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The Hatchet is the Supreme Commander of Armies for the True Sect. He is short yet broad-shouldered with a bull dog frame and a quick temper. He has a brilliant reputation in warfare and uses his aptitude there to hide shortcomings in wit and love. He wears steel plate mail and scale gauntlets when not in ceremonial dress.

The Hatchet is disdainful of the Light's religion and shadow, but recognizes their value in troop funding. He rides in a steel chariot pulled by four white geldings.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: The Hatchet oversees the invasion of Havish. At the direction of the True Sect priesthood, he is diverted from the battlefield to shepherd Arithon's execution at Torwent. When the transporting wagon founders at the docks, he orders his chariot to be used to move the prisoners. Arithon ejects The Hatchet and gains control of the vehicle, using Shadow as cover for their escape.

On the outskirts of Torwent, Arithon uses Shadow to take on the appearance of The Hatchet. He saves a barn full of women and children from execution by bullying a True Sect diviner and ordering an abrupt retreat to Tysan's border. The Hatchet, himself, learns of this sabotage after troops have already begun retreating.

The True Sect army regroups and pushes southward, harried by Elkforest's clansmen and outbreaks of Darkness. The True Sect presses the assumption that Arithon assists Havish's defenders. A Koriani courier visits The Hatchet on the front lines while he is shooting rats in the supply tent. She reveals that Arithon has hidden in the ranks of the True Sect army and offers a quartz talisman that can track his location, masked under wards to conceal it from True Sect diviners.

The Hatchet arrives at the camp where Arithon has been hiding while the prince is out foraging for healing supplies. He uses the Koriani talisman, which reveals Arithon's location but also overwhelms him with a projection of Elaira's love. True Sect soldiers in pursuit are thwarted by a burst of Shadow observed by 6000 soldiers. Over the next weeks, The Hatchet's use of the talisman hazes Arithon into Scarpdale.

The Hatchet is knocked unconscious when High King Gestry activates his crown jewels and summons projections of the three Paravian races. Dakar passes him while in search of Lysaer, and predicts that Paravian grace will not realign his stubborn character in the long-term.

As soon as Arithon has left the High Kingdom, Asandir returns to evict the True Sect army.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: The Hatchet is summoned to the High Temple of the Light in Erdane, where he is given revised orders for a new clan purge at the Pass of Orlan, followed by a campaign in Rathain. He convenes a war council with his ranked captains to plot strategy.

The Hatchet is staging near Dyshent for the eradication of clansmen when he learns that Lysaer has claimed one of his supply galleys from East Bransing and may be moving to stop him. He orders his troops to evacuate Dyshent before Lysaer can arrive, with the worst troops sent to Erdane to defend the High Temple of the Light. A Koriani enchantress offers him a spelled crossbow bolt and the knowledge that Lysaer is mortal before vanishing.

Lysaer confronts The Hatchet's army outside of Erdane. Prepared to defend against arrows, Lysaer is surprised by the spell-turned Koriani crossbow bolt fired by The Hatchet. Struck in the right eye, Lysaer is initially denied the services of a healer as a True Sect test of his immortality. Because of Dace's bravery in protecting Lysaer, The Hatchet crosses the priests' wishes and provides a surgeon and litter-bearers. The dedicates from Miralt are sent to Etarra to bolster the True Sect's clan extermination efforts in Rathain.

An early winter storm halts The Hatchet's campaign extermination in Halwythwood. It is implied that the Fellowship may have had a hand in the direction of this storm.

Third Age 5924: In the spring, The Hatchet coordinates troops in Morvain and Narms via carrier pigeon. The campaign lasts throughout the summer, staged from Daon Ramon Barrens. During the campaign, townborn soldiers succumb to the potency of the flux as they try to invade the free wilds.

In late summer, The Hatchet receives word from Daenfal that the company who pursued Arithon into a necropolis were all killed without any signs of trauma. He coordinates a culling of game across Daon Ramon Barrens to pressure clan starvation. The High Temple of the Light on Erdane delivers a shipment of copper rods designed to destabilize the Fellowship wards around the free wilds. After receiving reports of stolen horses, he sends headhunters out to round them up. In the confusion, a band of Esfand's scouts one of the True Sect's copper rods. The clans plant the rod at Caith-al-Caen drawing lightning from seasonal storms to the Fourth Lane and triggering hallucinations in The Hatchet's men across Daon Ramon Barrens. The Hatchet's campaign is forced into retreat, and the temple diviners never recover their senses.

Third Age 5925: In late winter, The Hatchet prepares for a resumption of his campaign in Rathain. With the clans withdrawn to Strakewood, The Hatchet strategizes from the Plain of Araithe. His foot troops outnumber the clans 30 to 1. On the last day before he overruns Deshir, he receives orders from the True Sect priesthood to retreat south in response to Arithon's landfall in West Shand.

The Hatchet receives word that Arithon will be run to ground in Daenfal. He acts as True Sect executioner, killing Valien and then Arithon. When Elaira and Tarens crawl out of hiding beneath the scaffold, The Hatchet is knocked into the pit where Dakar crushes his hand.

The Hatchet's campaign is officially chronicled as a success, ending with the execution in Daenfal. A hidden passage reveals that every devout witness at the execution turned apostate in the aftermath.


  • His troops have called him The Hatchet for so long that few remember his real name.