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Ellaine is the oldest daughter of the Mayor of Erdane. She has walnut hair, creamy rich skin, doe brown eyes like melted chocolate, and a retiring alto voice.

Ellaine is described as a traditional subservient woman of Erdane, without an independent streak. However, she is also intelligent and chafes at living in an enforced state of ignorance.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5646: Ellaine is first introduced (namelessly) during an altercation between Lady Talith and Pesquil in Erdane.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Ellaine is promised to marriage to Lysaer. His introduction to her is deferred because of the campaign in Caithwood, and the Seneschal of the Realm is sent to Erdane in his place. As a gift, Lysaer sends her a diamond and sapphire pendant.

Third Age 5654: Once the Tornir Peaks have thawed, Ellaine and her escort depart for Avenor, expecting to arrive by the Spring Equinox. Ellaine is 17 at the time of her wedding. During wedding preparations, Ellaine's mother reminds her of the importance of being the mother to a future King in Tysan, and assures Ellaine that she will find her place of authority over time. After the wedding, Lysaer consummates his marriage to Ellaine, refusing to show affection out of fear that ties to his heart might be exploited in the same manner as Lady Talith. In the aftermath, Ellaine decides not to stand down without giving the spirited protest of a fight. Her attempts to get involved in crown affairs are rebuffed by Gace Steward and later Cerebeld. She meets Lysaer at the docks upon his return, and he reveals his honest worry that affection for her might be his downfall. Lysaer and Ellaine attend a state dinner where the s'Brydion brothers are given prominent places to indicate their trusted loyalty. Later, the couple try again to conceive an heir.

Third Age 5655: Ellaine gives birth to Kevor s'Ilessid.

Third Age 5666: Ellaine's continued efforts to rule the royal household are blocked by Gace Steward and Cerebeld, including an attempt to arrange Kevor's education.

Third Age 5667: Ellaine presides over the annual festival on the Summer Solstice. With Lysaer in Etarra every summer to oversee the Alliance, this festival has become a womens' affair. Ellaine is able to share a moment with Kevor during his presentation to the people of Tysan. Later, she is circumspectly warned by Dawr s'Brydion that Lady Talith did not commit suicide and resolves to expose the faction that arranged for the murder. The next day, she drops a gold coin to the slop taker's woman. Ellaine sends a discreet letter to her father, the Mayor of Erdane, inquiring into Talith's death. Her father passes it off to Lord Koshlin instead of taking it seriously.

Third Age 5669: Ellaine is in Avenor when portents fill the sky. She overrules the fears of the guild masters and allows Kevor to proceed with a plan to calm the town populace through candle lighting and praying. Ellaine accompanies Kevor through town, protected by a small honor guard, and Kevor is able to calm the people before Cerebeld and his sunwheel priests can arrive.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Ellaine demands to join Prince Kevor in Karfael, but is rebuffed by Cerebeld, who reveals that Arithon has returned to the continent. Later, Lord Koshlin reveals proof that Lady Talith was murdered. After Kevor's encounter with a Khadrim, a courier is dispatched from Karfael. Ellaine intercepts the courier and claims authority in the court before Cerebeld and other Alliance officials can intervene. Dressed for mourning, she and her honor guard promise the people of Avenor that two companies of men will go to defend Karfael, and authorizes royal heralds to spread word of Kevor's death.

Later, Ellaine vanishes from Avenor and cannot be found by Cerebeld's men. In hiding on the eve of the Spring Equinox, she has a vision of Kevor, unmarred by any burns. When Sethvir records his last testament, Ellaine is shown in disguise and fleeing southward.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Luhaine warns King Eldir of Havish that Ellaine may be arriving in search of sanctuary soon. He mentions that her status under Charter Law would allow her to ask for Fellowship assistance, if she were made aware of that fact. At some point, Ellaine manages to get an uncensored letter to her father, Lord Mayor Helfin describing the conspiracy surrounding Talith's death. She works her way south as a slop taker, arriving in Telmandir towards the end of the summer. Ellaine tries to stage a diversion in the streets to reach King Eldir, but is encountered by Feylind first. Feylind offers the Evenstar's cabin for a private audience with the King. Recognizing who she is but realizing that giving her sanctuary might start a war, Eldir summons Ianfar s'Gannley as Tysan's representative. Ianfar reviews her written proof of conspiracy and agrees that she cannot return to Tysan. When Eldir cannot offer sanctuary, Ianfar takes Ellaine under his protection with intent to sail on the Evenstar to Alestron.

When Princess Ellaine arrives requesting sanctuary, Dame Dawr informs her that she will be escorted to Methisle Fortress into Verrain's care, and ultimately on to the hostel of Ath's Adepts in Spire.

Third Age 5671: She remains with Verrain through the winter, awaiting the very delayed arrival of Traithe. Ellaine and Ianfar assist Verrain in the spring inventory of methspawn in Mirthlvain Swamp until Kharadmon arrives for an audience with the princess. Kharadmon reveals that Lysaer's regency was never recognized, and sends her on by choice to the hostel of Ath's Adepts in Spire. She is greeted in the Sacred Grove by Kevor, who has become one of Ath's Adepts.

Princess Ellaine agrees to hear Lysaer's petition when he travels to Spire. He pleads for her return to Avenor but is rejected. Shocked when her cloaked companion reveals himself as Kevor, Lysaer is carried away from the hostel by Sulfin Evend.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: As Lysaer battles the draw of the curse in Morvain, he tells Daliana that she has the same hair color as Ellaine.