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Meiglin s'Dieneval is the legitimate daughter of Egan s'Dieneval, born in Durn in Third Age 5019 just after the fall of Tirans[1]. She has seal-brown hair and violet eyes.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Child of Prophecy

Third Age 5018: Meiglin's mother escapes from Tirans while pregnant with Meiglin and finds safety under an assumed name at a brothel in Durn.

Third Age 5019 Meiglin is born.

Third Age 5033: When Meiglin is fourteen years old, the brothel's madam deems her ready to take her mother's place. The madam arranges for a new gown from Feylie's shop and orders Quincat to lock Meiglin away. Meiglin's mother aids in her escape and reveals her clanborn lineage. The girl stows away in a wgaon and dreams of the last High King of Shand at the battlefront against the Mistwraith. In her dream, she warns him of his death. This interaction is noticed by a member of the Fellowship, who recognizes her as a s'Dieneval heir.

Meiglin awakens in a farmstead with the owner of the caravan and the crofters arguing over her fate. They agree to send her on to Tawbas' Inn for honest work after she pleads not to be returned to Durn. Meiglin works for Tawbas in anonymity and her latent talent for sighted vision starts to reveal itself as she grows older.

Third Age 5035: Biedar women at Tawbas' Inn call Meiglin by the name "Anshlien'ya" when she offers to help them fill their water flasks.

Third Age 5036: Meiglin asks a passing clansmen about Egan s'Dieneval and learns that there are no surviving members. When she considers letting her bloodline be abandoned in obscurity, a Biedar desertman warns her that her talents will eventually draw notice. She hears from a courier that the Mistwraith has broken the cordon at Spire and a new muster is being called at Firstmark, with the next heir to Shand called out of Alland to support it. That night, she dreams of a world covered in darkness. When she resists the outcome, a voice that speaks for the Fellowship offers warning. Meiglin affirms her desire to avoid a world plunged into darkness.

Days later during a full moon, the company of men supporting the last High King of Shand stays at Tawbas' Inn enroute to the front line. Tawbas asks Meiglin to deliver food to the horse master's groom. She sees past a glamour cast by the Fellowship and realizes that the groom is the High King from her prophetic dreams. She warns him again not to meet his death on the front line. They end up spending the night together in the desert, and Meiglin discovers that she is pregnant in the aftermath.

A Biedar matriarch warns Meiglin that her unborn child might draw the wrong sort of notice and, soon after, three Koriani sorceresses visit Tawbas' Inn. One with administrative rank offers to buy Meiglin's service from Tawbas. Tawbas arranges an interview between Meiglin and the sorceress, but Meiglin declines after learning that she would be separated from the child. After her refusal, Ciladis of the Fellowship intercepts her retreat. He reveals that the High King of Shand died in the battle with the Mistwraith, leaving Meiglin's unborn daughter as the only s'Ahelas successor. Meiglin acknowledges the paternal birthright, naming her daughter as Dari s'Ahelas. Ciladis informs Meiglin that the Fellowship can provide the means to raise Dari and someday give her the free will choice of exile through the West Gate as they did for the other royal lines.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: When Elaira visits the Biedar Eldest in search of answers, she is told about Meiglin and her daughter, Dari s'Ahelas.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5924: Davien tells Elaira that Meiglin's plea to defeat the Mistwraith was heard and accepted by Tehaval Warden at Althain Tower.


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