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The Paravia Wiki is a trove of carefully curated information about the Wars of Light and Shadow and other stories by Janny Wurts. It is currently up-to-date with all 10 published books and all 6 short stories. (Song of the Mysteries will be added after its release in May 2024).

Reading the Wiki

Anyone can read the Wiki without an account. You can browse the Wiki from the beginning by starting from the Wars of Light and Shadow page, or you can look up a specific page of interest with the "Search" box in the upper right corner. To see what pages have been added or changed recently, visit the Recent Changes page. You can also visit a Random page for fun.

Contributing to the Wiki

If you would like to add or edit pages, you can request an account from the Wiki administrator. Please follow these simple guidelines when editing the Wiki:

  1. Before editing, browse some of the existing pages to get a feel for the voice, style, and formatting of previous contributors. Applying these aspects to your own entries will ensure that the Wiki retains a consistent voice.
  2. Your contributions should be limited to accurate, factual content about the Wars of Light and Shadows novels and short stories, or other works by Janny Wurts. (The Janny Wurts Official Forum is a more appropriate resource for sharing opinions, speculation, and interpretations with other readers).
  3. Your contributions should consist primarily of originally composed text. All text with existing copyrights must be properly cited, and large quotations should be used sparingly. More detailed information about copyrights can be found in the footer at the bottom of each page.
  4. Entries that reveal important plot points should be marked as Spoilers as a courtesy for new readers.
  5. Please treat other contributors and readers of the Wiki with respect.