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Teylia is a daughter conceived during a Biedar rite at Athir in Third Age 5671.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: As Arithon's unconscious body loses vitality after the flight from Alestron, Elaira takes an untested path between the machinations of the Fellowship and Koriathain to save him. She enacts a Koriani spell of possession that will allow her to interact with Arithon through Glendien's willing body, but alters it based on her exposure to the ways of Ath's Adepts. The altered ritual matches the template of a Biedar ritual that was stolen by the Koriathain long ago. In Glendien's body, Elaira calls Arithon back with her love and triggers the land's flux through the focus circle. Koriani scryers become aware of the rite but cannot interfere. Arithon is made whole again and sung to sleep by Biedar singing in Sanpashir, unaware of his daughter's conception. The Biedar Eldest and her singers intervene in the ritual, denying the Koriathain the chance to claim his daughter (conceived during the ritual) for their own.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5672: Teylia is conceived while Glendien is under the protection of the Fellowship at Althain Tower. Because of Biedar intervention in the ritual at Athir, Teylia is a Biedar spirit.

Third Age 5674: When the Koriathain lay claim to Teylia as surety for a Fellowship pledge, Teylia submits to becoming an initiate under her own free will.

Third Age 5676: Teylia is oathsworn as an initiate of the Koriathain. Though untrained, her power is so vast that she shatters every spell crystal she touches. Her apparent ineptitude prevents her from ever rising above the unranked initiates.

Third Age 5922: Teylia appears before Arithon in captivity and offers him to the keys to escape. Arithon escapes and finds himself in the old Earl's court near Kelsing. Concealed from his sight, Teylia offers him Mother Dark's blessing and buries the shattered spell crystal that held him captive.

When Selidie Prime targets Arithon with a lethal spell, Teylia intercepts and claims its effects, dying in Arithon's stead. Teylia's ghost appears in Whitehold and states that her birth purpose has been achieved.

In early winter, Dakar is released from his Fellowship apprenticeship. Sethvir shows him an image of Glendien weeping on the day that Teylia joined the Koriathain.

Third Age 5923: When the clansmen of Caithwood try to sound out the reason for Arithon's memory block, they see a vision of Teylia and realize that Biedar magic was responsible.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5924: Under attack by the Great Waystone, Arithon relives Teylia's assurance about his lost identity.