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Jaelot is a black-walled town situated on a beak head of land jutting out onto the Bay of Eltair. The town is known for extreme snobbery and bad taste. Jaelot is a larger, more prosperous city than Daenfal.

The town seal of Jaelot is a rampant lion with a snake in its mouth.


The town is built on the foundations of a Second Age Paravian fortress, whose gates were fashioned from agate and counterweighted to swing at a hand's touch[1]. Jaelot has octagonal keeps with slate roofs and gate turrets made of white quartz. On the headland, a seawall and jetty protect the town's harbor. Convicts are sometimes sentence to hard labor, cutting the stones for the seawall, or laying new stones in the harbor.

  • There are three inns within the walls of Jaelot, one of which is the Gold Lion Inn.
  • Council Hall: The building where the Jaelot City Court convenes. Prisoners from the dungeon are fetched daily, based upon the city alderman's list, and held in the annex chamber below the council hall. The mayor's dais is described as a marble edifice of gothic carvings, fluted supports, and grotesque, hunchbacked caryatids.[2].
  • Beckburn Market / Beckburn Lane: In Ships of Merior, Dakar is rearrested by the order of the Mayor of Jaelot here.
  • Broadwalk Way: A wide, descending street near the Mayor of Jaelot's palace, which runs to the old harbor gate and town square.
  • Cobbler's Lane: A street that connects to the main square.
  • Dagrien Court: A court near the Mayor of Jaelot's palace that holds public cisterns.
  • Dagrien Lane: The Tin Flagon and Flask tavern is on this street.
  • Gadsley's Pleasure House: A pleasure house that peddles little boys. In Ships of Merior, Dakar learns that the town bursar is a patron, and employs an herb witch to hide how town tax money ends up in their coffers.
  • Spicer's Row: A street near the Mayor of Jaelot's palace which smells of cinnamon.
  • Spinster's Alley: A street colloquially named for The Lady who lives in a mansion there.
  • Threadneedle Street: The location where a spinster dressmaker lives. In Ships of Merior, she gets in an argument with Madame Havrita over costumes for the midsummer festival.
  • Wheelwright's Lane: A street near an old vintner's shed, claimed by the Koriathain through an oath of debt.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: After a misadventure involving Dakar's pony, Arithon, Halliron, and Dakar are temporarily waylaid in Jaelot for a season. Arithon plays the eulogy for Halliron Masterbard in Jaelot. The forces of the mysteries cause damage to city buildings and walls.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5669:Through Koriani machinations, Fionn Areth ends up in Jaelot where he is mistaken for Arithon. When Arithon uses the Sixth Lane to teleport into Jaelot, the city is damaged by the Paravian mysteries.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670:The city is damaged again when Arithon binds the Lanes across Rathain into harmony on the Spring Equinox.


  • There are no hostels or posthouses within a day's ride of the town.[3]
  • According to one story, a beggar who had taken illicit shelter in the council hall during a session of the Jaelot City Court had lost all his fingers as punishment.
  • In Jaelot, the ale is cut with water.
  • In Ships of Merior, Arithon mentions that Dhirken would face confiscation of her ship and imprisonment for unpaid tolls on strait passage.
  • One of the guilds in Jaelot is for tinsmithing.


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