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The lanes are twelve[1] channels of magnetic force which run from north to south on the planet of Athera. Not all of the lanes are on the continent -- some are in the oceans.

The force along these lines is called lane force or lane flux, and can be tapped into by a skilled magician. For example, the corporeal members of the Fellowship use the lane force at various Paravian focus locations on the continent to teleport elsewhere in a process called lane transfer. The power of the lane surge follows a sine-like curve with peaks at midnight, sunrise, noon, and sunset. Noon is the strongest crest, and the peaks are amplified on important days like the Equinox. Magnetic turbulence along a lane can lead to unstable weather.

In ancient history, the Paravians used this surge to revitalize the land surrounding the lanes. The Koriathain lane watch involves initiates actively scrying the lengths of the lanes and recording details and events.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Grand Conspiracy.

In Grand Conspiracy, Morriel Prime tries to distract the Fellowship by making all of the lanes unstable. This is only partly successful, since the lanes under the oceans are unaffected.

Specific Lanes

Lanes that play an important role in the story are described on separate pages.


  1. E-mail with Janny Wurts, September 13, 2007. "Athera has 12 lanes that wrap the globe - that twelve would become 24, if the globe were mapped in Mercator projection - hence the doubled number [referenced in some parts of the story]."