer of the Sunwheel priesthood's authority to Erdane after Lysaer agreed not to rebuild Avenor. His unwavering loyalty to Lysaer earned him the priests' enmity and he was ultimately poisoned. Comatose, nearly blinded, and crippled with palsy, he was condemned by Sunwheel decree. Lysaer evacuated his friend by boat from Miralt to the safety of Etarra in Third Age 5683. These events ultimately led to the Great Schism and the formation of the True Sect.

Third Age 5924: The True Sect receives early word that The Hatchet's offensive campaign in Rathain has been broken. After Dakar enacts a plan to draw lightning from seasonal storms to the Fourth Lane at Caith-al-Caen, the True Sect army is afflicted by hallucinations. Diviners driven mad by the surge are transported to the High Temple of the Light for recovery.

Third Age 5925: The True Sect learns from Lysaer that Arithon has returned to the continent. On the last day before he overruns Deshir, The Hatchet receives orders from the True Sect priesthood to retreat south in response to Arithon's landfall.

The True Sect makes a bargain with Lirenda Prime. In exchange for Arithon's execution, the High Temple of the Light will offer a sanctioned blessing of the Koriathain, allowing them to practice magecraft under Canon Law. Arithon and Valien are brought to the scaffold and executed by The Hatchet. Soon after, Asandir raises a defensive ward through time and space around the scaffold to recover Arithon and transport him away.

In the official chronicles of The Hatchet's campaign, a hidden passage reveals that every devout witness at the execution turned apostate in the aftermath.


  • In Tysan, the True Sect extracts a tithe from farmers' harvests.
  • In Tysan, the True Sect blames an increase in sickness and disease (caused by disrupted flux lines) to justified punishment for the Great Schism.