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Drakes are a race of vast and wild beauty, but ancient in clever intelligence, who inhabited Athera before the Era of Redemption. They have the power to dream creation out of the living fabric of the cosmos. The subjects of Drake-dreams become Named into existence. Traces of this power lingers in grimwards containing the remnant dreams of drakes who died unrequited.

The preferred habitat of drakes is volcanic rock with lava flows and mud pots. Rainstorms were said to send great drakes into fits of irritation. Drakes roll in molten rock to remove old scales. They are also agile enough to brave the crosswinds in a thundercloud.


Dragons did not respect free choice or subscribe to limitations or strictures. They were wild powers, consciousness without conscience. The drakes believed (mistakenly) that higher mastery was theirs for the taking, forgetting of the creators' compassion. In the end, the results of the drakes' dreams spun out of their control. They, themselves, were not evil, but some of their creations, like the Seardluin embodied senseless destruction.

At the depths of their ignorance, the drakes were offered salvation from Ath Creator in the form of the three races of Paravians, who came to heal the world of Athera. They failed to turn the Seardluin, and were nearly decimated by the slaughter. In First Age 827, the drakes in council with Paravians at Corith, then summoned the Fellowship in the Second Dreaming because the Fellowship were deemed masters without parallel in the arts of destruction. At that moment in time, the template of who the Fellowship sorcerers were matched exactly with the intent of the drakes. The sorcerers were given redemption from their guilt by the Paravians, and their magical powers by the drakes. They fought to ensure Paravian survival, eradicating the Seardluin. The drakes eventually ceded Athera to the Paravians as part of the Accord.

By the time the Third Age has arrived, the great drakes have become diminished, deep in volcanic caverns and abjuring the temptations of drake-dreams. Sethvir keeps continual watch upon them.


The dragons spoke Drakish, which had no written form, only pictorial symbols.[1] Some examples of this writing can be found in Davien's library at Kewar Tunnel. This language evolved before Athera received the awakened gift of actualized language.[2]

Conversations with drakes are never linear experiences, as syllables and sounds are augmented by images and emotion across dimensions.


Drakes can make or unmake creation purely by thought, but lack the ability to detect the living spirit that underpins the inhabitants of Athera.

Notable Drakes


  • There are rumors that the skulls of unhatched dragons have ties to dark magecraft. Such magic poses a threat to discorporate Sorcerers similar to the powers within a grimward.
  • Because creation through true dreams lies outside of Ath's loom, the drakes earned the enmity of the Elemental Forces across time.
  • Drakes never speak without forethought, and the eldest of them express themselves rarely, if at all.
  • Drakes are not Named until after a successful mating. However, Ciladis' study of the methurien suggests that this is not wholly true.
  • When a man bows his head to a drake, it is a sign of acquiescence.[3]
  • When drakes hibernate, their dreamless sleep might last for centuries.
Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.
  • Sethvir states that Athera's mysteries have faced cataclysm three other times, always triggered by drakes. Only one of these cataclysms occurred under the Fellowship's guardianship, and none of them occurred after the Compact was formed.


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