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Kharadmon is a discorporate member of the Fellowship of Seven. When he chooses to project a physical form, it is slender, wearing sable and green with an orange silk cloak, and a black doublet adorned with glass beadwork. His face is "an elfin arrangement of angles, accented by a spade-shaped beard, a glib smile, and a hooked nose." and he has black-and-white streaked hair and pale green eyes.[1]


Kharadmon became discorporate during an attack on Ithamon in Second Age 3651 (he was engaged in an out-of-body scrying at the time). Through his intervention, the survivors of the attack were rescued by a transfer through the Fifth Lane power focus.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Kharadmon was present at the inquiry into Davien's unilateral actions, at Althain Tower in Third Age 5129.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

The Gallant

Third Age 4995: Luhaine and Kharadmon are arguing at Methisle Fortress when Verrain appears with an orange cat. Driven to protect others from emergent methspawn, Verrain formally requests a spellbinder's apprenticeship from Luhaine and pledges to stand in defense as the Guardian of Mirthlvain. Enroute to the defensive line against the Mistwraith at Earle, Kharadmon observes Sethant traveling to Innish and brings word of Verrain's new role to the crown seat in Vastmark.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: Kharadmon and Luhaine are onsite at Methisle Fortress when a migration of meth-snakes threatens the populace. He tracks down and destroys the remaining meth-snakes after Verrain collapses, and then travels to Althain Tower for the casting of strands. He travels next to Etarra to map the power base of the Governors' Council.

Third Age 5638: When the half-brothers are attacked by the Mistwraith, he is recalled to Althain Tower to study the attack. From here, he moves on to Havistock to recall Traithe to Etarra, and then to Ithamon to assist Luhaine with wards against the Mistwraith. During the final attack on the Mistwraith, Kharadmon safeguards the well-being of Lysaer with stringent protections. Once the Mistwraith has been contained, he heads to Skelseng's Gate with Asandir, and then to Etarra to watch over Morfett.

After the ceremony for Arithon's right of succession, Kharadmon blocks the attempts of Etarran messengers from effecting a conspiracy. He causes one messenger to slip in horse dung, breaking his elbow. His primary duty in Etarra is to protect Arithon from assassins. When Lysaer misses Arithon at council, Kharadmon tells him that Arithon can be found in the poor quarter. Before the coronation, he diverts a major storm to the north. After Lysaer's attack on Arithon, he asks the storm to return to cover up Arithon's escape. While Etarra musters for war, Kharadmon escorts Dakar and Asandir up Rockfell Peak to secure the Mistwraith. It takes a full night to secure the Mistwraith in Rockfell Pit.

Kharadmon travels to Shand to begin training Eldir. This may be a misprint, since the story previous said that Eldir was hidden in Ghent.[2]

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5644: At some point in the next six years, Kharadmon leaves Athera to search for answers to the Mistwraith's curse. He begins in the splinter world of Marak. Sethvir eventually loses touch with Kharadmon through the earth link.

Third Age 5646: Sethvir and Asandir decide to create a homing beacon tied to Athera that will bring Kharadmon home, believing that he has lost awareness of himself.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: It is revealed that Kharadmon had heard every attempt to call him home but could not respond, as he was locked in combat with wraiths. When the homing beacon reaches him, he does what he can to unravel the spell, and then returns home with nine free wraiths in tow. He arrive at Althain Tower, and with Sethvir and Luhaine's support, the true Names of the wraiths are learned, and they are given their redemption. Kharadmon reveals that he was not able to locate an original roll of Names for the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5647: Following Arithon's kidnapping of Lady Talith, Sethvir sends Kharadmon to Southshire to inform Lysaer of the upcoming ransom exchange. He informs Lysaer that the ransom is five hundred thousand coin weight in gold, and sees the moment when mention of Arithon's name brings Desh-thiere's geas to the surface. Kharadmon arrives in Ostermere three days before summer solstice with the rest of the Fellowship. They decide that the risks of the half-brothers coming face to face are too great, and request that Lysaer send a delegation to the ransom exchange instead.

The Fellowship learn that the ransom was stolen in transit. They judge Arithon's machinations with the Royal Freedom and determine that he cannot be directly implicated in the theft. Kharadmon guards Arithon in King Eldir's state apartments in advance of the ransom exchange. He notices that the curse of the Mistwraith seems to be self-aware and straining against all magical wards as if it had a radius of proximity. Kharadmon speeds departure of the Khetienn from Ostermere with the help of the wind and sea. When asked by Arithon, he states that Lysaer's marred gift of justice will cause him to put Talith aside.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: Kharadmon spends the year leading up to winter solstice constructing the star wards in space surrounding Athera. He is summoned back by Sethvir and relocates at Avenor, where he uses a noon lane transfer to summon Lysaer to Althain Tower. The Fellowship summon him to account for his act of slavery. When he does not change course, the Fellowship cast him outside of the Compact. Later, Sethvir is sharing his realization that Traithe's chance to heal may be entwined with the wraiths captured in Rockfell Pit when Morriel Prime arrives at Althain Tower. Asandir, Sethvir, Luhaine, and Kharadmon meet with Morriel Prime about her attempt to enable Arithon's assassination, the lurking threat of wraiths on Marak, and the Great Waystone's hobbled powers. The meeting ends after Sethvir enables her servant, Iyan, to regain his hearing.

Third Age 5653: After Arithon has escaped from Riverton, Sethvir summons Kharadmon to Althain Tower. He informs Kharadmon that Arithon will succumb to the incompatibility between his gift of foresight and compassion, and asks the discorporate sorcerer to seek out Elaira or Jieret, as the two most able to reforge Arithon's trust in himself. He visits with Elaira but fails to convince her to assist, so he travels on to Jieret. Later, Kharadmon is on watch duty at the star wards when Sethvir asks him to help Dakar and Arithon evade from Sulfin Evend.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Kharadmon continues to watch the star wards. When Sethvir returns from repairing a grimward, Kharadmon admits that he is worried about the lack of attack by free wraiths. He remains at the star wards during the convocation at Earle.

Third Age 5669: Kharadmon is still on watch with no wraith aggression to show for his efforts. During Morriel's attack on Athera, he leaves to help Verrain with newly awakened methspawn.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Kharadmon is helping Verrain stabilize the Fifth Lane when the star wards go active. After additional work on the Sixth Lane, he returns to Methisle before answering a summons from Sethvir at Althain Tower. Sethvir informs him that the star wards have gone active, and Kharadmon investigates. Discovering that wraiths from Marak have sensed the disharmony of Morriel's attack, he realizes that he will need help to mask Athera from the larger body of wraiths on Marak, before attempting to contain and restore the incoming wraiths. Kharadmon is recalled from the star ward in late winter but is delayed by a pack of two dozen questing wraiths. He does not arrive to assist at Rockfell Peak until the eve of the Spring Equinox.

Because refounding the wards on Rockfell Pit require both a corporate and discorporate mage, Dakar consents to sharing his physical body with Kharadmon. Without time to refound the wards before the lane surge on the equinox, the sorcerers decide to reroute the lane surge around the faulted wards. The trio fashion stopgap wards to protect Rockfell Pit and survive the midnight crest. They use the time until the sunrise crest to repair their wards. To Sethvir, Kharadmon relays his intent to use Arithon through Dakar's claim to the prince's free will permissions. After sunrise, Kharadmon summmons Arithon. Called upon to be a life force proxy to prevent further damage to the wards around Rockfell Pit by the lane surge, Arithon refuses because of his blood oath to live at any cost. He suggests that his mastery of music might offer a solution, and Kharadmon gives him a momentary reprieve to explore this option. Arithon is successful at binding the Lanes of Rathain in harmony, just as the stopgap efforts at Rockfell Peak fail. In the aftermath, Kharadmon, Luhaine, and Fionn Areth tend to Dakar's depleted body. Because the wards are under attack from the inside, neither sorcerer can leave to assist Arithon until Dakar is fit enough to refound every ward -- this takes several days. In the final stages, Kharadmon must leave to tend to the star wards.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Kharadmon requests additional help from Sethvir to defend against the wraiths, but Sethvir has no help to spare. After Asandir returns from the grimward, Kharadmon attempts to distract a pack of wraiths while Asandir alters the homing spell that draws them.

Third Age 5671: Kharadmon meets Ellaine and Ianfar at Methisle Fortress. He reveals that Lysaer's crown regency in Tysan is not recognized and sends Ellaine on to the hostel of Ath's Adepts in Spire. Kharadmon remains at Methisle Fortress to help with the seasonal migration of methuri. Sethvir warns that he will be needed to assist with necromancy in Darkling and later calls him away urgently to help in Halwythwood. Using drake powers and Arithon's permissions, Kharadmon and Dakar breach Arithon's wards, severing the union between Arithon and Elaira and preventing backlash into the land's flux. He holds the lane forces steady while Dakar's intervention unleashes the grand confluence. In the aftermath, he guards Arithon and Elaira's privacy. Arithon coordinates the timing for the purge of the Kralovir with Kharadmon before departing.

While Arithon faces the Kralovir in Etarra, Kharadmon tracks a suborned sunwheel priest in Darkling. Kharadmon is surprised when Arithon falls back on his experience touching Paravian presence in Kewar Tunnel, which destroys every single initiate master in the cult across the continent and frees the cult's coerced servants. Sethvir records the location of the fallen bodies so Kharadmon and Luhaine can cleanly immolate each one. The pair begin in Etarra with Raiett Raven and his councilmen.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Kharadmon reports that Raiett Raven's Drake Skulls cannot be found and Sethvir suggests that they may be in the immolated state hall in Avenor. Sethvir then shows Lysaer's actions in Tirans to Kharadmon and asks him to bring a warning to the s'Brydion brothers. Kharadmon's attempts to convince Bransian and Mearn to send some of his family to refuge in Atwood are rebuffed. He relays the news of Arithon's actions in Etarra to Dame Dawr and then travels to Atwood to activate Paravian markers in defense of the free wilds. Luhaine and Kharadmon are working on the star wards when Arithon is freed from the curse.

When Kharadmon notices the Drake Skulls in Avenor poisoning the flux lines, he checks in on Sethvir. Ath's Adepts inform him that Sethvir is trying to contain the skulls in addition to the three unstable grimwards. Kharadmon is summoned from Methisle Fortress to Althain Tower when Seshkrozchiel confronts the grimward in Scarpdale. Sethvir asks him to evict the Koriathain from the field at the Siege of Alestron, alert Verrain of Mearn and Fianzia's imminent arrival, and assist in Atwood. Upon arriving in Atwood he admits his worry to Traithe, that Selidie was already leaving the battlefield.

As Asandir approaches Alestron by sea, Kharadmon appears at Sulfin Evend's war council and orders him to end the siege under Charter Law.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5922: After Arithon's escape from Koriani captivity, Kharadmon visits Elaira in the Storlain Mountains and explains the Biedar tribe's role in the escape and the Fellowship's vow of noninterference. He also reveals that the Biedar are outside of the Compact -- having arrived on Athera before mankind, they negotiated directly with the Paravians for inhabitance. Kharadmon helps Elaira realize that any encounter with Arithon might expose him to danger prematurely before he has a chance to rediscover the identity hidden from him by the Biedar during his escape.

Kharadmon learns from Sethvir that Selidie plans to manipulate the True Sect within the bounds of Asandir's vow of noninterference, while unraveling the wards used to winnow down the free wraiths from Marak so they could be banished.

Third Age 5923: Kharadmon and Luhaine are on Marak healing the damage to the planet's etheric web when Sethvir summons them back to Athera. Sethvir asks Kharadmon to help Traithe evade a True Sect examiner.

When Lysaer succumbs to the curse through Koriani interference, Kharadmon helps Daliana escape from the wreckage of the Gull and Anchor. He escorts her to Traithe's house in Morvain. Daliana refuses to believe that Lysaer's cause is hopeless, and chooses to pursue him into Havish.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: In the summer, Sethvir summons Kharadmon to Althain Tower and asks him to escort Traithe out of Rathain. After observing a conversation between Arithon and Vivet in the Storlain Mountains, Kharadmon notes that Vivet is pregnant.

In East Bransing, Kharadmon helps Dace Marley eavesdrop on a meeting between Lysaer and a True Sect informant.

Kharadmon visits Davien at Kewar Tunnel, challenging him over his inaction in helping the Fellowship, especially in investigating Chaimistarizog's absence beyond the North Gate. During the argument, Selidie Prime launches an assault through the Great Waystone. To protect Kharadmon, Davien is forced to wield untested drake powers. Kharadmon concedes that Seshkrozchiel's legacy is best kept far from Northgate.

Sethvir sends Kharadmon to the High Temple of the Light after Lysaer is felled by a Koriani-spelled crossbow bolt. He visits Dace and warns that Lysaer's convalescence may take years, during which he will be susceptible to manipulation from the True Sect or Koriathain. When Dace remains steadfast, Kharadmon warns that the Fellowship will act for Paravian survival if things go awry.

After Elaira reaches Althain Tower, Sethvir assures Kharadmon that he did not reveal the Fellowship's role behind Jessian's legacy.

In early winter, Kharadmon visits Dace Marley at the High Temple of the Light. The shade warns that drake unrest beyond the North Gate might overshadow any trouble created by the True Sect. He mentions that great drakes hibernate on Athera to forestall an invasion, but that waking them in the aftermath of Davien's bargain with Seshkrozchiel might upset their established priorities. With Lysaer outside of the Compact, Dace asks for a glamour that can divert Lysaer's attention during the curse's insanity. Kharadmon enacts the blood binding but warns that the working is a crutch that goes against Lysaer's free will. Dace also asks for Fellowship warning in case he should ever overuse the binding.

Sethvir offers Elaira the obtuse knowledge that Kharadmon once enspelled the library at Althain Tower to present books without the need to search for them. The spellcraft was tamed after Luhaine complained about the possibility of damage to the books.

Third Age 5924: When Dakar reunites with Arithon at Tiendarion, it is revealed that Kharadmon was responsible for collapsing the star wards in Third Age 5674 as part of the bargain for Arithon's life.

In the spring following Arithon's meeting at Tiendarion, Kharadmon appears before Dakar and charges him with Halwythwood's defenses. When challenged, he disowns Cosach from his duties as caithdein and leaves to help Asandir raise the wards around Halwythwood.

As Arithon comforts the dying Cosach after an ambush near Caith-al-Caen, the prince suggests that Kharadmon's censure was actually for Dakar's benefit and that Cosach had not forsaken his obligation to defend the mysteries.

Kharadmon assists Verrain in Mirthlvain Swamp during the True Sect campaign in Rathain. After Arithon escapes from the Koriathain, Kharadmon travels to Althain Tower to discuss The Hatchet's campaign with Asandir and Sethvir.

When Dakar's plans at Caith-al-Caen threaten the wards at Rockfell Pit, Asandir changes plans to meet Kharadmon there.

Third Age 5925: Kharadmon is confronting contraband tin miners in the Storlain Mountains when Arithon meets a Riathan Paravian on Los Lier. In one of Ciladis' journals, Arithon discovers a sketch of Kharadmon.

Sethvir summons Kharadmon to watch over Lirenda Prime while the shade is under the ocean off of Corith. He observes the Koriani lane watch reporting on a storm sent to the Storlain Mountains to delay Arithon's journey.

Kharadmon is a silent observer in Daenfal as Dakar, Tarens, and Elaira plot to save Arithon and hide in the True Sect scaffold. When Valien's death as heir to Rathain's throne ends the oath of nonintervention, Asandir arrives and raises a defensive ward around the scaffold across time and space. He asks Elaira to begin healing Arithon with Kharadmon's assistance. Dakar and Tarens build a litter to transport the prince. At twilight, they transport Arithon through Daenfal to Daenfal Lake, where they vanish.


  • Kharadmon can often be found bantering and arguing with Luhaine. Of the two, he is often labelled as the prankster, and will sometimes conjure flowers or blooms to leave behind when leaving a room.
  • It was Kharadmon who gave Davien the epithet of Betrayer.
Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.


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