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Shand, also referred to as East Shand, is one of the five High Kingdoms of Athera, in southeastern Paravia. It is divided into three principalities:

It has traditionally been ruled by the s'Ahelas bloodline, whose gift is farsight. Although both Arithon and Lysaer share the s'Ahelas bloodline, they would not be considered as Fellowship-sanctioned heirs to Shand, as long as there are others of s'Ahelas lineage alive on Dascen Elur.[1] People who inhabit Shand are referred to as Shandians.

Relationship to West Shand

East Shand, as a High Kindgom is a separate entity from West Shand, which was long ruled by Dragons. Paravians ruled East Shand starting in the Second Age, and eventually ruled West Shand as well. When humans arrived in Third Age 1, a High Kingdom was established in East Shand, with West Shand remaining under Paravian rule. Mankind eventually took over West Shand as Paravian presence waned[2].


The heraldic device of Shand has changed throughout the years.[2]


  • Being near the equator, Shand is the most temperate of the five kingdoms.
  • Though no details have been provided yet, West Shand separated from Shand, and eventually reunified.[3]
  • In Ships of Merior, it's stated that spices from Shand are used to cover the stink of condemned men in the Jaelot prison.
  • Koriani healers are highly skilled, and the only ones versed in the balanced use of opposing forces.[4]
  • During a state ceremony in Traitor's Knot, the High Earl wears the gold and purple device on his tabard, but his youngest son displays the moon and falcon device on his shield.

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