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Selidie is a young Koriani initiate of exceptional talent, introduced in Fugitive Prince. She has cornflower eyes, braided blond hair, and lush, rosebud lips, with a round, freckled face. She has an obsequious lisp.

Over the years as Morriel's potential successor, she demonstrates the gift of raw power without brilliance or imagination.


After her first initiation at Cainford, she is brought to Capewell in haste to serve Morriel Prime in Third Age 5653.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: Morriel gives Selidie Lirenda's spell crystal and teachers her the ritual of selective resonance in order to expunge Arithon's empathetic melody. Selidie is present when Morriel's circle of Seniors observes Sethvir depart Althain Tower to mend the grimward. She stands as witness during Lirenda's trial before the Ceremonial Inquisitor.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: During a training exercise with Morriel and Lirenda, it is revealed that Selidie is a slow student who has "raw talent without the brains of a flea". She is unable to connect the disparate actions of Arithon's allies without Lirenda's help, and has not even cleared Lirenda's spell crystal over the preceding months.

Third Age 5669: Selidie is dismissed as Morriel and Lirenda discuss the plan involving Fionn Areth. There is a mutual antipathy between Selidie and Lirenda. After preventing Asandir's lane transfer, Morriel orders Selidie to drink a drugged posset. As part of a coordinated attack on Athera, Morriel possesses Selidie while she is asleep, claiming the younger sorceress' body for her own. (All plot points after this time refer to Morriel inhabiting Selidie's body). As the Senior Circle confer on who should succeed Morriel, Selidie claims the position and demonstrates her rise to ninth rank by using the prime seal of domination on a sixth-rank sorceress. She also accesses the Great Waystone to communicate with Cadgia in Jaelot and make her Senior Circle forget the unprecedented succession.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: While Lirenda is failing to secure Arithon's capture, Selidie issues a summons for the sorceresses in Jaelot to attend to her in Highscarp. When Selidie reports on Arithon's status, Elaira refuses to betray him further, even at the expense of her vows of obedience. Instead, Selidie swears on the Great Waystone that Elaira will never be forced to betray him. Elaira brokers a deal to assist Arithon, while realizing that any help would trigger a Koriani oath of debt. After this encounter, Selidie threatens a Ceremonial Inquiry over Arithon's escape from Jaelot to keep Lirenda silent about Morriel's plot to transfer power.

After Davien and Elaira observe Jieret's actions in Daon Ramon Barrens, Selidie asks the sisterhouse peeress to stand witness, hoping that Elaira will be drawn in to assist. While tracking Davien's flight across Daon Ramon Barrens, Selidie becomes aware of Lirenda's illicit spellcraft on the Jaelot garrison and orders her to be summoned for an audience. She also recognizes that Elaira might act to save Jieret, leading to a Koriani oath of debt. When Davien strikes a bargain with Elaira, Selidie plots to capture his discorporate spirit using the Great Waystone and a circle of 12 senior enchantresses. Selidie summons Elaira's spirit with the cipher of domination, pulling Davien along through the linkage of their bargain. Davien is revealed to be more than discorporate as he evades the trap and leaves behind a fire spell that severs Selidie's connection to the Great Waystone. She subdues the roused Great Waystone at the expense of her hands, which are crippled by the fire spell. Afterwards, she learns that the fire spell had never actually threatened the Great Waystone, and that Davien's bargain had just been bait for her capture attempt.

Selidie summons Lirenda for a formal closed trial, with the sisterhouse peeress acting as the Ceremonial Inquisitor. She asks no questions, with Lirenda's guilt already pre-judged based on the evidence exposed by Davien. As punishment for her unsanctioned spellcraft, Lirenda is branded with the mark of shame and robbed of her free will, assigned as Selidie's personal servant to offset the damage to the Prime's hands. Selidie then plans a voyage to Forthmark so the finest Koriani healers can assess her hands. In Whitehold, Selidie learns of Arithon's escape into Kewar Tunnel and forecasts that he will not be able to survive re-exposure to the Curse. When Elaira joins Arithon in Kewar Tunnel, Selidie orders her circle to lay a sigil of influence on her. However, the circle cannot breach the walls of the Whitehaven hostel.

While passing through Jaelot, the severity of Lirenda's punishment enables Selidie to gain a friendly audience with the Mayor.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: In late spring, Selidie is shown via Sethvir's earth link, commanding a circle of scryers to track Arithon. She is at the hospice in Forthmark by autumn, where a healer once again fails to repair her maimed hands. Selidie announces that she wants to recapture Fionn Areth and orders a new scrying of the Evenstar through the Great Waystone. With the Evenstar expected in Innish, Selidie orders the peeress to find an oath of debt that can be used to add a sigil of tracking to the ship. She uses Lirenda to craft the sigil of tracking and includes a summoning spell for stray iyats. Selidie Prime engages the Great Waystone against the Evenstar, drawing a massive swarm of fiends towards the ship. This action draws Arithon to the defense of the Evenstar, forcing Selidie to draw more enchantresses from the Forthmark hospice to strengthen her trap.

Third Age 5671: After the failure of Selidie's trap, Lirenda assists with the ritual induction of new initiates, who she evaluates through the Great Waystone. The initiations are interrupted when the lane watch informs Selidie that efforts to secure a child from the s'Gannley line in Hanshire have failed. Selidie orders Lirenda to scry for the Evenstar and track Arithon's movements. Arithon uses the scrying to enspell an iyat directly into the Great Waystone, permanently altering its matrix. Informed of a shimmer along the Fourth Lane, Selidie orders Lirenda to fetch Elaira's spell crystal[1]. Her plot to enslave Arithon's future unborn heirs is thwarted when an errant phrase of Dakar's prescience is overheard by nearby clansmen. After Arithon destroys the Gray Kralovir, Selidie makes no changes in Elaira's standing orders to seek out Arithon.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: The lane watch observe Dakar's true prophecy pertaining Duke Bransian and Jeynsa through the quartz vein in the Skyshiel Mountains and send it to Prime Selidie. On the strength of Dakar's gift, Selidie expects Arithon's return to Alestron and makes counterplans to take advantage of the situation. Selidie is in Ishlir (enroute to Alestron) when the aftereffects of Arithon's encounter in the King's Glade echo up and down the Seventh Lane.

When Lysaer visits the Koriani pavilions to look after his wounded, Selidie broaches the possibility of alliance again. She is rejected by Lysaer. Afterwards, she reveals to the Senior Circle that the goal of the meeting was to engage a sigil of rapport that would prevent Lysaer from prematurely ending the siege. In the midst of a session of inquiry against a Koriani initiate, Selidie learns that Elaira is using her powers within Alestron. She orders Lirenda to link Elaira's spell crystal through her Oath of Obedience in the Skyron Focus. Selidie's attempts to interfere with Sidir's healing are thwarted when Alithiel and the wards under Alestron sound in his defense. Those same wards neutralize her sigil of fertility when Arithon and Elaira consummate their love. Without other options, she plots to quicken the fall of Alestron by afflicting Lysaer with nightmares in hopes of triggering the curse.

When Arithon awakens Alithiel with his Masterbard's arts, the chord shatters the outer defenses of the Koriani field camp outside of Alestron. Selidie orders initiates to form a living wall to protect other spell crystals, such as Elaira's personal crystal and the Skyron Focus. She orders Lirenda and other initiates to seek the cause of the disturbance and learns that the hardened core of Lysaer's men have falling into an unnatural sleep. With sigils raised by Lirenda and a circle of six senior peeresses, Parrien and his men are deafened to the sound of Alithiel and set them on a vengeful path of bloodlust through the unaware Alliance troops. Selidie receives word from the lane watch that a drake has destroyed Avenor, and reveals that the original gift of drake skulls to Lysaer was part of a long-range plan dating back to Morriel Prime. Sulfin Evend thwarts Selidie's attempt at alliance with Lysaer by revealing the Koriathain as the source of the drake skulls that triggered Seshkrozchiel's attack on Avenor. Furious at this interference, Selidie orders him dead or driven insane.

On Sethvir's orders, Kharadmon evicts the Koriathain from the field at Alestron. However, Selidie is already preparing to leave, with some other plot on her mind. Dakar has a premonition involving a new sigil worked over an effigy by Selidie and Lirenda and worries that it may involve Fionn Areth. Selidie and Lirenda interfere with attempted sabotage by Cattrick's laborers, waiting until the crew leaves the Paravian walls to explode the rebuilt Evenstar.

During Arithon's escape from Alestron, Selidie retriggers the geas on Parrien, causing him to attack Sulfin Evend. Talvish draws Alithiel in defense, and the sword's song renders everyone but Elaira, Dakar, and Talvish unconscious. From Telzen, Selidie, Lirenda, and a circle of seniors attempt to interfere with Elaira's magecraft at Athir. Because of Elaira's precautions and Biedar intervention, the Koriathain find no means to lay claim on Arithon's conceived daughter. Selidie is also informed that the Biedar have undone the sigil of conception forced upon Elaira.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5922: While Arithon is in spelled captivity, Selidie regularly appears before him to give him a lyranthe for his battles against free wraiths.

In autumn, Asandir travels to the Koriani sisterhouse in Whitehold to meet with Selidie. It is revealed that, over two centuries ago, the Fellowship allowed the free wraiths from Marak to reach Athera and then demanded a stay of execution for Arithon, who had been captured by the Koriathain. With the last of the free wraiths finally banished, Selidie demands that the Koriathain be freed from the Compact. Asandir reminds Selidie that the Compact cannot be renegotiated.

Selidie forces Asandir to swear the Fellowship to a vow of noninterference in Arithon's fate, imprinted in the stone floor at Whitehold, and then casts a fatal spell against Arithon. The effects of the spell are intercepted and claimed by Teylia, who dies in Arithon's stead. Teylia's ghost appears in Whitehold and Asandir reveals her Biedar origins. Thwarted, Selidie demands access to Arithon's true Name but Asandir is constrained by the vow of noninterference. When Arithon cannot be traced, Selidie orders that false visions be shown to the Light's High Examiner so the True Sect can be manipulated into joining the search.

After learning that Elaira is seeking out the Biedar tribe, Selidie orders her stopped and decides to engage the Mistwraith's curse in the search for Arithon. She learns from lane watch that Dakar has been unexpectedly released from his Fellowship apprenticeship.

After years of storing the Great Waystone in total darkness above the frostline in the Skyshiel Mountains, Selidie Prime is finally able to extract the rogue iyat from its matrix. Her examination of the Great Waystone reveals alterations to its signature which will make attempts to re-harness it more difficult. She mocks Lirenda, who is still completely in Selidie's control, and orders her to fetch Elaira's personal spell crystal.

As Elaira is pursued by Koriani initiates in Redburn, Selidie realizes that the Biedar are interfering on Elaira's behalf.

Third Age 5923: Selidie's scryers capture the moment that Arithon recovers his mastery of Shadow, revealing his location in the free wilds of Caithwood. She orders her Seniors to focus on Arithon's recapture rather than Elaira. Arithon defends Caithwood through an ingenious weaving of his Masterbard's talent, Asandir's previously crafted wards, and echoes of Paravian magic into a single defense. Selidie takes credit for his innovation and deems him more valuable captured alive.

The resonance of the planet shifts when Davien and Seshkrozchiel cause a plant to grow on Kathtairr. Selidie observes the Order's spell crystals all ring in resonant sympathy. She is sentencing a third-rank healer for careless handling of a wand during the event when lane watch reports Arithon's location in Caithwood. Selidie grants the aid of 24 Seniors to pinpoint his location more accurately and calls upon Helda to prepare the Skyron Focus to manipulate the True Sect. She coordinates her moves around Barish and Torwent after Arithon is caught by smugglers.

Selidie realizes that the change in resonance will result in new initiates seeking protection from True Sect purges.

In Highscarp, Selidie sacrifices lower ranked initiates to regain mastery over the Great Waystone. Sethvir observes this activity through Lirenda's willing consent. He forsees that the effort will eventually be successful and Selidie will realize that the Great Waystone's signature has changed, negating Athera's empowerment to reject its power. Selidie finally reclaims command of the Great Waystone in the spring, and calls for Elaira's spell crystal to enact a final trap for Arithon.

Returned to Whitehold, she uses the Koriathain's secretive message relay, to coordinate initiates in Barish, East Bransing, Backwater, and Ostermere. She also sends a spell crystal to Vivet in Deal. When The Hatchet uses a Koriani talisman to divine Arithon's location, Selidie observes as Arithon is overwhelmed by the projection of Elaira's love. She orders the second half of her plan, involving Lysaer to be executed. A Senior Circle in East Bransing triggers a spelled fetch and Lysaer fully succumbs to the curse. Upon learning, that Gestry has abandoned his fixed line of defense to assist Arithon, Selidie predicts that the breaking of the Compact is imminent.

Elaira's scrying reveals Selidie's plan to reaffix the Mistwraith's curse when Arithon crosses the border out of Havish.

After learning of additional fetches from Daliana, Dakar prepares magecraft to thwart Selidie Prime. When the Koriathain engage a fetch, Dakar takes the opportunity to destroy anything in Selidie's position that ties to Lysaer or Arithon. After Arithon reclaims Alithiel and nullifies the ring of spells at Havish's border, Selidie decides to activate an alternative plan involving Vivet instead.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: In the summer, Selidie and her Senior Circle plan for an overland trip to Daon Ramon Barrens to be closer to the True Sect's assault on clansmen. Her plot gifts a spelled crossbow bolt to The Hatchet to reveal Lysaer's mortality, but the prince's exact location (and Daliana's) cannot be scryed. Suspecting the involvement of Davien, Selidie orders her Senior Circle to prepare for an attack through the Great Waystone. Davien is forced to wield untested drake powers that easily nullify her attack.

The Hatchet uses the spelled crossbow bolt to attack Lysaer. The prince is installed in the High Temple of the Light for recovery under Dace's care. Selidie discovers that something has interfered with her magecraft against Lysaer, not realizing that Davien has engineered protections into Dace's mark of protection. Davien's actions prevent Selidie from further magecraft against Lysaer while Dace remains in proximity.

Elaira reaches sanctuary at Althain Tower before Selidie can capture her by manipulating the True Sect.

When a scryer suggests that the enthrallment on Vivet might be too strong, Selidie suggests that pushing Arithon away from her will allow the Koriathain to capture him more easily.

Third Age 5924: In the spring, the lane watch reports movements by Elaira, The Hatchet, and Asandir to Selidie. Selidie and her Senior Circle arrive in Daon Ramon Barrens in late summer. She orders Lirenda to engage in a ritual that amplifies Vivet's longings, through the use of Elaira's, Lirenda's, and Vivet's personal spell crystals.

Arithon is captured by an independent initiate in Daenfal. Under Prime Selidie's orders, the True Sect company that pursued him is murdered. Arithon is kept unconscious and covertly transported to the remote camp in Daon Ramon Barrens. With his access to magecraft and Shadow restricted, Selidie orders the use of the Great Waystone to break down his defenses and reveal how he manipulated the flux at Caithwood.

When the attack through the Great Waystone risks killing Arithon before his talents can be unlocked, Selidie orders Lirenda to light tienelle to intensify her probe. Arithon unexpectedly sends his consciousness into the Great Waystone and Selidie stands down, expecting the Great Waystone to destroy Arithon and preserve a record of his talent. The stone activates unexpectedly and, while attempting to regain control of it, Morriel's spirit is pulled out of Selidie's body and into the Great Waystone by Arithon's music.

Arithon sentences Morriel for necromancy under Charter Law in Rathain, but offers to cede her fate to the Great Waystone itself. When Morriel attempts to regain control of the focus, it destroys her over the broken vow of using Elaira's love to engineer Arithon's downfall. The focus explodes, killing Selidie and the entire Senior Circle.



  1. The story initially mentions that this event occurs in Highscarp, but later prose correctly places it in Forthmark.