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Worldsend gates were created by the Fellowship at the time of the Compact, and link Athera to four sets of buffer worlds and splinter worlds. Some of the Worldsend gates were directionally sealed at various points in history, preventing travel in one or both directions.

See the page on splinter worlds for details about the worlds beyond each gate.

North Gate

The North Gate is in the Kingdom of Rathain, fifteen leagues north of the Ruins of Penstair.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

This gate is designed specifically for drakes, who live on the other side. Ripples of novelty from Seshkrozchiel's bargain with Davien entice drakes to return to Athera, especially in the Drake War of Third Age 5867.

East Gate

The East Gate is in the Kingdom of Rathain, on Baint's Point (near the Athir Ruins).

South Gate

The South Gate is in West Shand, beyond the Ruins of Earle. In past ages, the southern world was used to support the Compact. Humankind with inclinations towards technology were sent to dwell on Marak. The gate was defensively warded before its sealing, and a human who left Athera through it could not return unless he or she held initiate mastery.

This gate was sealed in both directions by Traithe during the invasion of the Mistwraith, cutting of the larger, malevolent portion of the Mistwraith in the southern splinter world of Marak. The disembodied wraiths were not held back by the defensive ward.

West Gate

The West Gate is in the Kingdom of Tysan, near Avenor and the town of West End. This gate was sealed in one direction at the behest of Dakar's West Gate Prophecy, and is the point of arrival for the half-brothers in Curse of the Mistwraith.