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Sidir is one of the fourteen Companions who survived the massacre at Tal Quorin. He has seal-colored hair and a high forehead, and is described as spare and long-boned. He is known as the Companion with the most tact.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Traitor's Knot.

Sidir's clan lineage possesses the true talent for insight, and is adept at sorting human needs and negotiation.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: Though never mentioned by name, Sidir is one of the Companions who stood with Arithon at the Havens and Dier Kenton Vale.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Sidir is a part of the war band under Earl Jieret that tries to rescue Arithon at Ithamon. He is by Jieret's side when the land of Rathain resounds in appeal for Arithon's plight. Recognizing that most of his war band will not survive, Jieret sends Sidir back to Halwythwood so the Companion can offer guidance to Jeynsa. Sidir arrives home on the eve of the Spring Equinox and reports to Jeynsa that Jieret probably did not survive.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: When Braggen returns to Halwythwood in the summer, Sidir is present at the meeting between him, Eriegal, and Feithan. It is revealed that Sidir was one of the Companions who accompanied Arithon in Vastmark.

Third Age 5671: Eriegal, Sidir, and Braggen ride to Caith-al-Caen to welcome Arithon. Sidir stays in the lodge tent with Feithan during the rejected guest oath between Jeynsa and Arithon and also supports Arithon after Barach's oath of fealty. After Arithon succumbs to brandy, Sidir gives him and Elaira privacy for recovery. Sidir overhears a fragment of prescience the next day from a drunken Dakar, who predicts the birth of a baby girl from Arithon and Elaira. Sidir orders Dakar to take tienelle in order to locate the couple.

When Dakar reveals that Arithon has invoked his sovereign tie to the land for privacy, Sidir urges Dakar to request Fellowship assistance. When the couple are located, Sidir retreats, contrite at his efforts to invade their privacy. A conversation between Braggen, Barach, Sidir, and Dakar is overheard by Jeynsa, who draws her own conclusions about their discussion of necromancy in Etarra. Barach holds a council with Sidir, Feithan, Braggen, Dakar, and Halwythwood's three titled elders. Eriegal arrives late and covers for Jeynsa's disappearance. When Elaira returns, she argues that the clansmen should have allowed Arithon his free choice to act upon Selidie's trap. Later, Sidir informs Eriegal of the threat of necromancy and Eriegal finally reveals that Jeynsa went after Arithon. When everyone learns that Jeynsa actually traveled to Melhalla, Sidir and Elaira are dispatched to track her down.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Resolved to return Jeynsa home, Sidir and Elaira pursue the girl down the River Arwent. Sidir distrusts the Koriani threat that Elaira represents, but allows her to scry for Jeynsa's location. Sidir allows himself to get caught by headhunters and transported across Lake Daenfal to be sold as a slave rather than trusting Elaira's spells. Outside of Shipsport, Sidir escapes with Elaira's help. With Atwood sealed to them, the pair flee south. During a scrying, Sidir prevents Elaira from screaming when she realizes that Jeynsa has traveled to Alestron. Elaira, and Sidir, joined by Dakar, make their way to Alestron where they scale the lower wall and are taken captive for a hearing with Duke Bransian at Wyntok Gate. Unable to get Arithon's whereabouts from Dakar, Duke Bransian consents to the mandate of Melhalla's caithdein to allow the trio to convince Jeynsa to leave freely. Jeynsa, dressed in caithdein's black, arrives with Talvish, but remains steadfast in her plan to support Alestron.

When approached by Mearn, Sidir agrees to help set up traps in town outside of Wyntok Gate. Fionn Areth spots him one evening at a water trough. Sidir refuses to answer the goatherder's questions because he perceives Fionn Areth to be discourteous. Elaira approaches Sidir to question his avoidance of Fionn Areth and convinces him to follow through on Arithon's request to be the prince's spokesman. Sidir then discusses his past support of the prince at Vastmark with Talvish. When Fionn Areth arrives, Sidir explains his loyalty to Arithon. After learning belatedly that Arithon has arrived in Alestron, Jeynsa confronts him just before he performs in Dame Dawr's home. She is accompanied there by Talvish, Sidir, and Fionn Areth. Sidir comforts Jeynsa when the power of Arithon's performance breaks through her grief. They are interrupted by Bransian's guards, who have orders to bring Jeynsa into custody. Mortally wounded in the confrontation, he is discovered by Dakar and Talvish and offers his consent to be healed to Arithon and Elaira. In spite of interference by Selidie Prime, Sidir's healing is achieved after Alithiel and the wards in Alestron's walls sound in his defense. With the help of Mearn and Dame Dawr's carriage, Arithon, Elaira, Dakar, and Sidir return to the guest tower. After resting, Sidir escorts Arithon to a closed hearing with Duke Bransian. Arithon demands service of the guard who murdered Sidir until Jeynsa is safe back in Halwythwood. In the following days, Sidir guards Arithon as the prince traverses Alestron, listening for a way to awaken the warded walls.

On the day that he acts, Arithon commands Sidir to see Jeynsa safely back to Halwythwood. Arithon uses his Masterbard's arts to awaken Alithiel, and Sidir, Elaira, Jeynsa, Mearn, and Fianzia use the opening to leave for Halwythwood by way of the Sea Gate. Sidir reveals knowledge of a safe clan bolthole on the southern border of East Halla, and suggests that Mearn and Fianzia can seek sanctuary with the Fellowship at Methisle Fortress. After events at Athir, Arithon mentions to Asandir that Sidir will wed Feithan.

Third Age 5672: Sidir returns to Halwythwood with Jeynsa in the spring. He marries Feithan.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: It is revealed that Sidir's youthful liaison with a clanswoman in Fallowmere began a family line (s'Idir) that still thrives. Laithen s'Idir and her daughter, Siantra s'Idir meet with Rathain's clans in Halwythwood. It is also revealed that Sidir meticulously captured his difficult service to Arithon in personal records before his death.