High Temple of the Light

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The High Temple of the Light in Erdane is the central authority of the True Sect.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5683: The True Sect forms after Lysaer s'Ilessid turns apostate to the doctrine of Light (the Great Schism). True Sect priests established the High Temple of the Light in Erdane.

Third Age 5922: Manipulated by the Koriathain, the High Examiner orders searches for a minion of Darkness near Kelsing. After a search of the croft owned by Tarens, Kerelie, and Efflin turns up nothing but rumors of an herbalist, the High Examiner orders that the croft be kept under covert watch.

When an arrested Tarens is freed in a chaotic scene on the road to Kelsing and cannot be found, the High Examiner decides to send a Light's Hope delegation to Etarra.

When Asandir clears the blocked flux lines in Tysan, a shrine collapses, extinguishing the eternal fire of the Light.

Third Age 5923: The True Sect launches an invasion of Havish under the impression that the kingdom is aiding Arithon.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: The Hatchet is called to the temple to receive revised orders after the Fellowship evict the True Sect from the High Kingdom of Havish. Through an informant, Lysaer learns that these new orders involve a new purge of talent in Tysan followed by a new campaign in Rathain.

It is revealed that Sulfin Evend was responsible for the transfer of the Sunwheel priesthood's authority to Erdane after Lysaer agreed not to rebuild Avenor. This ultimately led to the establishment of the High Temple after the Great Schism in Third Age 5683.

When Lysaer challenges the High Temple, he is felled by a spell-turned Koriani crossbow bolt fired by The Hatchet. Struck in the right eye, Lysaer is initially denied the services of a healer as a True Sect test of his immortality. Because of Dace's bravery in protecting Lysaer, The Hatchet crosses the priests' wishes and provides a surgeon and litter-bearers. Lysaer is installed in the High Temple of the Light for recovery under Dace's care.

Third Age 5924: The Temple receives early word that The Hatchet's offensive campaign in Rathain has been broken. After Dakar enacts a plan to draw lightning from seasonal storms to the Fourth Lane at Caith-al-Caen, the True Sect army is afflicted by hallucinations. Diviners driven mad by the surge are transported to the High Temple for recovery.

Third Age 5925: The High Temple learns from Lysaer that Arithon has returned to the continent, and sends word out by messenger pigeons. On the last day before he overruns Deshir, The Hatchet receives orders from the True Sect priesthood to retreat south in response to Arithon's landfall.

The True Sect makes a bargain with Lirenda Prime. In exchange for Arithon's execution, the High Temple of the Light will offer a sanctioned blessing of the Koriathain, allowing them to practice magecraft under Canon Law.