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Humans first came to Athera in Third Age 1, seeking refuge from a catastrophe in another universe. In the story, humans are majorly divided into townsfolk and clansmen, though there are other factions such as exiled farmers who do not cleanly fall into a category.


The author has provided the following information about the language of humans:

The common tongue used in the story is "split" off into accents, through usage. The older form, held by the forest clans, has stayed mostly untouched, due to their isolation and their strong adherence to tradition. The slight shift in accents would be regional, but as a whole, they have a crisper diction.

The accents in the towns carry the most regional variation. These can be quite distinct. Shand, East Halla, Araethura, Carithwyr, and Korias all have regional variations - the lack of connectivity, the dearth of roads, and the movement of trade leaves some areas isolated from rapid change, and these areas would devolve into accents.

There are three 'dialects' alive - these are amalgamations of the language brought in, colored by ethnic roots. These peoples had their own language, and in the dialects, bits still survive. You have seen the Sanpashir desertfolk, and the shepherds of Vastmark already - with dialect mentioned. Those words are not in usage among any other of Athera's popluation.

The last area where dialect is still spoken is at Ettinmere Settlement, but the story has not yet taken you there. That unfoldment is still to come.[1]

Humans living on the south coast speak with a slurred, broad-voweled dialect. Additionally, humans on the splinter world of Dascen Elur speak an antique dialect.



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