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Elaira is an initiate of the Koriathain, initially introduced as a slightly rebellious sorceress who would rather make simples than attend to lane watch duty. She has velvet-grey eyes, auburn hair, and a thin, elfin profile.

Elaira wears a pale lavender cloak with three bands of rank in silver ribbon.[1] She always wears three talisman buttons fashioned of copper coins, good luck charms from her days as a thief.[2] She disdains jewelry, other than her quartz spell crystal, and keeps only a braided silver bracelet dulled from careless wear. Often impertinent, Elaira has a heedless sensitivity that she defends with dry wit.


Elaira grew up parentless in the company of beggars and prostitutes, protected by a kind man she called Uncle. She lived as a disciple of thieves in Morvain until trouble with the Mayor of Morvain's son led her to be given over to the Koriathain for training.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

In Ships of Merior, Elaira reveals that she sketched a vengeful symbol with a stolen charm when she found the Mayor's son tormenting a dog in an alley. The boy's knife slipped and stabbed him through the wrist, and Elaira was claimed by the Koriani in exchange for their healing of the son.[3]

Role in the Story

Given the prominent role that this character plays in the story, plot events have been organized onto separate pages for each book.


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