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Jieret is the son of Lord Steiven s'Valerient, head of the clans of Deshir. He is twelve years old at the time of Curse of the Mistwraith and has rust-coloured hair like his mother's, and gray hazel eyes.

As an adult, he has a windburned, cragged face with a hawk nose and always carries a worn quillon dagger, looted off of a headhunter. Headhunters refer to him as Red-beard.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Jieret has the gift of prescience, which runs in the s'Valerient family. It is first introduced when Jieret sees a vision of Arithon fleeing from Etarra after the failed coronation.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Peril's Gate.

Once Jieret has become caithdein, his visions that are tied to the realm are more wakened and immediate. Past and future, seen outside of time/space are simultaneous -- when the boundary blurs, it is in the 'moment' and so, taps the energy of the 'moment' - which may or may not be mutable.[1]

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: Jieret is first introduced in the aftermath of new sunlight in Deshir -- he and Idrien sneak away from the camp celebration to play at raids. When Halliron travels the highway to Tal's Crossing, the pair ambush him and take him captive. He is released by Steiven and Jieret is punished. Later, Jieret has a Sighted vision of Arithon being pursued by Etarran lancers.

After the royal oathtaking, Jieret becomes intrigued by Arithon's extended absence, and decides to search for him. He finds Arithon in the forest following a tienelle scrying, and an offhand remark triggers Arithon's vision of the clan women and children raped and murdered. Jieret accompanies Arithon back to camp, where he is chastised for running off and sent to bed. Jieret has a Sight-induced vision of the scene which Arithon scried, but cannot remember any of it other than the name, Teynie.

During the Battle of Strakewood, Jieret is with Arithon when he has a Sighted vision of Teynie leading the headhunters to the grotto where the clan women and children are hiding. He runs for the grotto with Arithon and eleven clansmen. After narrowly escaping an ambush near the grotto, Arithon orders Jieret to flee. However, Jieret returns because of his blood bond, and restores Arithon to sanity when he encounters Lysaer. Arithon comforts Jieret at the ceremony to remember the dead and promises to swear an oath of fealty on his blade when Jieret comes of age. Jieret offers him the carving knife that was used in their blood oath of friendship. With the death of his father, Jieret becomes the Earl of the North and caithdein of Rathain.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5644: Jieret spends the next six years protecting his clansmen from the campaigns of the Etarran guard. He and his band travel to Tysan to meet with Lady Maenalle s'Gannley. Jieret brings an intercepted parchment intercepted from a guild courier. It is correspondence between Lysaer and the Mayor Elect of Korias, requesting permission to restore Avenor.

Third Age 5645: During a routine summer raid of overland caravans, Jieret's band discovers that a messenger has knowledge of Arithon's whereabouts. Caolle is left behind to determine how much of the caravan knows, and to murder them all. He rejoins Jieret several days later at Farl Rocks. Realizing that Arithon would soon lose his anonymity, Jieret chooses to travel to the Gulf of Stormwell in Tysan, hoping to use Maenalle's rendezvous with Dhirken as a means of reaching Arithon.

Third Age 5646: At the end of winter, he travels south towards Merior aboard Dhirken's ship, eventually reaching Innish on the Spring Equinox. After meeting Arithon in Innish he receives his oath of fealty and the pair meet in the Black Drake's chart room with Dhirken to discuss strategy. Arithon provides Jieret with strategic ideas to harass Lysaer's army in Rathain, based on his travels as the Masterbard's apprentice. Jieret returns to Rathain, and his clansmen trap the road between Etarra and Werpoint, in anticipation of Lysaer's movements.

On his twentieth birthday, Jieret and his clansmen are in Valleygap, hindering the movement of Lysaer's troops. He fires a clan vengeance arrow and kills Pesquil, who is preoccupied with keeping his men safe.

Jieret meets up with Arithon outside of Werpoint with a crew of common criminals. They overpower the brig, the Savrid, and use it as a staging area for their attack. By casting shadow across the harbor and crafting shadowy ships, Arithon baits Lysaer into burning the Werpoint fleet with his powers of Light. Arithon is lost to the curse and does not regain his sanity until Jieret slices his shoulder with Alithiel. Jieret then forces Arithon to complete his strategy at knifepoint -- the few ships that survive are picked off by clan fire arrows from the Savrid's crosstrees. The group then abandons the Savrid off of Crescent Isle. Jieret remains with Arithon aboard the Talliarthe, until he is ordered to return home and marry.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: Jieret marries Feithan on the Spring Equinox, just as Caolle is sent south to serve Arithon.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: Jieret is awoken from a Sighted dream showing Prince Arithon in a city square about to be executed by the Alliance. He leaves Feithan in Strakewood for a dangerous six-week overland trip to Mainmere Bay, in hopes of warning Arithon in person. His journey takes him across Instrell Bay, through Atainia and the Thaldein Mountains, and then south towards Caithwood, aided by Tysan's clans. On the northwest shore of Mainmere Bay, he is informed by Lady Kellis of the charges of dark magecraft against Arithon. After a three week passage to Corith, Jieret is met by Dakar, who has protected Arithon's crew from discovery and Koriani scrying while Arithon is back on the continent. When Arithon returns, Jieret confronts him about the charge of dark magecraft and then tells him of his Sighted vision. Arithon receives the warning and then orders Jieret to return home by way of neutral Havish. From Dakar, he learns of Arithon's plan to search for the Paravians on the far side of the world. Returned home safely, Jieret allows Caolle to leave the camp and await Arithon's return on the western shore.

Third Age 5652: Jieret realizes that an impending alliance between Lysaer and town mayors in Rathain will require his clans to go into deep cover.

Third Age 5653: In the winter, Asandir travels to Jieret's clan encampment in Daon Ramon Barrens to name Jieret's daughter, Kei, as the next caithdein. He also informs Jieret that the build-up of resources in Etarra will soon lose impetus and that Sethvir's augury predicts that Arithon will be safe under Dakar's protection until Elaira is recalled into active Koriani service. Jieret returns to Caithwood and is summoned by Raven after Arithon escapes into a grimward. He agrees to use his blood pact to locate the lost prince, and subjects himself to Traithe's ritual to separate his spirit from his body.

Three months later, Arithon's party reappears in Caithwood. Traithe, Raven, and Jieret arrive by means of a Fellowship ward and begin a ritual to reawaken Arithon. Jieret talks Arithon through his guilt and delivers the good news of Caolle's final victory, along with Lirenda's spell crystal.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: A Koriani scrying in winter shows Jieret in Halwythwood.

Third Age 5654: In the winter, Arithon receives a missive from Jieret, formally exonerating Arithon in the death of Caolle. Later, Jieret is relieved of his debt of alliance (sworn after the death of Lady Maenalle) by one of Maenol's clan messengers. Following a de-escalation in Alliance war efforts, Jieret becomes the first steward of Rathain to raise sons and daughters to maturity in six generations.

Third Age 5669: When portents fill the sky, Jieret is rushing back to camp in Halwythwood when a Sighted vision overcomes him. He sees a future Alliance campaign in Daon Ramon Barrens, Arithon's return to the continent, and Arithon pursued to Kewar Tunnel. Following these vision, Jieret comes to under the gaze of a golden eagle and then resolves to gather the war band in Daon Ramon Barrens.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Jieret is preparing to leave camp when Luhaine arrives in Halwythwood. He asks Jieret to meet Arithon at Ithamon, where the Paravian wards might repel an Alliance siege and the effects of the Mistwraith's curse. Jieret assembles a war band of two hundred clansmen, including 9 of his Companions. They are ten days from Ithamon when the land of Rathain resounds in appeal for Arithon's plight. When the clan courier from Halwythwood catches up, Jieret learns that Alliance forces are marching from Morvain and Narms. Jieret holds a clan counsel to determine the best way to divide forces. Jieret's gift of Sight reveals Arithon's near future plan to put his captors to sleep through the gift of music. When Raven appears in his vision, Jieret learns of the coordinated Alliance troops' movements, the risk that might be forced to abuse his Masterbard powers, and a potential location where Arithon's rescue and escape might be effected. Jieret orders his war band to travel to the spot suggested by Raven and sends Sidir back to Halwythwood to guide Jeynsa.

Two months later, Jieret and his war band intercept Arithon along the River Aiyenne. Jieret doses him with valerian and tends to his wounds in one of the deep clefts carved out by the river's seasonal flow. Arithon's mage training mutes the effects of the soporific early. He accepts that Jieret's war band will offer him a chance for survival and theorizes that the use of magecraft might improve his odds. Near dawn, Jieret asks Arithon to promise to swear a blood oath with Jeynsa. Arithon then uses tienelle and a blindly-crafted ritual in an attempt to open up Jieret's latent mage talent. The ritual is ultimately successful, although Arithon must use Alithiel to bring Jieret back to consciousness. He awakens with the ability to use his mage-sight. Arithon helps Jieret to acclimate to his new gift.

When Arithon devises a plan to thwart the Alliance army, Braggen is given the most difficult task of carrying the ninth spelled proxy. However, Jieret changes the plan, intending to carry the ninth proxy himself while Braggen to takes Arithon to safety. He holds fast to his decision while binding Arithon's spirit to Alithiel in spite of Arithon's vicious words. Jieret sense the actions of the Companions through his newly awakened mage-sight and travels inside the Alliance army's perimeter to prepare a ritual spell circle. He is cornered by Sulfin Evend but manages to enact the ritual before being shot with a crossbow. The ritual tricks Lysaer into destroying his army out of Narms. Although Lysaer is exposed in the aftermath, Jieret is unable to complete the strategy by killing him with a clan vengeance arrow. In spite of Jieret's warning, Sulfin Evend erases the spell circle, causing Lysaer's next attacks to hit the disparate locations where the 8 acorns were taken, effectively annihilating most of the forces from Darkling and Jaelot. Jieret is blinded by light bolts.

In the aftermath, Sulfin Evend takes Jieret prisoner, intent on using him as a hostage or returning him to Etarra for execution. He dresses Jieret's crossbow wound and drags him back to a delirious Lysaer. Jieret reveals to Sulfin Evend that Lysaer is half-brother to Arithon, and that Princess Talith was murdered by Lysaer's inner cabal. As a result, Sulfin Evend cuts out his tongue. Unable to see or speak, Jieret is guarded by Sulfin Evend and Lysaer, who intend to rejoin the troops from Etarra.

While Jieret is drugged, Davien inscribes a cipher that summons Raven to the clansman's aid. Raven helps Jieret understand the possibilities of his latent talent. After Lysaer reunites with the Etarran army, Jieret's spirit formally requests the aid of the Fellowship and Raven shows him a vision of Braggen's future movements. Raven helps him to understand his interconnectedness with the world around him through his Name, and show him that he is not powerless. He offers the land his conscious voice, inadvertently drawing a centaur guardian, Kadierach, from the past in defense of the land. When Lysaer refuses the centaur's offer of redemption, the centaur blows his horn and vanishes, causing chaos in the human camp and leaving it at the mercy of lurking iyats. In retribution, Jieret is killed by Lysaer with a sword thrust. Jieret's spirit appears before Jeynsa to apologize for not returning home and remind her that she is now Arithon's caithdein.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: When Arithon uses music to anchor Tarens' identity, it triggers the memory of Jieret's initiate awakening. Past and present collide, triggering a meeting between Tarens and the long-dead caithdein. Jieret entreats Tarens to stand as defender for Arithon instead of accepting death, and offers the sum of his knowledge in support.


  • Jieret perfects a noose trap that Rathain's clansmen continue to use two hundred years later.