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Seardluin were a vicous cat-formed creature from the First Age and Second Age, spawned from drake dreams. Seardluin stand as tall as an ox with powerful maned shoulders, sable coats, and talons on their feet. On their horned heads they have scaled plate jaws and poisonous fangs, with slitted, wide-set, yellow eyes.

Seardluin can outrun the gazelle of Sanpashir. They roved in intelligent packs whose hierarchy was arranged for the wanton slaughter of other living things.


When Ath Creator brought Paravians to Athera to redeem the Seardluin, they could not be turned -- instead, they formed armies with the drake spawn, battling the Paravians to near extinction. The drakes then summoned the Fellowship. With their aid, the Paravians were able to battle the seardluin to extinction by the close of the Second Age.