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Earle is the name of a Second Age Paravian ruin on the southern tip of the peninsula in West Shand. It is the closest stronghold to the South Gate.

A single keep remains intact, guarded by the awareness of the centaur guardian, Seannory. A focus circle exists on the ground level.


In the First Age, Paravian heroes fought against the ravages of Eckracken's haunt from this area. Infinite sadness from these years remains scribed into stone. The fortress was constructed at some point in the Second Age. At this time, the Fellowship had a hand in protecting the Elemental Forces within, and Paravians took control of West Shand from the drakes[1].

In Third Age 4993 when the Mistwraith invaded Athera, an initial line of barrier wards was set up by the Fellowship and the High Kings at Earle. These High Kings activated the powers in their crown jewels to fight against the Mistwraith. This line of defense included Paravians and held out for twenty-five years until the rebellion. At that time, the High Kings returned to their respective kingdoms.

Earle Keep

Earle Keep is the last surviving keep in the fortress. It is imbued with protections created by Seannory, intended to be triggered in defense of the world. Like all works of Paravian craftsmanship, the stones are fitted and meshed in harmonic resonance.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Grand Conspiracy.

The Keep is guarded by additional defenses crafted by Davien the Betrayer. The first challenge is a boulder-blocked entrance whose key requires the entrant to lift his consciousness free of the flesh. The second is a maze of choices built on truesight, compassion, and adherence to the Law of the Major Balance. Finally, the entrant must recite the Name of the boulder and face its judgement of compassionate character.

Hall of Gathering

Passing Davien's defenses brings the entrant to the Hall of Gathering, which contains a shrine inhabited by Elemental Forces. This floor is two landings above the power focus.


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