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The Fellowship of Seven is a group of seven Sorcerers sworn to uphold the Law of the Major Balance and foster enlightened thought in Athera. Initially, very little is revealed about their purpose or goals, but a deeper explanation of their history is presented in later books.

The term, "Sorcerer", in its capitalized form is often used specifically to refer to a member of this group. The Fellowship also has two spellbinders working with them. The members of the Fellowship are:

The author has stated that "The Seven" refers specifically to these seven Sorcerers and their shared history -- another person could not join the group to replace an existing member or bring the number to Eight. The strengths of each of the seven sorcerers is different in different arenas. No Sorcerer is more powerful than another -- each has their area of "expertise" and without any one of them, all become less.

The Fellowship Sorcerers speak Paravian among themselves, and have since their arrival, though they have knowledge of other languages from their prior experience.[1]


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior and Grand Conspiracy.

The seven members of the Fellowship were responsible for violence and destruction in the distant past. While fleeing the horrors of their past, they were summoned by the dreams of the great drakes to Crater Lake in Araethura, Rathain. The Fellowship received their magic and longevity from the dragons, charged by ritual magic to ensure Paravian survival. This task might last until the end of time, if need be, and the Fellowship will be released when survival is assured. In fellowship, the seven swore not to risk another division of forces or parting of common agreement, which was the cause of their original catastrophe.

At the Fellowship's first contact with the Paravians, they were absolved of guilt and agony, and were given their current Paravian names, replacing their older, human names. The Paravians were dying to the Seardluin at the time. After the extermination of the Seardluin, the only remaining threat were the methuri. At the request of Ciladis, who wished to redeem the methuri's offspring, action with the methuri was deferred.

The arrival of the human refugees from the destruction caused by the Fellowship complicated matters. The Seven intervened on behalf of humanity, leading to the Compact which protects the planet for the Paravians' sake. Under the Compact, the Fellowship must choose crown successors in the families of the High Kings. Although any Sorcerer has the perception to do so, the act generally falls upon Asandir. As Paravian presence waned, the Fellowship were left as the caretakers Althain Tower. The Fellowship continue to maintain wardings over creatures long forgotten by humans until the Paravians return.

At the start of the story, they have been on Athera for over ten thousand years, since First Age 827. The Fellowship have kept their role in the destruction of humanity a secret from humans and the Koriathain. They believe that those debts have long since been fully redeemed and worry about the damage the information might cause to further the causes of other factions.


Fellowship conjury holds a random artistry that, to the Koriathain, seem enviably seamless. Their magical works are often Named into being. The Fellowship does not require jewelry or focusing stones to perform their magic.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Because of the drakes' binding, the Fellowship are protected from the effects of Paravian exposure.


The standard of the Fellowship is a deep blue triangular streamer marked with specific white symbols.

The triangular cloth was slashed, contrary, by a diagonal white bar, with the upper quadrant marked by a six-pointed star.[2]

At the time of the story, the standard has not been observed by any town in Paravia for over 500 years. When a member of the Fellowship travels by boat, the boat will fly a pennant of the Fellowship.


  • A mistaken townborn belief suggests that the Fellowship steal babies from their mothers for sacrifice, however this practice is actually the practice of necromancers.


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