Ettinmere Settlement

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The Ettinmere Settlement is a remote location in the Storlain Mountains in Havistock, Havish. It is not connected to any trade roads. On maps of Athera, it is marked with the symbol of a city that did not fall during the uprising.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Ettinmere is an isolated society with strict traditions. Years of insular relationships have led to a population with narrow, refined features and similar fair coloring. The populace kills outsiders and desecrates their remains. Guests must be escorted in blindfolded. In spite of this hostility, outsider blood is prized for marriage.

A hostel of Ath's Adepts was once maintained here. It is revealed that the major fault-lines in the Storlain Mountains threatened to cause cataclysm after the Paravians stopped stabilizing them and disappeared. The Ettin shamans' ancestors were once Ath's Adepts who renounced their passive tenets to stabilize these faults. The larger body of Ath's Adepts sealed off the portals to this sanctuary, leaving a finite reservoir of power behind, now hoarded by the shamans.

Unlike clansmen, Ettinfolk lack the skill to interpret patterns in the flux and rely on controlled birds for tracking and spying.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

The settlement is controlled by a circle of 12 council elders and a group of shamans (both men and women) led by Roaco. The shamans wear conical hats and ceremonial mantles stitched with feathers. Ettinmen do not feel like they are subject to Charter Law within the High Kingdom of Havish. Instead, they practice law underwritten by Teeah's covenant.

Shamans' Compound

The shamans maintain a compound on a higher plateau over the vale where the settlement is located. A permanent central hall is surrounded by the shamans' huts. A fence built from blackthorn and willow surrounds the area, guarded by sentries.


Ettinmen wear outfits with extravagant detail, including embroidered shirts, chamois vests, and indigo-stippled leggings made from elk-hide. They decorate boots and belts with furs, feathers, and bones. Each Ettinman carries a curved dagger inlaid with lapis and gold.

The magic of the shamans is enabled through blank copper beads. They use jeweled collars to control buzzards and owls to act as sentries.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.
  • By tradition, females who travel abroad are questioned upon return about their cycles. A child's life is forfeit without a willing sire's grant of child-rights until adulthood (which begins at puberty). Childbirth occurs in communal ceremony.
  • Trials of maldoers take place in darkness, so the malefactor cannot see those who pass judgement.
  • The penalty for flouting the sentries and breaching the integrity of the settlement's border is death.
  • Ettinmen have a communal harvest, with the amount received by each family determined by how much work share was contributed.
  • Ettinmen travel to Ettinvale during the winter months.