Masterbard's Lament

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Warhost of Vastmark.

Masterbard's Lament is the title given to the piece sung by Arithon s'Ffalenn to the widows of Dier Kenton Vale following the Vastmark campaign. It was written in Third Age 5647[1].

The complete lyrics of the tune have been provided by the author, with the request that it not be reprinted outside of this website.

Masterbard's Lament for the Widows of Dier Kenton Vale
Arithon s'Ffalenn
Third Age Year 5647

If tears were hardened stone to carve
a monument to grief,
would we let loss and trouble starve
our spirits for belief?
Our men have gone from home and hearth
and faith has made us weep.

If feet that marched the earth to war
could count their wounds by steel,
and blood that scorched clean ground in gore
could speak in words that feel,
the cry would ring forevermore
for mercy and repeal!

If song could hold sharp edge to fight
through distrust, rage and fears,
and hope blaze up as blinding light
to burn through pain and tears,
if heart touched mind, and eyes held sight
would blight and blame not clear?

If vengeful shouts toward mercy bent,
and care unstopped deaf ears,
would every spirit not transcend
to bind up hurts and heal?
Would every voice not cry to end
the sorrows of the years?

If tears were hardened stone to carve
inscribe my cry for life:
let no man raise his unsheathed sword,
may no man draw his knife,
that this, our sore and grieving land
waste no more hearts to strife!

No cause is scribed in fire and star --
then whose truth must we heed?
Why bind the will and blind the heart
more lives to rend and bleed?
Our men have gone from home and hearth
and hate has made us weep![2]


  1. Traitor's Knot mistakenly cites the year 5652 on its opening page.
  2. Forum Post on November 13, 2005