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Lysaer s'Ilessid, also known as the "Prince of the Light" or "Prince of the West", is the prince of Tysan and one of the two half-brothers who came to Athera from Dascen Elur via the Worldsend Gate. He has fair gold hair tipped in leaf silver and cobalt blue eyes, and is described has having a powerful, charismatic male beauty. Lysaer's charismatic presence and attention to even his lowest-ranked staff inspires his followers, and he is adept at the manipulation of statecraft. His goals are often couched in terms of the greater good, although he wrestles with self-doubt when out of the public eye.

Lysaer is the son of Demar s'Ilessid and Talera s'Ahelas. He carries the gifts of two royal lines: from his father, justice, and from his s'Ahelas mother, foresight. He was also born with control of elemental light, granted by the dowry of his mother. Refused training by the mages of Rauven, most of his expertise with this skill came from solitary hours of practice.


Lysaer was raised as heir to the throne of Amroth on Dascen Elur. His mother's abandonment at and early age and his father's warped sense of justice from an extended feud with the rulers of Karthan instilled a distrust of women and magecraft.

Role in the Story

Given the prominent role that this character plays in the story, plot events have been organized onto separate pages for each book.