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On Athera, the role of High King or Queen was originally filled by Paravians. After the coming of humankind, five human families were chosen and agreed to become High Kings of each kingdom. The founding members of each line gave their willing consent to rule and receive the gifted geas that flows through the family lines.

High Kings were the first voice in defense of the free wilds. They engaged with centaurs to present and execute petitions as agents of the Fellowship (focusing on what actions mankind could take without altering the overall harmony of the land's mysteries). The office of High King was extremely rigorous during Paravian times. Many had shorter reigns because of repeated interactions with the Paravians. The need for a wide, extended family for potential heirs became an imperative preference. The Fellowship are charged to sanction each crown successor. This is never automatic and does not necessarily pass by direct descent. Both matrilineal and patrilineal lines of descent are equally favored when the Fellowship designate heirs, and generally the descendant with the most salient leaning towards the gifted geas is chosen. Royal lineages are also not replaceable or transplantable, as the Paravians matched each forebear according to the needs of specific High Kingdoms.

Requesting Assistance

A High King may request formal Fellowship assistance to enforce the realm's charter. King Eldir does so in Fugitive Prince to uphold a ban on slavery in Havish.