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Sulfin Evend is a captain of the guard in Hanshire. He has dark, neat hair, a square jaw, pale eyes, thin lips, and a voice with a snapping, aristocratic arrogance.


Sulfin Evend studied with the boy wards of the Koriathain, learning hedge simples but not the discipline required for grand conjury. His upbringing led him to have a fear of the effects that spellcraft could have on political power.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: Sulfin Evend leads a contigent of the Hanshire guard to escort Lirenda to Riverton. After Arithon escapes, Sulfin Evend is ordered by the Koriathain to capture Arithon with forty men. He picks up the trail near Middlecross. With headhunter assistance, they pursue Arithon to the boundary ward of a grimward. Sulfin Evend orders his men to enter the grimward in pursuit. Because his men interact destructively with the grimward, their fates become entangled. Some men are killed by Seardluin. Sulfin Evend is the last person alive and makes his way to the dragon skull where Asandir is stabilizing the grimward. From Sulfin's perspective, Asandir flings him into the darkness and he is saved by Lysaer. With new faith in Lysaer as his savior, Sulfin asks to continue serving, and becomes the Commander of Armies. He receives his investiture in Avenor a few weeks later.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Sulfin Evend meets with Harradene in Avenor in the autumn. The Etarran Lord Commander's request for more troops was denied, but Lysaer grants him permission to burn Caithwood to flush hiding clansmen. Sulfin Evend is present when a messenger from Watercross brings word of the failed campaign to burn Caithwood. At some point before this meeting, he advised Lysaer to hire talent to keep track of his enemies. Morriel, observing from Capewell, recognizes that Lysaer will need to do so to keep up with the Fellowship.

Based on Sulfin Evend's recommendation, three practitioners of magic are brought before Caithwood's fallen and given the opportunity to prove their powers. Before a necromancer's stick can be used by an herb witch, Sethvir intervenes and grants the herb witch safe passage to leave. Sulfin Evend is the only person to recognize Sethvir, but is unwilling to bargain with him. Instead, Cerebeld speaks for Lysaer and agrees to a grant of protection for Caithwood in exchange for the awakening of the troops.

Third Age 5654: Lysaer's wedding preparations are interrupted by a courier who brings news that four ships out of Riverton have shipwrecked under suspicion of sabotage. The Prince orders Sulfin Evend to convene the high council on his state galley without interrupting the wedding itself. He takes care of the arrangements and bets the ship's captain that Lysaer will arrive precisely at midnight. Anticipating Lysaer's plans for the fallout from sabotage, he also includes Skannt's trackers on the galley. Sulfin Evend recognizes Raiett Raven when the galley arrives at Hanshire. He provides his speculation as to why Lysaer allowed the shipyard conspiracy to proceed, and stands with Lysaer through the confrontation with the s'Brydion state galley and the subsequent interviews in Riverton. After the conspiracy at Riverton, the Cabal of Light hold a clandestine meeting to plot the spread of Light across all five kingdoms. Sulfin Evend accompanies Raiett Raven to the meeting.

Third Age 5667: Sulfin Evend is in Etarra with Lysaer, overseeing the Alliance. He personally handpicks the roster of captains from each summer's training.

Third Age 5669: Sulfin Evend is with Lysaer in Erdane when rumors of Arithon's presence in Daenfal emerge. They are traveling north with a small company to meet a boat when portents fill the sky. Lysaer reveals his plan to use such an event to convince his scared guilds to contribute more resources to the Alliance. After consulting with Jeriayish, Lysaer informs Sulfin Evend that he knows, with certainty, that Arithon has returned.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Sulfin Evend travels with Lysaer to Narms. He observes the blood ritual performed on Lysaer that reveals Arithon's location in Rathain. In Daon Ramon Barrens, Sulfin Evend is standing watch over Lysaer when the prince receives word of Kevor's death. Lysaer trusts Sulfin Evend enough to reavel his love for Kevor. After Jeriayish is exposed to Alithiel's chord, Sulfin Evend notices a golden eagle watching him. After the eagle departs, Sulfin Evend learns that Jeriayish's heart has stopped, and Arithon has interfered with Lysaer's blood scrying with spelled decoys.

Sulfin Evend discovers Jieret within the army's perimeter. He attacks with a crossbow but does not prevent the completion of Jieret's ritual, which tricks Lysaer into believing that Arithon's presence his all around him. Lysaer's attacks decimate the army out of Narms that was accompanying him. After Sulfin Evend erases Jieret's spell circle, Lysaer attacks again, his bolts of light redirected to the locations of the 8 spelled acorns carried by clansmen. This effectively decimates the bulk of the Alliance forces from Darkling and Jaelot.

In the aftermath, Sulfin Evend takes Jieret prisoner, intent on using him as a hostage or returning him to Etarra for execution. He dresses Jieret's crossbow wound and drags him back to a delirious Lysaer. Jieret reveals to Sulfin Evend that Lysaer is half-brother to Arithon, and that Princess Talith was murdered by Lysaer's inner cabal. As a result, Sulfin Evend cuts out his tongue. Sulfin Evend chastises Lysaer for not having arcane protections for his troops when fighting against Arithon. Against the commander's wishes, Lysaer demands to travel towards the Etarran troops who have been dispatched to meet them.

During a storm, Sulfin Evend ties Jieret to a tree, and then creates a crude circle of protection around himself and Lysaer. Lysaer admits that Arithon is his half-brother, and Sulfin Evend reveals a close-kept secret about mage talent in clansmen. Lysaer expresses his intent to protect humanity and ultimately overturn the Fellowship's Compact, not to purge all mage talent.

After Lysaer rejoins the Etarran army, Sulfin Evend orders Skannt's best tracker to pursue Braggen along Mathorn Road. He also orders that Jieret be dosed with a posset to keep him unconscious, ties his clain braid to the army's banner, and stands guard over him. Sulfin Evend is explaining his reasoning to Lysaer when Arithon's presence is revealed in the Mathorn Mountains. Jieret offers the land his conscious voice, inadvertently drawing a centaur guardian from the past in defense of the land. This centaur recognizes Lysaer as Outcast from the protection of the Compact, and offers him unconditional redemption. When Lysaer refuses, the centaur warns that living Paravians still inhabit Athera and that Daon Ramon Barrens is protected by Paravian Law. The centaur blows his horn and vanishes, causing chaos in the human camp and leaving it at the mercy of lurking iyats. Lysaer resolves to kill Jieret and orders Sulfin Evend to rally the men out of mass hysteria.

Sulfin Evend leads the Etarran army into the Mathorn Mountains. Past Leynsgap, he orders 50 light horse troops in pursuit of Arithon. After Arithon escapes into Kewar Tunnel, Lysaer and Sulfin Evend ascend to the entrance of the tunnel to confirm that it has been sealed off. Lysaer postulates that Arithon might have gained a powerful ally in Davien, and Sulfin Evend is frustrated that his debt to Lysaer (for rescue from the grimward) remains unrequited.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Sulfin Evend is in command of the remnants of the Etarran army as they escort Lysaer to Avenor. He visits Lysaer's room and discovers him in a weakened, gaunt state, about which the prince's personal staff had been sworn to secrecy. He collects the blade and bowl used in the ritual and visits Enithen Tuer for assistance. Enithen Tuer suggests that she has waited years for his expected arrival, and warns that Lysaer has been cast out of the Compact. Enithen Tuer agrees to assist as long as Sulfin Evend swears a caithdein's oath to Tysan, and reveals some knowledge of his s'Gannley lineage. Enithen Tuer's grant of a flint knife for Sulfin Evend's protection is shown in Sethvir's earth link, causing the Sorcerer to summon Luhaine to Erdane. Sulfin Evend returns to Lysaer after promising to repeat his caithdein's oath at Althain Tower. With Lysaer's loyal valet standing as witness, Sulfin Evend performs a ritual of excision learned from Enithen Tuer. Lysaer willingly cuts the final binding that tied him to a necromancer and falls unconscious, missing his traditional sunrise communication with Cerebeld. Sulfin Evend and the valet keep watch on Lysaer during his convalescence.

Upon awakening, Sulfin Evend advises Lysaer to abandon Avenor, gain arcane protection, and regroup at Etarra. He does not realize that Lysaer has dosed his tea with valerian and sleeps for an entire day before being woken up to witness an audience between Lord Mayor Helfin and Lysaer concerning Princess Ellaine and the conspiracy of Talith's death. Lysaer insists on returning to Avenor to rout the corruption, but agrees to travel by way of Hanshire. Sulfin Evend agrees to meet him there after fulfilling his obligation to travel to Althain Tower.

Delayed by an overflowing ford, Sulfin Evend arrives at Althain Tower in the autumn and is greeted by Asandir. He accepts the Fellowship's hospitality in spite of his mistaken belief that Asandir abducted him in a grimward. The pair discuss necromancy and Asandir fails to convince Sulfin Evend to abandon his debt to Lysaer. Sulfin Evend accepts a direct ward to protect himself from necromancy instead of the flint knife. Asandir asks that the knife be returned to the Biedar at his earliest convenience. The meeting is abruptly ended when Asandir is called away by a breaking crisis. After his caithdein's oath, Asandir teleports Sulfin Evend to Avenor with instructions to ride on to Hanshire.

Third Age 5671: He arrives in winter to find Lysaer in a meeting with Mayor Garde and the Koriathain. He reveals that the Koriathain asked for his gifted offspring, which caused the argument with his father 17 years prior. This leads Lysaer to deliver an ultimatum to the sorceresses. Lysaer's careful planning to return to Avenor and face the taint of necromancy is upset when he receives proof from King Eldir of the conspiracy to murder Lady Talith. He sails for Avenor immediately with Sulfin Evend to confront his corrupt council.

As Sulfin Evend crosses the Paravian ruins underneath the town of Avenor he sees ghosts from the Second Age. His awakened Sight enables him to see that all of the council has been suborned by necromancy. Because of his caithdein's oath and the Paravian focus ring under Avenor's plaza, Sulfin Evend is able to ask for, and receive, assistance from the Sethvir. As Sulfin Evend and his troops arrest the council, Sethvir frees the trapped ghosts within. Sulfin Evend guards the twelve arrested men in Avenor's dungeon after Lysaer insists upon a trial. At nightfall, Lysaer is tricked into visiting the dungeon, triggering a repossession of the conspirators' bodies by necromancers. Sulfin Evend kills Cerebeld with an iron-tipped bolt, but the necromancers merely jump into Gace Steward. He kills his trusted men who escort Lysaer to prevent the prince from getting in range of the conspirators. He uses the flint knife to prevent a repossession. The necromancers attempt to trigger the curse by revealing information about Arithon and Ellaine, but Sulfin Evend is able to convince Lysaer to burn down the dungeon (and the hall of state) by invoking Talith's name. Afterwards, Lysaer offers Sulfin Evend a discharge from service but he does not accept it.

Sulfin Evend is blindsided by Lysaer's news of Ellaine's presence at Spire and Duke Bransian's collusion with Arithon. His argument with Lysaer and inadvertently triggers the curse. Lysaer attacks Sulfin Evend with a blast of light but Sulfin Evend is protected by Asandir's ward. Lysaer's attempt to use the flint knife to wound causes a backlash of flame. Sulfin Evend knocks Lysaer unconscious as guardsmen burst in. With the help of the valet, Sulfin Evend eases the guardsmens' suspicions. Sulfin Evend accompanies Lysaer to Spire to confront Ath's Adepts. Because Havish has not recognized the sunwheel banner, Lysaer's ship must travel around the kingdom to make port in Radmoore.

At the hostel, Princess Ellaine agrees to hear the prince's petition, accompanied by a cloaked member of Ath's Adepts. Rejected by Ellaine and shocked when her companion reveals himself to be Kevor, Lysaer is carried away from the hostel by Sulfin Evend. Lysaer attempts a curse-driven attack on the hostel but is blocked by Sulfin Evend. Sulfin Evend is attacked with a bolt of light causing backlash from the flint knife. Sulfin Evend orders the state galley to leave Havish and Lysaer proceeds with his original plan to raise the southcoast against Alestron. Sulfin Evend separates from Lysaer, who travels to Jaelot, and heads instead to Sanpashir.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Sulfin Evend is dropped off at the ruins in Sanpashir and greeted by Biedar tribesfolk, who escort him blindfolded into the desert. He is given an audience with the Biedar Crone, who informs him of the purge of the Gray Kralovir. Sulfin Evend asks for help to protect Lysaer and is promised a meeting with the person who will wield the flint knife and secure Lysaer's deliverance. Shocked by the discovery that the person is Arithon, Sulfin Evend attempts an attack but is subdued and tied by the Biedar. * When Arithon awakens, the pair discuss the Curse and the origins of necromancy. Arithon promises not to be present at the seige of Alestron. Sulfin Evend is blindfolded again and escorted away by the Biedar.

Sulfin Evend intentionally introduces delays in his southcoast muster, finally leaving Elssine in autumn. They arrive in Adruin just after the first ground assault of Alestron. Sulfin Evend travels ahead alone to rejoin Lysaer while the south coast troops remain in Adruin. He arrives while Lysaer is helping the Koriathain with the wounded and orders Ranne and Fennick to collect the prince while making his own presence known around the camp. Lysaer's valet warns Sulfin Evend of Lysaer's curse-driven dreams when Arithon returns to Alestron.

When Selidie Prime is thwarted in her attempts to control Arithon's fate, she afflicts Lysaer with nightmares to accelerate attacks on Alestron. Sulfin Evend knocks Lysaer unconscious in time, but the move is observed by sunwheel troops. To protect Sulfin Evend, Lysaer sends his commander on a menial errand to Tirans. Sulfin Evend's return is delayed by spiteful maneuvering by the Mayor of Tirans. He stops at an inn filled with refugees from both sides of the Siege of Alestron and theorizes that Arithon has played some part in the mass exodus. Sulfin Evend discovers the fallen from Parrien's enspelled attack on the way back to the Alliance camp, and his s'Gannley gift reveals Selidie Prime's role in the attack. He thwarts Selidie's attempt at alliance by revealing the Koriathain as the source of the drake skulls that triggered Seshkrozchiel's attack on Avenor. On his orders, Captain Ebrar escorts Selidie out of the camp. Sulfin Evend suggests that Raiett Raven knew more than revealed about the origin of the drake skulls and warns Lysaer not to trust Hanshire or Mayor Garde.

Under the protection of Alithiel's song, Lysaer is able to reveal that he is aware of the curse. He conspires with Sulfin Evend to defang the war host by dividing the army between Avenor and Alestron. Lysaer is departing the battlefront when Alithiel's song stops and the curse returns in full force. This draws him back to Alestron while saving the refugees that would have suffered had he sailed further away and outside of Alithiel's range. Sulfin Evend tries to help Lysaer resist the curse. The prince launches a bolt of Light at a struggling supply brig in the estuary to prevent it from falling into the hands of Alestron's defenders. This triggers an reflexive counterattack of Shadow from Arithon. Worried that Lysaer will once again destroy his own men under the curse, Sulfin Evend restores order in his terrorized troops to prevent an unplanned attack. He manages to guide Lysaer back to sanity with help from the gift of his s'Gannley heritage which allows him to see Lysaer's life aura.

They regroup and launch a traditional attack with sappers and oared galleys under cover of a winter storm. Sulfin Evend returns to the command tent when Fionn Areth's body is discovered in the sewers. Both Lysaer and Sulfin Evend realize that the body is not Arithon's. Sulfin Evend recommends a ceremonial burning for the body to buy time for the final stages of the siege, even though the act is not likely to fool Alliance talent. The discussion is interrupted when Sulfin Evend moves to intercept a Koriani healer being extracted from the conquered sea quarter. He meets the galley bearing Elaira and insists on examining all of the wounded to make sure there are no fugitives in the group. In spite of the magic in Davien's cloak, Sulfin Evend's s'Gannley gifts allow him to recognize Arithon disguised as a blind man. Parrien regains consciousness and attacks Sulfin Evend, reclaimed by Selidie Prime's geas, causing Talvish to draw Alithiel. The sword's song incapacitates everyone except Elaira, Talvish, and Dakar.

Sulfin Evend awakens to find the fugitives long gone, and hopes never to cross paths with Arithon again. He and Lysaer organize a ritual burning of Fionn Areth's body and convince the army to wait for Alestron's surrender due to lack of supplies rather than more rash attacks. They return to their original plan, with Lysaer returning to Avenor and Sulfin Evend taking control of the siege. Sulfin Evend is in a war council when he receives word of the Fellowship-hired lugger making its way up the channel. He is the only person present who recognizes the blue triangular pennon on the lugger. Kharadmon orders him to end the siege under Charter Law.

Third Age 5672: In the spring, Lysaer reaffirms his need for Sulfin Evend's strength at the ruins of Avenor.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5683: After the Great Schism, Sulfin Evend is named the Heretic Betrayer by the True Sect.

Third Age 5923: As Daliana sen Evend and Lysaer travel down Mathorn Road, she reveals that Sulfin Evend had written a memoir for his descendants.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: It is revealed that Sulfin Evend was responsible for the transfer of the Sunwheel priesthood's authority to Erdane after Lysaer agreed not to rebuild Avenor. His unwavering loyalty to Lysaer earned him the priests' enmity and he was ultimately poisoned. Comatose, nearly blinded, and crippled with palsy, he was condemned by Sunwheel decree. Lysaer evacuated his friend by boat from Miralt to the safety of Etarra in Third Age 5683 (the Great Schism). His memoirs continued after his partial recovery, dictated to a scribe.


  • When Enithen Tuer meets with Sulfin Evend, she makes a reference to a scandal involving necromancy and his great-uncle. No further information about this affair has been provided yet.