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Tharrick is the captain of the guard at Alestron under the s'Brydion brothers. He has sandy hair.


After a girl he loved married a rival, he enrolled in Duke s'Brydion's guard. Summer campaigns against Alestron's enemies, such as Kalesh and Adruin kept him too busy for homelife after that.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: Tharrick is first introduced as the nameless captain of the guard right before Arithon arrives to take an inventory of the armory. When Dakar attempts to double-cross Arithon, Tharrick happens to be the guard captain on duty, and has the only set of keys that unlock the twelve posterns guarding the armory. He and his men try to assist the s'Brydion brothers with Arithon's capture, but are unsuccessful. Following the explosion in the armory, Tharrick is interrogated in Bransian's study. With no ready explanation for Arithon's intrusion, he is stripped, flogged, and imprisoned. He takes a vow of vengeance against Arithon, "whose tricks had undone a lifteime of honest service".

Third Age 5646: Later, Tharrick is condemned to exile by Duke Bransian. He is shown in a scried image from the lane watch, stealing bread and dedicated to claim vengeance against Arithon. As part of Morriel Prime's machinations, Tharrick is shown the scried image of Arithon in Merior, and he leaves Alestron. He arrives in Merior just when Arithon is at Werpoint, and sets his shipyard ablaze.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: In the aftermath of the fire, Tharrick is tortured by the craftsmen in the shipyard, but gives up no information. By the time Arithon returns, he is fevered and raving. Arithon installs him in Jinesse's house for recovery, and unexpectedly forgives him for his actions.

Third Age 5647: Over his recovery, Tharrick bonds with Jinesse and regains his mobility. Shamed that his actions were so quickly forgiven, he begins to assist in the shipyard, an action which Arithon responds to with a salary. Once the Khetienn has launched, Tharrick is shocked to learn that Arithon would let him betray his plans to Duke Bransian in recompense for the wrongs done to him. Tharrick chooses not to because of his fair treatment in Arithon's hands. He hatches a plan to finish the second ship with the help of other shipyard workers.

After the twins stow away aboard the Khetienn, Tharrick promises to Jinesse that he will track them down in Southshire after the second ship is completed. The Shearfast is completed just as Lysaer and the Alestron mercenaries arrive in Merior. Tharrick and the men fire the shipyard and sail the Shearfast south with Lysaer in pursuit, but are stalled when Lysaer burns the sails with his gift of Light. To give the others time to get away, Tharrick agrees to be tied up in the hold as a decoy prisoner. He is recovered, but suffers new burns and smoke inhalation. In a misguided effort to turn Jinesse's loyalties, Lysaer asks her to care for Tharrick. When questioned by Jinesse he admits that he is loyal to Arithon but will not abandon her children.

The pair escape from Merior and claim sanctuary with Ath's Adepts. The Adepts send them on to Lord Erlien of Shand, so they are not caught up in Lysaer's coming war. Erlien sends the pair to rejoin Arithon in Vastmark along with a herd of stolen cattle. When Jinesse is reunited with the twins, Tharrick is present, and later argues with Caolle over siege warfare. Jinesse and Tharrick travel aboard the Talliarthe with the twins and a loyal seaman of Arithon, so Feylind can prove her sailing skills. On the trip through the straits, Tharrick disables the loyal seaman and flees with Jinesse and the twins. They travel up the coast towards Ithish, but Feylind escapes with the aid of clansmen loyal to Arithon. Realizing that she would never bend to the weaver's trade, he lets her leave with his blessing, and resolves to stay with Jinesse to rebuild her broken home and hearth. After Feylind's departure, the remaining three continue on to Innish.

Tharrick marries Jinesse in Innish just before the strike at Dier Kenton Vale, in a small ceremony with an adept of Ath's Brotherhood.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: Tharrick finds work as a guard captain for an Innish warehouse. When Arithon is in need of a place to recuperate, Tharrick opens his attic, without Jinesse's knowledge.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: When Feylind visits Innish, Tharrick takes her two children (who live with Fiark) to visit their father, the Evenstar's first mate.

Third Age 5671: Kyrialt and Glendien enter Innish. They are waylaid by Fiark and Tharrick in the warehouse where Tharrick works to prevent discovery by sunwheel clairvoyants.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: The Evenstar makes port in Innish enroute to Alestron. Unable to dissuade Feylind and Teive from a dangerous course, Tharrick reveals the signals needed to reach Alestron's inner harbour, Fiark agrees to sign the ship's manifest, and Jinesse releases Arithon from his oath of protection over the twins by sending the royal signet along with Feylind.