Drake War

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The Drake War refers to a conflict with drakes beyond the North Gate in Third Age 5867.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

Third Age 5867: Drawn by the novelty of Seshkrozchiel's bargain with Davien, drakes return to Athera through the North Gate. The Fellowship repel these drakes, bringing the conflict to a stand-still.

Third Age 5923: Another young drake crosses through the North Gate and faces Asandir before returning. After the confrontation, Sethvir wonders why Chaimistarizog is not guarding the drake side of the gate.

Kharadmon warns Dace Marley that unrest beyond the North Gate might threaten Athera. It is revealed that, during the Drake War in Dace's great-grandparents' time, the northern sky had been lit with drakefire and only Fellowship wards had prevented ruin.