Stormed Fortress

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Stormed Fortress is the eighth volume in the Wars of Light and Shadow, and part 5 of 5 in the third story arc, Alliance of Light.



The heartstopping conclusion to the Alliance of Light series brings Lysaer's army of Light to besiege the great citadel of Alestron. Master of Shadow, Arithon, with barely a moment to recuperate from his victory over the necromancers, has discovered that young Jeynsa s'Valerient, whom he has sworn to protect, has joined the ranks of his disowned allies within the threatened citadel. Worse, following a failed rescue attempt, his beloved Elaira, his double, Fionn Areth, and the spellbinder Dakar are also trapped within Alestron's walls.

Arithon stands alone at the hour of reckoning as the true purpose of the Koriani enchantresses becomes, at long last, fully unveiled -- with the covetous Prime Matriarch now poised to snatch a prize, a prize beyond that of merely integrity and life...[1]


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