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Luhaine (also called the Defender) is a discorporate member of the Fellowship of Seven. Of the seven sorcerers, Luhaine is the strongest in the area of logical thinking and is often described as a pessimist with a plodding accuracy, prefering lectures to solitude.

When Luhaine chooses to project a physical form, it is corpulent, wearing blue-grey robes. His form is described as wizened and bald with a broad beard, dimpled chin, and black eyes.[1]


Luhaine became discorporate during the sacking of Telmandir in Third Age 5018. His body was pulled down by the mob while he was covering the escape of the royal heir of Havish.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Luhaine was present at the inquiry into Davien's unilateral actions, at Althain Tower in Third Age 5129.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

The Gallant

Third Age 4995: Luhaine and Kharadmon are arguing at Methisle Fortress when Verrain appears with an orange cat. Driven to protect others from emergent methspawn, Verrain formally requests a spellbinder's apprenticeship from Luhaine and pledges to stand in defense as the Guardian of Mirthlvain.

Reins of Destiny

Third Age 5018: When an unnamed clansman discovers Luhaine's murdered body in the wreckage of Telmandir's palace, he realizes that Gierdon s'Lornmein's son may still be alive.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: Luhaine and Kharadmon are onsite at Methisle Fortress when a migration of meth-snakes threatens the populace. After tending to a collapsed Verrain, he travels to Althain Tower for the casting of strands, and then travels to meet Lady Maenalle to explain why Lysaer will not be sanctioned as the High King of Tysan.

Third Age 5638: Luhaine reappears at Ithamon after the Mistwraith attacks the half-brothers outside the tower. He sets wards across time as well as normal dimensions, and is later assisted by Kharadmon. During the final attack on the Mistwraith, Luhaine safeguards the well-being of Arithon with stringent protections. Once the Mistwraith has been contained, he travels to Skelseng's Gate with Asandir, and then to Etarra to watch over Morfett.

After the ceremony for Arithon's right of succession, Luhaine's primary duty in Etarra is to protect Arithon from assassins. When Lysaer awakens from a nightmare before the coronation, Luhaine is on guard duty while Kharadmon diverts a major storm. On the day of the coronation, Luhaine guards Arithon's room. After Dakar's Etarran Prophecy, he dogs Arithon's steps, but does nothing to intervene. When the half-brothers are finally located, he notes that Arithon cannot be shifted to safety because two merchants have grabbed him. He tracks Arithon for as long as possible and then reports back to Sethvir in the armory. Next, he searches the warehouse district, recovering the crown emerald that Arithon used to free the child captives with. He also contacts Kharadmon to reverse the storm and cover Arithon's escape.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: When Luhaine resurfaces, he seems to have been spying on the Koriathain for quite some time. He declines Sethvir's invitation to attend the convocation at Methisle Fortress so he can interfere with their grand scrying for Arithon. After the grand scrying, Luhaine travels to Althain Tower and argues with Sethvir about the effectiveness of the Fellowship's strategy to conceal Arithon. Sethvir reasons that Arithon will not be able to remain hidden any longer than midsummer solstice.

In the aftermath of the Koriathain scrying on midsummer solstice, Luhaine visits Elaira in Forthmark. He subverts the longevity enhancement to conform to natural laws, unbeknownst to the Koriani. Afterwards, at Sethvir's request, he goes to Jaelot to help Asandir reach the Mayor's palace in time for the dawn lane surge. Because Asandir has been diverted, Luhaine takes on the responsibility of checking the wards of Rockfell Pit. He discovers that an infinitesimal rip is in Asandir's wards, but not Kharadmon's. He remains at Rockfell Peak until Asandir can join him, and together, the pair refound the wards guarding the pit. When the pair are interrupted by Dakar's antics in Alestron, Luhaine escorts Dakar through the outer gates and then returns to dismantle the molds at the bronze founders and destroy the remaining copies of the plans.

Third Age 5646: Luhaine is at Methisle Fortress in the summer, assisting Verrain with a resurgence of meth-snakes.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: Luhaine is in Scarpdale settling the victims of a necromancer when he is summoned to Althain Tower to aid Sethvir. The pair of them create concentric wards around all of Athera. When Kharadmon arrives, pursued by wraiths, the trio seals the nine wraiths inside of Althain Tower's Paravian wards. In the course of the confrontation, Sethvir learns their true Names and the wraiths are redeemed. Luhaine then travels to Vastmark to update Traithe on the wraiths.

Third Age 5647: After Arithon's interception of Lady Talith's ship, Luhaine is called upon to go to Havish and inform King Eldir about the details for the upcoming ransom exchange. He arrives in Ostermere three days before summer solstice with the rest of the Fellowship. They decide that the risks of the half-brothers coming face to face are too great, and request that Lysaer send a delegation to the ransom exchange instead. Later, the Fellowship learn that the ransom was stolen in transit. They judge Arithon's machinations with the Royal Freedom and determine that he cannot be directly implicated in the theft. During the ransom exchange, Luhaine assists Asandir in warding Lysaer's royal galley.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: Luhaine spends the year leading up to winter solstice constructing the star wards in space surrounding Athera. He is summoned back to Althain Tower by Sethvir and is present when Lysaer is cast out of the Compact. Sethvir is sharing his realization that Traithe's chance to heal may be entwined with the wraiths captured in Rockfell Pit when Morriel Prime arrives at Althain Tower. Asandir, Sethvir, Luhaine, and Kharadmon meet with Morriel Prime about her attempt to enable Arithon's assassination, the lurking threat of wraiths on Marak, and the Great Waystone's hobbled powers. The meeting ends after Sethvir enables her servant, Iyan, to regain his hearing.

Third Age 5653: Following the affair at Riverton, Luhaine delivers word to Lord Maenol of the reclaimed ships and sanctuary in Havish. Luhaine is watching over Morriel's grand circle when he is summoned by Sethvir to watch over Asandir's recovery.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Luhaine watches over Althain Tower while Sethvir repairs the damaged grimward. He observes Harradene being granted Lysaer's permission to burn Caithwood and (in Sethvir's absence) summons Asandir to assist. Asandir opts to travel on to Caithwood, leaving Luhaine on watch at Althain Tower.

Third Age 5654: Luhaine joins Sethvir in Korias as soon as the grimward is repaired. He wishes to curb the Koriani plot involving Fionn Areth, but Sethvir refuses, citing the Law of the Major Balance. After Sethvir negotiates with Cerebeld in Avenor, he shares his worries about the potential for future instantaneous communication across the continent within Lysaer's priesthood. With the help of a diversion from Luhaine, Sethvir uses the power focus in Avenor to return to Althain Tower.

Summoned after the disruption of drake skull wards in Avenor, Luhaine convinces Sethvir to forgo immediate action until summer solstice, when the Fellowship can all safely meet at Earle. He travels to Earle and asks the Elemental Forces within to allow the Convocation. Luhaine assists with preparations for the grand scrying and the Fellowship use the view into the next twelve years to organize their efforts in service of the Compact.

Third Age 5669: Luhaine is helping Verrain at Methisle Fortress when the Koriani plot begins. He expresses his frustrations to Sethvir at Althain Tower and then travels to persuade an early blizzard in the Skyshiel Mountains, in hopes of buying time. During Morriel's attack on Athera, Luhaine travels beneath the South Sea to stabilize a fault line and then restrings the continuity of the Third Lane, allowing Asandir to transfer to Althain Tower. He stays behind to tend to Sethvir while Asandir returns to the field to repair grimwards. Later, he is joined by Ath's Adepts who help with Sethvir's care.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Sethvir sends Luhaine to Rathain in the evening of Winter Solstice night. He travels to Halwythwood and asks Jieret to meet Arithon at Ithamon, where the Paravian wards might repel an Alliance siege and the effects of the Mistwraith's curse. He warns that Morriel's attack on Athera will trigger a harsh winter and short summer. Next, he does what little he can to help Arithon escape from Jaelot guardsmen with his supplies intact, directing the prince to travel to Ithamon. He asks Arithon to carry on without Dakar, whose services are needed to prevent disaster at Rockfell Pit.

Luhaine guides Dakar and Fionn Areth to the nearest Paravian marker and then asks for Dakar's assistance to rebuild the damaged wards around Rockfell Pit. He travels to Rockfell Pit to guard the site and wait for Dakar and Fionn Areth to arrive overland. Because refounding the wards on Rockfell Pit require both a corporate and discorporate mage, Dakar consents to sharing his physical body with Kharadmon -- this process alarms Fionn Areth, who is put to sleep by Luhaine. Without time to refound the wards before the lane surge on the equinox, the sorcerers decide to reroute the lane surge around the faulted wards. The trio fashion stopgap wards to protect Rockfell Pit and survive the midnight crest. They use the time until the sunrise crest to repair their wards. In the aftermath, Kharadmon, Luhaine, and Fionn Areth tend to Dakar's depleted body. Because the wards are under attack from the inside of Rockfell Pit, neither sorcerer can leave to support Arithon until Dakar is fit enough to refound every ward -- this takes several days.

When Kharadmon departs to tend to the star wards, Luhaine must perform the final wardings on his own. Before departing for Althain Tower, he summons Davien through the gargoyles around Rockfell Pit and learns of Arithon's recent flight into Kewar Tunnel. After Arithon conquers the maze, Sethvir informs Luhaine of Arithon's decision to stay with Davien.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Luhaine answers Dakar's request for help in the Shipsport dungeon. He creates a proximity ward of protection in Dakar's aura to protect Fionn Areth, and suggests that Dakar play the wastrel on the overland trip to Alestron in order to disrupt Koriani scrying. He cannot aid Fionn Areth directly, as the boy grants him no opening. Luhaine also attends to the pair's outstanding fines so they can leave Shipsport.

Luhaine is visiting King Eldir and his advisors to discuss the famine and Princess Ellaine when Sethvir summons him to Erdane. He arrives in time to protect Enithen Tuer from necromancers, allowing her to die naturally. At some point before Braggen's return home to Halwythwood, Luhaine brings news of Jieret's death to Sidir and Feithan. Luhaine is in Camris restraining the Khadrim when Kharadmon requests help with the free wraiths, and cannot assist at the star ward.

Third Age 5671: Luhaine passes word to Arithon of stolen amethysts mined in violation of the Compact. Arithon recovers them from a caravan without bloodshed using his captured iyats. Luhaine warns Sethvir when the Elaira's spell crystal is removed from storage in Forthmark. At Sethvir's request, he uncovers [{Selidie]]'s past manipulation of Elaira in Highscarp, where a set of inactive ciphers were woven into Elaira's aura.

While Arithon faces the Kralovir in Etarra, Luhaine tracks the threat presented by a corrupted sunwheel priest in Jaelot in range of Lysaer. Luhaine is surprised when Arithon falls back on his experience touching Paravian presence in Kewar Tunnel, which destroys every single initiate master in the cult across the continent and frees the cult's coerced servants. Sethvir records the location of the fallen bodies so Kharadmon and Luhaine can cleanly immolate each one. The pair begin in Etarra with Raiett Raven and his councilmen.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Luhaine passes word to the clans in Selkwood that Arithon will not be hale when he arrives. He then scours the ruins of Avenor's state palace in search of the misplaced Drake Skulls and discovers the hatchling's shades free of protection and subject to rise. He brings word of this back to Sethvir.

Luhaine and Kharadmon are working on the star wards when Arithon is freed from the curse.

Luhaine is managing a deep sea fault near a Paravian binding when Seshkrozchiel challenges the grimward in Scarpdale. Luhaine is spying upon the Koriathain after Arithon is restored to consciousness at Athir. As soon as the Sorcerer is assured that Selidie has no further options, he heads to Athir and transfers Glendien to the safety of Althain Tower. Later, he brings formal word of Kyrialt's death to Lord Erlien.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5922: It is revealed that, over two centuries ago, the Fellowship allowed the free wraiths from Marak to reach Athera and received a stay of execution for Arithon, who had been captured by the Koriathain. With the last of the free wraiths finally banished, Kharadmon and Luhaine must dismantle the wardspells that separated the free wraiths from Marak into single entities for banishment.

Third Age 5923: Kharadmon and Luhaine are on Marak healing the damage to the planet's etheric web when Sethvir summons them back to Athera. At Althain Tower, Sethvir and Luhaine discuss Selidie Prime's trap involving Elaira's spell crystal. Sethvir reveals the whereabouts of the other Fellowship members and asks Luhaine to intervene with Seshkrozchiel on Davien's behalf.

Unable to sway Seshkrozchiel, Luhaine offers to change places with Davien for the duration of the drake's impending hibernation. The bargain is accepted and Davien walks free. Seshkrozchiel hibernates in a volcanic spur of the Storlain Mountains.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: Sethvir offers Elaira the obtuse knowledge that Kharadmon once enspelled the library at Althain Tower to present books without the need to search for them. The spellcraft was tamed after Luhaine complained about the possibility of damage to the books.

Third Age 5925: In one of Ciladis' journals, Arithon discovers a cartoon of Luhaine.


  • Luhaine can often be found bantering and arguing with Kharadmon. Of the pair, he is sometimes shown to be the lecturer, obsessed with details.
  • He is often the Sorcerer sent to spy upon the Koriathain. Morriel Prime is aware of this, but chooses to keep her underlings uninformed.
Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.
  • Luhaine was unable to choose a royal family to sponsor when the Compact was formed.


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