Outstanding Questions

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  1. Ships of Merior: Chapter XIII: Erlien s'Taleyn has called a clan council for Arithon. "Present were clan chiefs from Atwood in East Halla, and others from Orvandir's hill country". Were Melhalla's clansmen giving a professional courtesy by answering to Shand or was there another reason for their presence?
  2. Initiate's Trial: What is the name of Tarens' father? I know it isn't mentioned in the story but I would like to create a Wiki entry for him.
  3. Initiate's Trial: Is the location of Saroic s'Gannley and the other clansmen of Tysan the same place where Maenalle s'Gannley hosted the half-brothers in Curse of the Mistwraith (West Outpost)? It is described similarly but never directly connected.
  4. Destiny's Conflict: Chapter X: Princess Vicienna of West Shand wept for the fallen during the Mistwraith's invasion. Was she Paravian or human? What was her surname?