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Havish is one of the five High Kingdoms of Athera, in west-central Paravia. It is divided into five principalities:

Havish has traditionally been ruled by the s'Lornmein bloodline, whose gift is temperance. The royal device is a gold hawk on a scarlet field.

During the uprising, the High King of Havish was executed with a sword engraved with his lineage. In the aftermath, only the crown jewels and the king's youngest son could be saved (through the sacrifice of Luhaine). Since then, a descendant of the royal family has been raised in obscurity. The most recent heir (Eldir s'Lornmein) was raised by a hermit dyer in Ghent.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Following the capture of the Mistwraith, Havish is the sole kingdom to remain neutral during the war between the half-brothers. Once sunlight is restored, the Fellowship brings Eldir out of hiding to become the High King in Third Age 5643. With Telmandir in ruins, Ostermere is selected as a temporary royal seat. The high king's justice adheres to Havish's first charter, as written by the Fellowship.

Six years later, Havish's politics are defined by fair taxes, royal guardsmen patrolling the trade roads, and day labor to restore dilapidated paving. Clan raids and headhunters' bounties are forbidden, and isolated settlements in Lanshire are slowly being won back to law and commerce. Eldir's latest plan is to rebuild Telmandir and two other Paravian sites for clan habitation -- this plan is still subject to controversy. Factions are not yet settled, with disgruntled mayors and town interests vying to hold their stake against ancient clans.

As the Alliance gains in influence after Third Age 5654, King Eldir continues to rule Havish fairly and neutrally. Tysan's ships manned by clan slaves are forbidden from Havish's coasts by the Compact and Fellowship wards, and persecuted clansmen and magic practitioners are granted sanctuary within its borders.

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