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Morriel is the Prime Enchantress of the Koriathain. She is described as an unyielding, whip-thin woman with black eyes, white hair, sharp cheekbones, and a hawk nose. Her hair is netted in diamond pins and her fingers are jewelled with amethyst and gold. Her mantle is pinned with amethyst and gold as well.

Morriel's longevity attunement has the side effect of granting her hyperacute hearing. As Prime Enchantress, she is prejudiced towards human interests, treating the study of elements and animals an insignificant afterthought.

Morriel wears lavender and purple robes of high office. Her robe of office has nine red bands of rank at the sleeves and (if she's going out) a hood of her over-mantle. Her blouse is silver or white, with full sleeves and probably jewels or seed pearls. Her girdle has threadwork, sewn in wardings, and she carries a purse tied or clipped to her waist, padded, and with pockets for various crystals. Large stones would be carried and brought to her by attendants. Underneath, she has an elaborate gown, probably silk or brocade, with embroidery in gold.

In the rare occurrence when she is traveling into common company outside of the curtained palanquin, she would be veiled in silk gauze, the hem weighted against wind or chance disarrangement with pendent amethysts. The veil would be pinned back, or trailed down her back, say, in audience with one she considered a near equal (Fellowship, or adept initiate).[1]


Morriel has been the Prime for the last 1425 years (since Third Age 4212). Because the rite of succession becomes more difficult every year, has gone through several First Enchantresses who failed to survive the passage to become the new Prime. Although Morriel was born on Athera, she remembers one or more of humanity's home worlds. However, she is unaware of the original origins of the Fellowship as the men who once caused humanity's destruction.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Morriel's talent blossomed at the age of sixteen, and her parents pledged her to lifelong service. She left behind two little brothers, and because of this loss, she never selects page boys who resemble them for Koriani service.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Black Bargain

Third Age 5014: Morriel Prime purchases Toler sen Beckit from Madame Everlay in Hanshire, believing him to be a half-witted deaf-mute. Toler spends the next year performing menial tasks for the Hanshire sisterhouse under Morriel's watchful eye.

Third Age 5015: Just before Winter Solstice, Morriel's aged servant passes away and she chooses Toler as his replacement. Toler spends the next three seasons in the presence of magecraft involving the Skyron Focus and Great Waystone.

Third Age 5016: In the fall, Toler accompanies Morriel and six high-ranked enchantresses to a meeting in Hanshire's hall of state. Morriel is surprised to find that the necromancers possess Drake Skulls, which they use to protect the meeting from outside eavesdroppers. The necromancers propose a conspiracy to overthrow Charter Law and dethrone the crown bloodlines.

After the necromancers have departed, the Mayor of Hanshire and Morriel hold a second, more private meeting protected by the Great Waystone. They note that Koriani spell crystals will be needed to send a simultaneous signal across the High Kingdoms to trigger the rebellion to avoid giving the Fellowship any advance warning. Morriel sets the price for Koriani participation to be the Gray Kralovir's Drake Skulls.

Third Age 5018: Morriel's spell crystals are left unguarded during the rebellion, allowing Toler to steal the Great Waystone.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: Lirenda uses Morriel's directive to send an enchantress to Erdane as an excuse to punish Elaira. Morriel is first introduced when Elaira is judged for her indiscretions in Erdane. In a trial at the old earl's court near Kelsing, She withholds judgement and Elaira is placed on probation.

Third Age 5638: When the half-brothers battle the Mistwraith from Kieling Tower, Lirenda shows Morriel Prime a scene of Corith, where the Mistwraith no longer covers the sky. Morriel orders Lirenda to spy on the half-brothers through the Skyron focus, under cover of Elaira's love for Arithon. Arithon immediately detects them and upsets their scrying. This upset forces Morriel to recall Elaira. Upon hearing that the Fellowship plan a coronation in Etarra, Morriel revises her orders and sends Elaira to Etarra.

Morriel is informed by Lirenda that the Fellowship have temporarily imprisoned the Mistwraith at Skelseng's Gate. Following the failed coronation, Morriel recalls Elaira from Etarra, with intentions to meet her in Narms. She leaves the old earl's keep near Kelsing for the first time at this point. Morriel, Lirenda, and Elaira meet in an abandoned dye works at Narms, assisted by the half-wit, Quen. After catching Elaira up on events in Etarra, Morriel asks her to perform a character scan on each of the half-brothers. Morriel fails to see past the surface inconsistencies in Arithon's character, and judges him to be flawed.

After the Battle of Strakewood, Morriel has returned to Korias, where she learns that her initiates have lost track of Arithon.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5644: Six years later, the Koriathain have still been unable to locate Arithon.

Third Age 5645: A grand scrying (at the hostel south of Forthmark) on the Vernal Equinox is thwarted when the Fellowship raises Arithon's Name over Meth Isle Fortress. Morriel sees nothing beyond Arithon's surface paradoxes, and judges him a threat. Following the scrying, Morriel summons Elaira to have the initiate's crystal submitted for longevity enhancement and notices an emerging character flaw in Lirenda's continued fascination with Arithon. Based on Elaira's conjecture about Arithon's location, Morriel and the Senior Council travel to Athir, where they perform a grand scrying with twenty-four sorceresses over the Skyron Focus. The scrying fails, until Arithon's antics in Jaelot are noticed. When Lirenda informs her that Arithon is making for the open sea, Morriel decides to send Elaira after him to insinuate herself as his mistress. Based on the plans of Dhirken, Elaira is sent to Merior.

Third Age 5646: After Elaira fails to bind Arithon in Merior, Morriel realizes that Arithon was able to outmaneuver her through flaws in her own design. She is examining various scryings from the lane watch to determine his next move when Haltha arrives with news of the Great Waystone. Realizing that Lirenda's continued fascination with Arithon may undermine her succession, she orders Lirenda to wrest the Great Waystone from Althain Tower and recalls Elaira from Merior. She also asks Haltha to repeat the vision of Arithon's location for Tharrick, who seeks him for vengeance.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: Morriel is next seen in Whitehold, puzzling over the hidden events that took place in Althain Tower, as well as Arithon's blood oath. Morriel also appears in Dakar's vision concerning Arithon's possible assassination through the Great Waystone.

She is at the orphanage in Firstmark when Lirenda delivers the Great Waystone from Althain Tower. With the Great Waystone in hand, her stamina and arcane might are no longer governed by diurnal rhythms. Morriel travels to Thirdmark to perform a great scrying and plan out Lirenda's ascension to power, devising lessons and courses of study to iron out imperfections. While evaluating Lirenda's fascination with Arithon's compassion, she triggers an augury that shows Lirenda breaking her Koriani vows and Morriel's own death long before the transfer of prime power. To prevent this failing, she uses the Great Waystone to plot an assassination attempt with subtlety to evade Sethvir's awareness. This plot, involving Duke Bransian as a pawn, is ultimately unsuccessful.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: Morriel summons Lirenda to Thirdmark for an object lesson in the power of the Great Waystone. Two failed attempts to compel mastery over the elements make her realize that Sethvir has empowered Athera to recognize the Great Waystone's signature and reject its channeled force of intervention. Morriel travels to Althain Tower with her trusted servant, Iyan, to demand that the Fellowship restore the Great Waystone's power. The Fellowship reveal the lurking threat of wraiths on Marak, and Morriel leaves without satisfaction after Sethvir helps Iyan to hear again.

Third Age 5652: Morriel is at the Koriani orphanage in Capewell selecting new page boys for service in autumn. Upon hearing that Arithon has returned to the continent, she orders a meeting with a gifted clairvoyant and two of the newest initiates. She does not summon Lirenda. She sets in motion a plot to capture Arithon and use him as a pawn in her feud with the Fellowship, but one of her initiates fails her at a critical moment. She uses the last of her strength to conceal the plot from Sethvir and triggers the plot through the Great Waystone. The observatory door remains sealed based on her earlier instructions, with the peeress in charge preventing anyone's entry but Lirenda.

Third Age 5653: When Arithon evades capture into the grimward, the grand conjury comes to an end and Morriel awakens in Capewell, nearly paralyzed. She recovers in the Capewell sisterhouse and learns of Lirenda's failure with the help of a seeress. By using the cipher of domination, she is able to locate Lirenda directly. After Lirenda returns to the sisterhouse three months later, Morriel orders her into detention. During her recovery, Morriel is served by the sisterhouse peeress, her pages, and an exceptionally talented initiate named Selidie. She gives Lirenda's spell crystal to Selidie to have it cleansed with selective resonance.

Morriel has a circle of seventh rank Seniors linked to seers across the lanes to observe world events. She observes Sethvir traveling from Althain Tower and realizes that a window exists to make plans without his awareness. Once Luhaine has been recalled to Althain Tower, Morriel holds Lirenda's trial. Granting Lirenda's request for trial by recompense, Morriel commands her to capture Arithon to regain her former status as First Senior. She provides the quartz spheres containing images from lane watch and asks Lirenda to devise a plan while Sethvir is otherwise engaged. While Sethvir is engaged in a lane transfer, Morriel approves Lirenda's devised plan involving the shepherd boy, Fionn Areth, and the sorceress, Elaira, in spite of the fifteen year span required to bring it to fruition.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Morriel is informed by the lane watch that the ritual to transform Fionn Areth's appearance is completed. Since the grand conjury, she remains at Capewell, unable to use her lower limbs. As a training exercise for Selidie, Morriel commands Lirenda to scry for Arithon's allies. The proximity of her spell crystal, which Selidie has not yet cleansed, triggers a connection to Arithon himself. Lirenda realizes that Morriel has set her up for failure. Morriel notes that Dakar's protective wards raise a wide resonance that might be detectable if Lysaer attracts loyal talent to his cause.

Third Age 5654: Morriel is awakened from a dream of fell darkness by the disruption of the Cabal of Light using drake skull wards. In a grand Fellowship scrying, no ulterior plots are observed, and Luhaine worries that Morriel is biding her time until Fellowship resources are stretched thin.

Third Age 5669: Morriel puts the final touches on the plan involving Fionn Areth with Lirenda in Highscarp. She then places a bane ward on the lookalike, hoping that Lirenda will scramble to react and not take notice of Morriel's own long-term plan. Morriel is traveling to Eastwall when she scrys Fionn Areth's activities in Daenfal. She arranges a caravan from Daenfal to Jaelot to ensure that he doesn't linger, and then orders Lirenda to meet him in Jaelot. When Dakar makes landfall aboard the Khetienn, Morriel uses the Waystone and a lock of hair to force a fit of prescience on the spellbinder, depicting Fionn Areth's execution.

Morriel and the Senior Circle attack Asandir as he attempts to lane transfer from Ithamon to Jaelot. After Asandir claims her construct within his Name, it's revealed that Morriel's fears for the proscribed knowledge she holds in trust for the Koriathain hide a deeper void of loneliness with no family or friends to remember her glory days. Morriel uses the Skyron focus to prepare her attack on Athera and then links to the Great Waystone to harness the power of thousands of initiates. Her attack sends the planet's magnetic flux into chaos, smashing all Fellowship wards on Paravia, but is dampened along those lanes that run under the sea.

Third Age 5670: Following the attack, Morriel is discovered dead in her palanquin on the eve of Winter Solstice. The Senior Circle ritually disperses the remnant spellcraft left with her body the next day. It is later revealed that she possessed Selidie to take advantage of a younger physical body. (All plot events that occur while Morriel is possessing Selidie are described under the wiki entry for Selidie).

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5924: Morriel continues to control Selidie until Arithon's recapture in Daon Ramon Barrens. When Arithon unexpectedly sends his consciousness into the Great Waystone, he learns that Morriel has stolen Selidie's body. He uses music to pull Morriel's entrenched spirit out of Selidie's body and into the Great Waystone.

Arithon sentences Morriel for necromancy under Charter Law in Rathain, but offers to cede her fate to the Great Waystone itself. When the Prime attempts to regain control of the focus, it destroys her over the broken vow of using Elaira's love to engineer Arithon's downfall. The focus explodes, killing Selidie and the entire Senior Circle.


  • Morriel prefers lavender perfume.


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