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Ithamon (meaning 'Five Spires' in Paravian) was a Paravian fortress built during the First Age, eighteen thousand years before the beginning of the story. Following the extinction of the Seardluin, the Paravians abandoned the city. It was rebuilt and reinhabited by humans during the Third Age, but is abandoned again by the time Curse of the Mistwraith begins.

Ithamon is best known for its five keeps, four of which still stand. The Sun Towers (also called the Compass Point Towers) were part of the original First Age fortress. Each tower is symbolic of a different quality, and when civilization (not necessarily human civilization)[1] has abandoned any quality, its respective tower will collapse.

Every tower is warded with Paravian safeguards. Malicious entities and magecraft cannot cross these safeguards.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

When the Koriathain try to spy upon Arithon in Kieling Tower, they are only able to do so by masking their spells behind Elaira's love, which puts them in sync with the compassionate quality of the tower.



The northern tower is white with alabaster combing, and represents Wisdom.


The eastern tower is black granite and obsidian, with a black tourmaline finial, and represents endurance, or the Paravian quality of Honor.[2]


The southern tower is made of rose quartz, and represents Grace.[2]


The western tower is made of green jasper (symbolic of renewal), and represents Compassion.


The central tower on the highest knoll was also known as the King's Tower and represented Justice (and so, Law). It cracked when the Paravian High King, Marin Eliathe, was assassinated during the Second Age, and only its foundation remained by the Third Age.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: The half-brothers make their stand against the Mistwraith from within the warded protection of Kieling. This tower was selected by Arithon, whose family gift is compassion. To fully capture the Mistwraith, the Fellowship collapse the Paravian wards on the tower and reactivate them once the Mistwraith is inside.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Arithon flees from Jaelot to rendezvous with clansmen at Ithamon. He hopes that the warded protection of the towers will allow them to last through the winter. This plan is aborted when Jaelot's enspelled guardsmen reach the city first.

During Morriel's attack on Athera, Asandir is attacked during a lane transfer and channels her spell into the ground at Ithamon. A briar sprig blooms in a circle of green grass where the spell struck the earth.



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