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The Rebellion (or The Uprising) refers to the events in the spring of Third Age 5018, when Davien incited the townsfolk to rebel against the clansmen who ruled them. This rule had originated as a way for the clansmen (who had stronger mage talent) to uphold the compact and protect the townsmen from the unshielded presence of the Paravians. Five thousand years had twisted this relationship into mistrust and feelings of oppression.

The rebellion started in Hanshire with clansmen murdered, royal seats sacked, and libraries burned. It ultimately led to the fall of the five High Kingdoms of Man, the spread of the Mistwraith, and the flight of four of five royal lines through the West Gate to the safety of Dascen Elur. Snapshots from this era can be found in the short stories, Child of Prophecy and Reins of Destiny.

The sole clan presence which was not overthrown was the warded Paravian fortress at Alestron, the seat of the s'Brydion dukes. The merchant guilds' attempts to storm the fortress was crushed at the southern postern, and the s'Brydion family has maintained a solid warmongering presence ever since. Another enclave, the Ettinmere Settlement, appears on the map of Paravia with the symbol denoting a city which did not fall, but this has not yet been explained in the course of the story.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

In Peril's Gate, Davien tells Arithon that the uprising was his personal form of "the Havens", a reference to Arithon's attempt to prevent bloodshed on a wide scale through a smaller, contained violence. Davien admits that his strategy was about as successful as Arithon's, meaning that it did not work.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Black Bargain.

In Black Bargain, Davien reveals that he triggered the rebellion early to upset a more damaging conspiracy. Realizing that a plot between Hanshire, the Koriathain, and the Gray Kralovir might break the Compact and lead to mankind's destruction, Davien suborned the Koriani spell crystals that were to trigger the rebellion and launched it prematurely.