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The Great Waystone is the primary spell crystal of the Koriathain. It is described as a melon-sized, spherical, amethyst crystal capable of harnessing the power of all 180 sorceresses as a single force. The power of the crystal is such that it can restore the wasted humors of Morriel Prime's aged body, in addition to altering weather patterns and banishing disease.

Because spell crystals gain a new imprint every time they are used, the Waystone contains thousands of years of power and pent up malice, which makes it difficult to control -- only the Prime Enchantress is powerful enough to dominate and use it. Enchantresses who fail to impose the prime seals of unconditional domination become themselves trapped within the matrix.

Each Senior sorceress added in trance to the focus exponentially increases the power available to the Prime Enchantress. This power could trap a discorporate spirit that lacks an anchoring body.


The Waystone is as old as the Koriathain, having been wielded by over a thousand Prime Enchantresses since the order's founding (before the arrival of man on Athera). Because of restrictions applied by the Compact, much of the Waystone's stored knowledge is proscribed on Athera.

The Waystone has been lost since the rebellion, and in its absence, the Prime Enchantress has used the Skyron Focus. No Senior alive at the beginning of the story has ever touched the Waystone, and Morriel Prime alone recalled how to access its secrets.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Black Bargain

Third Age 5016: Morriel Prime brings the Great Waystone to a discreet meeting in Hanshire where necromancers of the Gray Kralovir propose a conspiracy to overthrow Charter Law. After the necromancers have departed, the Mayor of Hanshire and Morriel hold a second, more private meeting protected by the Great Waystone.

Third Age 5018: When the uprising occurs, the Koriathain leave Morriel's valuable spell crystals unguarded. Toler sen Beckit steals the Great Waystone and tosses it into a public well. Davien informs his Fellowship colleagues and it is collected later on.

Curse of the Mistrwaith

Third Age 5637: The Waystone is first mentioned by Elaira when she is trying to antagonize Lirenda. It is first seen in the storerooms of Althain Tower -- Lysaer and Traithe are searching for the crown jewels of Havish and Dakar grabs it off of a shelf, only to be stung by its wards. Traithe mentions that it was left unguarded by the Koriathain during the rebellion, and adds that Sethvir would have returned it if any of the Sorceresses had ever asked.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5646: Lysaer reveals the location to the Koriathain in exchange for Arithon's whereabouts. When Morriel Prime learns of the Great Waystone's location, she sends Lirenda and a grand circle of sorceresses to wrest it from Sethvir's grasp.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: The circle fails to breach Althain Tower, and Lirenda is forced to wait for Sethvir's return from Ostermere. Sethvir releases the Waystone to Lirenda who delivered to Morriel Prime. The Fellowship did not tamper with the jewel's matrix while it was in their hands.

With the Great Waystone, Morriel Prime can ease the physical pains of her body, but cannot extend the span of her life. During an augury, Morriel Prime learns that she may become the first Prime to fail at transferring prime power, and that both Arithon and the Great Waystone will play a part in this failing. She uses the focus to plot Arithon's assassination, but this attempt is unsuccessful.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: Koriani tests confirm that Sethvir has not tampered with the jewel, but after two failed attempts to compel mastery over the elements, Morriel realizes that Sethvir has empowered Athera to recognize the Great Waystone's signature and reject its channeled force of intervention. The Waystone can still exert influence on conscious beings, but has been robbed of power over the earth and elements. Morriel brings the stone to Althain Tower to demand that the Fellowship restore the Great Waystone's power but leaves without satisfaction.

Third Age 5652: Morriel sets in motion a plot to capture Arithon through the Great Waystone.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5669: Morriel brings the Waystone to the Skyshiel Mountains with a Prime Circle to support Lirenda's plot. Once Dakar makes landfall, Morriel uses the Waystone and a lock of hair to force a fit of prescience depicting Fionn Areth's execution. Later, she amplifies an attack on Asandir through a quartz vein, preventing him from reaching Jaelot. Morriel uses the Waystone to harness the power of thousands of Koriani initiates and then channels an attack on Athera's magnetic fields through the Skyron focus.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: When bargaining with Elaira, Selidie Prime swears upon the Great Waystone that she will never force Elaira to betray Arithon. Selidie uses the Waystone in an attempt to capture Davien's discorporate spirit. Davien evades the trap and leaves behind a fire spell that threatens the Waystone. Selidie subdues the roused Waystone at the expense of her hands, which are crippled by the fire spell.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Selidie uses the Waystone to track the Evenstar in autumn. Once Fionn Areth is aboard, Selidie uses the Waystone to summon a fiend storm towards the ship.

Third Age 5671: In the aftermath, Selidie orders Lirenda to spy on the Evenstar. Arithon takes the opportunity to enspell an iyat directly into the Waystone, permanently altering its matrix and spreading a citrine streak across its center.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: When a senior enchantress suggests that the Waystone be used to stand against the Biedar, it is revealed that Selidie has not informed anyone of the infesting iyat.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5922: After years of storing the Waystone in total darkness above the frostline in the Skyshiel Mountains, Selidie Prime is finally able to extract the rogue iyat from its matrix. Her examination of the Waystone reveals alterations to its signature which will make attempts to re-harness it more difficult.

Third Age 5923: From Highscarp, Selidie Prime attempts to regain mastery over the Waystone by sacrificing lower ranked initiates through necromancy. Sethvir forsees that the effort will eventually be successful and Selidie Prime will realize that the Waystone's signature has changed, negating Athera's empowerment to reject its power. Selidie Prime finally reclaims command of the Waystone in the spring.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: Thwarted in her attempts to locate Lysaer and Daliana, Selidie suspects the involvement of Davien and uses the Waystone to attack him. Davien is forced to wield untested drake powers that easily nullify the attack.

Third Age 5924: Arithon is recaptured and taken to a remote Koriani camp in Daon Ramon Barrens. With his access to magecraft and Shadow restricted, Selidie orders the use of the Great Waystone to break down his defenses and reveal how he manipulated the flux at Caithwood. When Selidie pauses in her assault to amplify it with tienelle, Arithon unexpectedly sends his consciousness into the Great Waystone. Selidie stands down, expecting the Great Waystone to destroy Arithon and preserve a record of his talent.

Arithon is pursued through the Great Waystone by the trapped collective consciousnesses of failed Prime candidates, who reveal that he was not betrayed by his anonymous true love and that Morriel has stolen Selidie's body. Theorizing that he is being assisted by the souls in the matrix, he uses music to pull Morriel's spirit out of Selidie's body and into the Great Waystone. When Morriel attempts to regain control of the focus, it destroys her over the broken vow of using Elaira's love to engineer Arithon's downfall. The focus explodes, killing Selidie and the entire Senior Circle. Sethvir tells Asandir that all of the wraiths inside the focus crossed the veil when it shattered.