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Fionn Areth is a shepherd boy from Araethura, Rathain. He has black hair and green eyes.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5647: Fionn Areth is born to a large, fairly well-off shepherd family on the moorlands of Araethura. The enchantress, Elaira, guides him through complications during delivery, and a traditional seeress who was present for the birth delivers a birth augury entangling their fates together.

Third Age 5652: On Fionn Areth's fifth birthday, Elaira promises to give him horseback lessons.

Third Age 5653: By now, Fionn Areth is the middle child, with two older brothers and two younger brothers. Lirenda devises a plot to capture Arithon which involves him.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: In autumn, Fionn Areth awakens with the urge to go outside. He is rendered unconscious by the Skyron focus and in a spell trance, he consents to giving his destiny over to the Koriathain in exchange for a new sword, scabbard, and training from a tutor at arms. Lirenda and Elaira perform a ritual that will transform his physical features into a close match for Arithon over the coming years. Elaira returns him home following the ritual.

Third Age 5654: Fionn Areth complains of pains in his face as he grows up, caused by the long-term effects of the Koriani ritual. At the age of seven, he appears to have gained the "arrogant look" of Arithon.

Third Age 5669: By now, Fionn Areth also has two sisters. He defeats his sword trainer five times in a week at the age of 21. Under the effect of a Koriani bane ward, he sets off to seek his destiny after another conflict with his father. After arriving in Daenfal, Fionn Areth challenges a guardsman, Uray, to a disarming duel. He wins unexpectedly, and Uray plots to pit him against Captain Jussey in exchange for a sword and lodging. Fionn Areth does better than expected against Jussey, and celebrates with the guardsmen at the Cockatrice Tavern. He resolves to enlist with the Alliance after hearing stories of the past encounter at Dier Kenton Vale.

Captain Coreyn hires him to escort a caravan to Jaelot. Meanwhile, news of Fionn Areth's swordplay reach one of Raiett Raven's agents in Daenfal and travels by barge towards Avenor. The caravan is delayed by an early winter storm coaxed by the Fellowship. Arrived at the Gold Lion Inn, Fionn Areth is mistaken for Arithon by a Vastmark veteran as well as members of Jaelot's elite. He is captured and beaten, damaging his knee in the process, and then taken before the Mayor of Jaelot. When Elaira pledges to keep him under wards to prevent his immediate execution, he and the sorceress are confined to the deepest dungeon. Elaira keeps the cell under wards to defend against an angry mob that is scared by portents in the sky while Fionn Areth pretends to be unconscious.

When Arithon collapses the Koriani wards around Jaelot, the timetable for Fionn Areth's execution is accelerated. He is escorted to the town square, slowed down by a mob spell-turned by the Koriathain, and is eventually strung up in the town square for ritual execution by sword and fire. He is rescued by Arithon who uses Alithiel's defense wards to allow the pair's escape. He and Arithon flee through the city, evading guardsmen and the Koriathain with subterfuge. They attempt to rejoin Dakar at the jam seller's but are deterred by more sorceresses outside.

Third Age 5670: Tracked and corralled through the city by the Koriani, the pair are offered sanctuary by Jasque, who brings them into the house of The Lady, where Koriani scrying cannot see them. After meeting The Lady, Arithon tends to Fionn Areth's surface wounds and leaves him in her care. Upon awakening, he agrees to be healed by Arithon in exchange for a chance to challenge him at arms. Arithon uses his Masterbard's gift to refire Elaira's healing seals, calling her there in spirit in the process. Fionn Areth's knee is healed successfully. Cornered by Lirenda while escaping Jaelot, Fionn Areth recognizes her as the sorceress who changed his appearance. After Arithon successfully disengages from Lirenda and Elaira, the pair flee the city.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Arithon and Fionn Areth rejoin Dakar at a mill outside of town. Rejuvenated by spelled wine, Fionn Areth challenges Arithon in combat. As the Jaelot guard closes in, Arithon knocks Fionn Areth unconscious, leaves him in Dakar's care, and draws the guardsmen away on his own. Fionn Areth awakens tied to a horse as Luhaine guides him and Dakar to a Paravian marker where they can weather the cresting lane tide. He learns for the first time that Lysaer and Arithon are half-brothers. After experiencing the lane force, Fionn Areth realizes he cannot sustain his distrust of Arithon. He agrees to accompany Dakar to Alestron in exchange for more knowledge about Arithon's past.

Near Rockfell Peak, Fionn Areth assists Dakar, who performs a scrying for Arithon. He is still distrustful of Arithon but shows some concern for the prince's well-being. The pair continue their trip to Rockfell Peak, arriving three days before Spring Equinox, but are not met by Kharadmon and Luhaine until the eve of the equinox. When Kharadmon shares Dakar's physical body, Luhaine puts Fionn Areth to sleep to ease his alarm. In the aftermath of the noon lane surge, Kharadmon, Luhaine, and Fionn Areth tend to Dakar's depleted body. Fionn Areth then stands by outside as the trio repairs the wards on Rockfell Pit over several days. Afterwards, Fionn Areth helps Dakar recover in a cave further down the mountain. He re-affirms that he will travel with Dakar to Alestron.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: In Shipsport, Dakar and Fionn Areth learn that the Evenstar has already left Tharidor and resumed its run down the coast. To deter the Koriani enchantresses seeking to recapture Fionn Areth, Dakar incites a brawl in the inn. Fionn Areth and Dakar are recognized from the time that Arithon hired Captain Dhirken, and the Lord Magistrate sentences Fionn Areth to sing in order to discharge debts for the brawl. The pair is taken to Shipsport's dungeons. Dakar requests help from the Fellowship and Luhaine answers. The Sorcerer creates a proximity ward of protection in Dakar's aura to protect Fionn Areth but sees no opening or understanding in Fionn Areth to offer direct aid. Luhaine also attends to the pair's outstanding fines so they can leave Shipsport.

In late spring, Fionn Areth is shown via Sethvir's earth link, traveling overland through Atwood. They arrive at Alestron in the summer. Dakar agrees to provide an introduction to Bransian so Fionn Areth can join the Alliance, neglecting to tell the boy that the s'Brydion family has been Arithon's covert ally since the incident at Vastmark. Fionn Areth is escorted to guest chambers by Vhandon and Talvish and given an outfit designed for Arithon. He is presented before Duke Bransian at a banquet, but tossed into the dungeon after expressing his desire to sign on with the Alliance. Fionn Areth spends the next five months in the dungeon guarded by Vhandon and Talvish.

When the Evenstar arrives, he is loaded aboard with Dakar, accompanied by Vhandon and Talvish. When Arithon arrives aboard the Evenstar to protect it from Selidie Prime's plot, he orders Fionn Areth released from the hold and allows him to observe all of the magecraft done in defense. Fionn Areth remains distrustful even as he observes Arithon's handling of the crew. Arithon goes below to protect the water casks and Fionn Areth volunteers to help him, in part to search for reasons to maintain his distrust. The pair protect the water stores and set up a warded area of protection over the Koriani sigil using Alithiel. Fionn Areth helps Arithon attempt to reproduce the tones of a fiend bane with pots of water. When Arithon stumbles from exhaustion, Fionn Areth's help is rejected. He struggles to understand why Arithon would allow his friends to die on his behalf in order to protect strangers in the Alliance. On watch over Arithon to keep him from falling asleep, he arm wrestles with Vhandon to pass some time and observes Talvish's attempts to raise the prince's spirits. After Arithon uses Shadow to freeze the iyats, he promises Fionn Areth that he will take him to the survivors of Tal Quorin.

Third Age 5671: After the Evenstar is repaired, Fionn Areth leaves with Arithon aboard the Khetienn. Brought ashore in Shand, Arithon and his party encounter Kyrialt and other clansmen out of Selkwood. Arithon wagers that he can rob a caravan of stolen amethysts, a tribute to the Light, and silk for Glendien's wedding gift without bloodshed. When preparing for the ambush, Fionn Areth turns out to be decent at throwing darts. After the successful raid, Arithon introduces Fionn Areth to High Earl Erlien s'Taleyn. Fionn Areth attends Kyrialt and Glendien's bridal feast and later departs for Telzen with Arithon. Arithon and Dakar separate from Vhandon, Talvish, and Fionn Areth, with the double under Rathain's crown protection to avoid Koriani interference. The trio continue on to Atwood. Fionn Areth expects to rejoin Arithon in Atwood, but the prince is called away to help the Fellowship. Fionn Areth decides to travel with Vhandon and Talvish back to Alestron.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: In late summer, Fionn Areth joins a foray by Talvish and Alestron's troops to raze crops west of Alestron. Talvish's men detect headhunters in hard pursuit of a clan scout from Silvermarsh and Fionn Areth asks to be included in the group intent on intercepting and protecting the scout and unexpectedly chooses the tree where Jeynsa has hidden for his vantage point. At the end of her strength, she is taken back to Alestron since the free wilds of Atwood are sealed.

In Dakar's vision, Fionn Areth is shown arguing with Jeynsa over the Fellowship's priorities. Later, he observes the meeting between Duke Bransian and Jeynsa as they plot to bring Arithon back to Alestron. Fionn Areth learns more about Charter Law from Jeynsa while preparing for siege in Alestron. The pair accompanies Fianzia as she travels the town to listen to its people. Talvish assigns Jeynsa and Fionn Areth to the daily task of refilling the water troughs. He finally crosses paths with Sidir, who refuses to answer his questions because he perceives Fionn Areth to be discourteous.

When Sidir is finally ready to talk to Fionn Areth, the clansmen explains his loyalty to Arithon. Fionn Areth and Jeynsa perform menial work under Talvish to keep them distracted. When Fionn Areth suggests that the defense of Alestron is futile, he is punched by Talvish's sergeant, Cortend. During this exchange, Jeynsa discovers that Arithon has arrived in Alestron. Talvish and Sidir escort her and Fionn Areth to Dame Dawr's, where Arithon is preparing to perform. Touched by the power of Arithon's performance, Fionn Areth departs with Talvish. Talvish and Dakar conspire to get Fionn Areth drunk, leaving him in a tavern when Dakar predicts a crisis. A guard finds him psased out in the tavern and returns him to Elaira's guest tower.

After Arithon awakens the power of Alithiel from Watch Keep, Talvish, Kyrialt, and Fionn Areth stand guard in the chamber below while Arithon sustains the sword's powers. Talvish beats Fionn Areth in a game of dice. When Fionn Areth makes a presumption about raiding clansmen, Kyrialt offers to train him. Sevrand and Vhandon bring word of Parrien's enspelled actions in the Alliance camp. The group plots a rescue attempt, helped by Elaira's return and her knowledge of Selidie's sigil. Fionn Areth stays behind in the lower chamber of Watch Keep while Dakar, Elaira, and Kyrialt reach Arithon to stop Alithiel's song.

When Parrien's men are rescued, Fionn Areth learns from them of Cattrick's employment in the sea quarter. He confronts Cattrick as the Evenstar approaches Alestron, and Cattrick knocks him out of the way for his insolence. When he rejoins Cattrick on top of the Sea Gate, Cattrick receives coded signals from the Evenstar and realizes the crew's ruse to appear damaged. He sends Fionn Areth to warn Arithon. After the destruction of the Evenstar, Fionn Areth tails some laborers to Alestron's dry dock in search of Cattrick. Realizing that Cattrick's team is rebuilding the Evenstar for sabotage, he offers to assist. After exploring the motives of Cattrick's laborers, he volunteers to sail out with the covert attack, but is knocked unconscious instead. Before he can rejoin the crew, the Evenstar explodes inside the harbor egress, due to the actions of a shipwright enspelled by the Koriathain. Cattrick convinces Fionn Areth that his loyalty remains with Alestron and the pair race up the waterway to seal the postern against further invasion. Vhandon and Talvish enter the sewers where Cattrick and Fionn Areth are barely holding the attackers at bay. Cattrick is felled by a crossbow quarrel and Vhandon joins Fionn Areth in defense. They die in the sewers, but delay the attackers long enough for Sevrand's reinforcements to arrive.

Fionn Areth's body is discovered and brought to Lysaer's command tent. Both Lysaer and Sulfin Evend realize that the body is not Arithon's. Sulfin Evend recommends a ceremonial burning for the body to buy time for the final stages of the siege, even though the act is not likely to fool Alliance talent.