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Paravia is the major populated continent on the world of Athera. In the First Age and Second Age, the Paravian High Kings ruled over the continent of Paravia. In the Third Age, Paravia was divided into five High Kingdoms of Men:

In addition, there are land masses which are not part of any High Kingdom:

The southern end of Paravia is near the equator of the planet -- in the stories, this area is described as having a mild, tropical climate.

Paravia has four Worldsend Gates at the cardinal points of the continent, crafted at the start of the Third Age by the Fellowship of Seven in conjunction with the requirements laid down in the Compact. These gates lead to splinter worlds.

Please see the Atheran Timeline for an in-depth look at the various Ages in history.


The continent is undercut by an array of massive, crossed fault lines that converge beneath Silvermarsh. A particularly active fault line runs under the Thaldein Mountains.[2]

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An interactive clickable map of Paravia can be found on the Janny Wurts Official Website.


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