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Kevor s'Ilessid is the son of Lysaer s'Ilessid and Princess Ellaine, born in the Spring of Third Age 5655. He has reddish honey hair and gray eyes that become blue by the age of 14.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5655: Kevor is born.

Third Age 5667: Kevor is presented to the people of Tysan at the age of 12, during the Summer Solstice festival. From a small interaction with Princess Ellaine, he shows that he has inherited Lysaer's sharp instincts.

Third Age 5669: At the age of 14, Kevor acts to forestall panic when portents fill the sky in Avenor. He expresses the s'Ilessid gift of justice as he convinces the council to allow him to calm the populace with prayer and candle lighting. Bypassing Gace Steward, Kevor, Ellaine, and twenty guards walk to the town square. By reuniting a lost girl, Teis, with her family, Kevor is able to calm the people before Cerebeld and his sunwheel priests can arrive.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Cerebeld sends Kevor on a routine patrol to Karfael. Though warned of Khadrim attacks, he claim's his heir's right to ride at the fore of the patrol instead of returning to safety in West End, although his bodyguards make him understand that he cannot accompany the field troops into battle. Near Karfael, Kevor is accosted by a hedge witch and accepts a good luck charm from her. This is a test of character put into motion by Sethvir and Asandir. Later, Kevor loses a bet with Fennick over the actions of their duty officer. Kevor is troubled by the bent of Alliance policy and the persecution of mage talent. He challenges Ranne over discrepancies but fails to evoke a meaningful response.

When a Khadrim attacks a steading, Kevor attempts to save a small child but is immolated by Khadrim fire. After the attack, the patrol can find no remaining trace of him and presumes that he has died. He ends up at a hostel of Ath's Adepts near Northstrait, badly burned and lost to physical pain until mention of his mother draws him back. After accepting that he tried to provoke his own death, he is given the opportunity to heal himself in the Sacred Grove, although Ath's Adepts warn him that he will not be the same afterwards.

In late winter, Ath's Adepts discover that Kevor's body has started to regenerate. In early spring, he awakens and is given the choice to join Ath's Adepts. He becomes the first new adept in a hundred years.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5671: Princess Ellaine arrives at the hostel in Spire after fleeing from Avenor. Kevor greets her in the Sacred Grove. Kevor accompanies Princess Ellaine when she agrees to meet Lysaer at the hostel's gate. After her rejection of Lysaer's pleading and threats, Kevor reveals himself to his father. Sulfin Evend carries a shocked Lysaer away from the hostel.