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Jeysna is the daughter of Jieret and Feithan s'Valerient. She was born in Third Age 5653 with the birth name of Kei. As an adult, she is tall with long dark brown hair, scattered freckles, and pale green eyes flecked with silver.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: Kei is born. She is one month old when she is selected as caithdein's heir after her father, Jieret. Asandir presides over the Naming ceremony and she becomes Jeynsa.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: A Koriani scrying in the winter shows Jeynsa in Halwythwood, not yet one year old.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Jenysa is 17 when Luhaine delivers instructions for Jieret to meet Arithon at Ithamon. She is ordered to stay behind in Halwythwood. After Jieret's death, his spirit appears before Jeynsa to apologize for not returning home and remind her that she is now Arithon's caithdein. Sidir arrives home on the eve of the Spring Equinox and reports to Jeynsa that Jieret faced dire odds in Daon Ramon Barrens.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: In late spring, Jeynsa is shown via Sethvir's earth link, weeping for Jieret. When Braggen arrives home in Halwythwood, he learns that Jeynsa has cut off her hair to avoid receiving the formal vestiture of her role as caithdein (a traditional pattern in her clan braid). In the face of her anger at Jieret's death, Braggen reveals that Jieret disobeyed Arithon's standing orders.

Third Age 5671: Jeynsa is caught unaware in the s'Valerient lodge tent when Arithon visits. Arithon goads her hostility so she willingly cuts him with her dagger, then enacts a blood oath of protection. In spite of his understanding of her pain, Jeynsa refuses to share brandy with Arithon in guest oath and flees the tent to the Willowbrook.

Eriegal and Jeynsa discuss Arithon's motives and whether he can be trusted. Eriegal convinces her to accept the role of caithdein so she can start a formal inquiry. While sneaking back into camp, Jeynsa overhears Barach and others discussing necromancy in Etarra. Concerned about Arithon's character, she flees camp with the aid of an amulet of concealment from Eriegal. Initially believed to be trailing Arithon, the clan watch later reports that she traveled south towards Melhalla to launch a formal inquiry into Arithon's actions regarding necromancy. While crossing Daenfal Lake towards Silvermarsh, Jeynsa is touched by Arithon as he is subjugated by necromancers.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Believing that Arithon is complicit in necromancy, Jeynsa travels into Melhalla to launch a formal clan inquiry. She is pursued through Silvermarsh by headhunters and is intercepted by a band from Alestron including Talvish and Fionn Areth. At the end of her strength an unable to enter the sealed free wilds of Atwood, she is taken to Alestron instead. Talvish informs her that she is mistaken about Arithon's involvement in necromancy. In Dakar's vision, Fionn Areth is shown arguing with Jeynsa over the Fellowship's priorities.

Talvish takes Jeynsa to meet Duke Bransian. She offers to draw Arithon into the conflict through his blood oath. In the following days, Jeynsa helps Alestron prepare for siege and spars with Sevrand at quarterstaves. She responds to Fionn Areth's questions about Charter Law and the pair accompanies Fianzia as she travels the town to listen to its people. When Dakar, Sidir, and Elaira reach Alestron, the trio are given the chance to convince Jeynsa to leave freely. Dressed in caithdein's black, she arrives with Talvish, but remains steadfast in her plan to support Alestron. Afterwards, Talvish assigns Jeynsa and Fionn Areth to the daily task of refilling the water troughs. During a wager amongst the troops, Jeynsa beats Sevrand in a contest of lances.

After learning belatedly that Arithon has arrived in Alestron, Jeynsa confronts him just before he performs in Dame Dawr's home. She is accompanied there by Talvish, Sidir, and Fionn Areth. Sidir comforts Jeynsa when the power of Arithon's performance breaks through her grief. They are interrupted by Bransian's guards, who have orders to bring Jeynsa into custody and mortally wound Sidir in the process. Jeynsa is brought before Bransian and Liesse who try to convince her to sign a false record and force Arithon's support for Alestron. She refuses to sign even when threatened with death and is rescued when Mearn, Talvish, and Sevrand arrive with loyal guards.

After two weeks, Arithon uses his Masterbard's arts to awaken Alithiel, and Sidir and Jeynsa use the opening to leave for Halwythwood by way of the Sea Gate, accompanied by Elaira, Mearn, Fianzia, and a few trusted men from Alestron. Sidir reveals knowledge of a safe clan bolthole on the southern border of East Halla, and suggests that Mearn and Fianzia can seek sanctuary with the Fellowship at Methisle Fortress. Jeynsa finally receives her investiture at Methisle Fortress.

Third Age 5672: Jeynsa returns to Halwythwood with Sidir in the spring.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5674: On the day of Jeynsa's wedding to Sevrand s'Brydion, Arithon is betrayed and taken captive by the Koriathain.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: Laithen informs Tarens that Khadrien is a descendant of Jeynsa and Sevrand.

Third Age 5924: It is revealed that Arithon was taken captive by the Koriathain while traveling to Halwythwood to perform at Jeynsa's wedding.


  • At the age of 17, Jeynsa is still half a hand shorter than her father.