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Davien is a member of the Fellowship of Seven. Though rendered discorporate, it is initially unclear whether he has transcended such limitations in some way. When projecting an image, he has shoulder-length red-and-silver hair, dark eyes, a clean-shaven ascetic face, and long, artist's fingers. He wears a burnt orange and sienna leather doublet, a crisp, pleated shirt with braided sable laces tying the wrists, brushed suede leggings, and boots topped with lynx fur. On his finger, he wears a silver ring with an inset citrine that's carved with three interlocked crescents (framing the sign of the moon). He moves light-footed, like a stalker.

Of the seven sorcerers, Davien is the strongest in the area of magical crafting. His cleverness is the product of wildcard genius, and he is determined but not patient. Davien is also known for treading a fine line when interpreting the Law of the Major Balance.[1]

Magical Works

Davien constructed many works:

The author has stated that the fountain and Kewar Tunnel were built for a connected reason (which was also connected to King Kamridian's decision to enter the tunnel), but the exact reason has not yet been revealed.[2]


Davien was the Sorcerer responsible for inciting the rebellion that resulted in the fall of the High Kings in Third Age 5018.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

In Third Age 5129, he was formally summoned to Althain Tower to account for his actions, which included allowing a cabal at Hanshire to cause unrest. Davien argued that townsfolk with no understanding of the free wilds should have been sent to Dascen Elur instead of the royal bloodlines. A misinterpretation of his actions during the summons triggered a warding of Shehane Althain which would have irrevocably disbarred his presence on Athera and destroyed the drakes' binding on the Fellowship. To prevent this catastrophe, the other Sorcerers acted first to render Davien discorporate.[3]

Following discorporation, Davien went into exile by personal choice.[4] Retiring to Kewar Tunnel in the Mathorn Mountains, Davien refused all outside company and never responded to any of Sethvir's polite messages. He fashioned a sanctuary for himself without access or entry, except through his personal living signature.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Black Bargain

Third Age 5011: It is revealed that Davien chose to shoulder the bulk of the Fellowship's work on Athera while the other 6 members fought to contain the Mistwraith. His stance on the effectiveness of Charter Law is well-established at this point.

Davien is summoned to meet with the Reiyaj seeress on behalf of the Biedar Eldest. The Reiyaj seeress requests Davien's discreet help to locate a talisman being used by the Gray Kralovir to mask their actions from the earth link. To conceal Davien's actions from the earth link and the rest of the Fellowship, he receives a silver ring with three embossed crescents around a citrine, the Biedar Eldest's ancient heirloom from Scathac.

Third Age 5013: Davien secures the release of Toler sen Beckit from the Riverton jail. He enlists Toler's help to reveal the secrets of a cult of necromancers using Drake Skulls to conceal their actions.

Toler begrudgingly agrees, in hopes of finding a way to desert later on. They travel to a place near the grimward on the Korias Flats, where Toler is set to seemingly meaningless tasks for weeks while Davien perfects some sort of magecraft.

Third Age 5014: Just after Winter Solstice, Toler returns to camp early and stumbles upon a meeting between Davien and Seshkrozchiel. The great drake suspects transgressions of the Compact. Davien sidesteps the concern and offers himself unconditionally if evidence is found to the contrary.

The next morning, Davien sends Toler to Hanshire cloaked in magecraft to make him appear as a half-witted deaf-mute. Davien rents quarters and maintains a line of communication into Toler's thoughts. He suspects that the Gray Kralovir will attempt to form an alliance with the Koriathain through Hanshire's mayor, and intends to use the disguised Toler to infiltrate the sisterhood.

Toler is quickly nabbed by guards for beggary and ultimately ends up purchased by Morriel Prime. He spends the next year performing menial tasks for the Hanshire sisterhouse under Morriel's watchful eye. Toler wonders if his sister, Enna might have been snatched by the Koriathain and Davien states that the Koriathain only co-opt the destitute without kinfolk.

Third Age 5015: Just before Winter Solstice, Morriel's aged servant passes away and she chooses Toler as his replacement. Toler spends the next three seasons working near the Skyron Focus and Great Waystone without Davien's presence felt.

Third Age 5016: In the fall, Toler accompanies Morriel and six high-ranked enchantresses to a meeting in Hanshire's hall of state. Davien's subliminal link to Toler is severed when the necromancers set up four Drake Skulls around the meeting room. He realizes that he must take care of the skulls without raising the notice of other great drakes or Tehaval Warden.

Later, Davien proposes to trigger the rebellion early, in hopes of procuring the Drake Skulls in the chaos and allowing some chance to preserve the Compact in spite of the cost. Toler promises to help if his sister's ritual sacrifice can be avenged, and Davien promises to root out necromancy in all forms across the world.

Third Age 5018: When the uprising occurs, the Koriathain leave Morriel's valuable spell crystals unguarded. Toler steals the box containing Drake Skulls for Davien and also tosses the Great Waystone into a public well. Although Davien senses that the box merely contains river stones, he grants Toler his freedom and reaffirms his promise to ruin the Gray Kralovir. With the Drake Skulls unaccounted for, Davien realizes that he must wait until the next time they surface to discharge his promises to Seshkrozchiel and the Rei-yaj Seeress.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5637: Arithon and Lysaer drink from the Five Centuries Fountain while crossing the Red Desert. On Athera, Arithon asks Asandir about Davien, whose name was inscribed on the fountain.

While the Fellowship discuss the half-brothers' fates at Althain Tower, Dakar recites the Black Rose Prophecy, concerning Davien and the Fellowship's restoration to seven members.

Third Age 5638: Kharadmon reveals to Dakar that Davien built a staircase up Rockfell Peak when they arrive to contain the remnants of the Mistwraith. He recalls that the iyats were released to add havoc to Davien's rebellion.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: At a Convocation, Sethvir conjectures that Davien's added lifespan might offer the chance to redeem the half-brothers.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: When Dakar has a malleable vision of Arithon's assassination, he realizes that the attempt will negate Davien's longevity binding bestowed by the Five Centuries Fountain.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: At Corith, Lysaer tells Lirenda that Davien's longevity binding will even the game board against Arithon.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Sethvir senses Davien in his self-imposed isolation under the Mathorn Mountains. Davien is in the cavern when the Cabal of Light use drake skull wards for the very first time.

Third Age 5669: Davien refuses to answer any of Sethvir's summons to assist with Koriani plots. He observes the effects of Morriel's attack on Athera from his chamber in Kewar Tunnel. As the attack continues, the last image shown in the pool is a golden eagle in flight, at the same moment that Lysaer first engages in a blood ritual with Jeriayish.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: As Arithon travels to Ithamon, he briefly spots a golden eagle and has the feeling that he is being watched. Later, the golden eagle observes Elaira's journey to Whitehaven, when she is assisted by a sending of Ath's Adepts.

The golden eagle is over Daon Ramon Barrens when Arithon is captured by Jaelot guardsmen. Elaira, observing from Whitehaven, notes that the guardsmen's fear has been amplified by someone with talent. Later, the eagle flies southwest across Daon Ramon Barrens. Davien appears in Whitehaven's Sacred Grove after Elaira frames a sigil of guidance. When she recognizes him, he asks that she not speak his name aloud. He offers to bring her along on a flight of reconnaissance in Daon Ramon Barrens. It is revealed that he can take the form of an eagle in spite of his past discorporate nature.

In eagle form, Davien observes the movements of Sulfin Evend, Arithon and Braggen, Jieret's clansmen, and the advancing armies. He notes that Elaira was unaware of the spells cast upon the Jaelot guardsmen. Elaira asks to follow Jieret, in hopes of masking the importance of Braggen's escape. After the Jaelot garrison is immolated by Lysaer's attack, Davien flies through the remnants of Lirenda's spellcraft ensuring that Selidie will become aware of it.

When Jieret is taken prisoner by Sulfin Evend, Davien makes a bargain with Elaira: he will provide Jieret with the opportunity to request Fellowship help in free will in exchange for Elaira's presence as a living witness. That evening, he observes as Sulfin Evend creates a crude circle of protection and reveals a secret about mage talent in clan lineage to Lysaer. He does not act on Jieret's behalf until Sulfin Evend refreshes his circle of protection, in accordance with the Law of the Major Balance.

Davien's spirit is pulled through the linkage of his bargain when Elaira is summoned by Selidie Prime,. He is revealed to be more than discorporate as he evades the trap and leaves behind a fire spell that severs Selidie's connection to the Great Waystone. Selidie is able to subdue the threat at the expense of her hands, which are crippled by the fire. Davien returns to Daon Ramon Barrens in a physical human body and imprints a cipher to summon Traithe's Raven on Jieret's brow. He then continues to track Arithon into the Mathorn Mountains. When the eagle is noticed by clan scouts, Arithon says that his Masterbard's ear can detect that the eagle is physically real. After Arithon becomes overextended raising the Lanes of Rathain into harmony, Davien intercepts his clan escort. Unable to heal the prince through his unconscious defenses, Davien enchants a water flask and asks the clansmen to offer it to Arithon when he awakens. He also reveals that Kewar Tunnel is the only place that might deter the Etarran army and offers his eagle as a guide to the location.

Once Arithon awakens, he makes the choice to follow the eagle to Kewar Tunnel. The eagle also observes as Lysaer and Sulfin Evend ascend the stairs of Kewar Tunnel to confirm that Arithon has been sealed inside. Later, when Asandir and Sethvir discuss Davien at Althain Tower, Asandir notes that Davien's eagle is an actual physical entity and not spun from etheric energies.

Summoned by Luhaine at Rockfell Pit, Davien informs him of Arithon's escape into Kewar Tunnel. When Arithon passes through the first stage of the maze, Davien discovers that both Elaira and a centaur had gained access through Arithon's being, but the wards of privacy around the maze prevent him from knowing what occurred. After Arithon unmakes the maze, Davien describes him as the most gifted individual ever to try the influence of the Fellowship. He explains that the rebellion was similar in intent to Arithon's actions at the Havens and offers Arithon sanctuary and access to his library. Arithon swears a guest oath.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: In late spring, Arithon discusses his broadened perceptions with Davien and expresses his intent to proceed without further killing. As Arithon recovers and tames his reawakened mage talent, Davien often disappears on odd errands. He attempts to trigger the curse with Lysaer's auric imprint and is satisfied when Arithon breaks the compulsion. Arithon spends the season learning more from Davien's library while Davien keeps him abreast of outside events.

The golden eagle observes the encounter between Feylind and Ellaine in the streets of Telmandir. Later, it causes a ford to flood, delaying Sulfin Evend's trip to Althain Tower. When questioned by Sethvir, Davien states that Asandir will return to Althain Tower in five days to welcome Sulfin Evend. Davien then shows Arithon the meeting between Ellaine and Eldir and recommends books on necromancy. At one point, Davien challenges Arithon in a blind duel with practice sticks in the library, and urges him to revisit Alithiel in the armory.

When Selidie Prime engages the Great Waystone against the Evenstar, Davien warns Arithon and agrees to transport him on board.

Third Age 5671: The eagle observes the wedding feast and ceremony of Glendien and Kyrialt. Davien responds to a summons from Sethvir at Althain Tower, and is able to arrive without any of Ath's Adepts noticing. Sethvir asks for his assistance purging necromancy from Etarra but Davien insists that Arithon is a capable weapon and restates his belief that the Compact will ultimately fall no matter what. Arithon requests help from Davien in his plan to infiltrate the Kralovir in Etarra. Davien gives him the guise of a blind bard and conceals a shipment of tribute gold as stone. When Arithon is captured by the Kralovir, Davien knocks Dakar unconscious before the Mad Prophet can provide Arithon with unrequested aid. After Arithon's success, Davien brings him back to Kewar Tunnel. On Arithon's request, Davien teleports him to the focus circle at the ruins in Sanpashir.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Davien informs Elaira of Arithon's survival after the necromancers are defeated. When Dakar has a true prophecy of events between Duke Bransian and Jeynsa, Davien observes the scene from Kewar Tunnel.

The eagle observes the first ground assault of Alestron and then flies to Arithon's location in Selkwood. Davien offers to give Arithon and Kyrialt firsthand knowledge of the assault. He reveals his intent to Kyrialt -- providing proof that Arithon's plan to return to Alestron so soon after his experience in the King's Glade was unwise. When Arithon has recovered sufficiently, Davien teleports him, Kyrialt, and Glendien into the care of Elaira at Alestron.

Davien rescues Sethvir from the danger of the Scarpdale grimward when Sethvir falters while warding the lost Drake Skulls at Avenor. Speaking with Sethvir for the first time since before the disapperance of Ciladis, he offers cryptic warning that should he help the Fellowship with the Drake Skulls and grimward, Arithon might be left unaided at a critical moment.

From his chamber at Kewar Tunnel, Davien observes Parrien's attack on the enspelled Alliance troops, Elaira's return to the citadel, and Feylind's visit to Innish. He is unable to help Elaira deliver her warning in time because the bargain behind his source of power comes due.

The matrix of his spirit links up with the awakened consciousness of the drake, Seshkrozchiel, who smashes through the chamber at Kewar Tunnel.Seshkrozchiel and Davien fly to Avenor, where the drake destroys the entire town and the stolen drake skulls under the state hall, then head for the grimward in Scarpdale. Davien attempts to explain that killing innocent humans in Avenor was wrong, but Seshkrozchiel sees no value in any human but those of the Fellowship. Davien steers Seshkrozchiel's interests away from Arithon and the Siege of Alestron as the pair challenges the grimward in Scarpdale. Through active dreaming of creation, Seshkrozchiel relieves the burden of the grimward from Sethvir and faces the awareness of the dead drake inside. It is revealed that in exchange for the restoration of his corporeal form, Davien lends his human perception to all that Seshkrozchiel experiences.

Seshkrozchiel's attempts to unmake the grimward and restore Scarpdale's natural state are blocked by the presence of the five horsemen lost in the Korias grimward, possibly tied to Asandir's use of the drake skulls within different grimwards for teleportation. Working together, Seshkrozchiel and Davien allow the trapped souls to make a natural crossing into death. Seshkrozchiel encounters Asandir in the grimward. Rather than take the opportunity to return to Athera himself, Asandir chooses stay with Seshkrozchiel and Davien. As Seshkrozchiel battles the haunt to unmake the grimward, Davien stands at risk of losing his identity. Asandir attempts to anchor him with recollection of a potent memory from Third Age 5129, when a summons at Althain Tower ultimately ended in Davien's discorporate status. Seshkrozchiel rechannels her perception of Shehane Althain's wards and the members of the Fellowship to put a permanent end to the dead drake.

At Althain Tower, Davien mentions to Asandir that he and Seshkrozchiel plan to mend the barrier wards around two more unstable grimwards next. Davien is not anxious to resume his relationships with other Fellowship members, but agrees to assist should Luhaine ever need help with the Koriathain.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5922: Seshkrozchiel is in Kathtairr when Asandir clears the flux lines of Tysan. Sethvir reports to Asandir that Davien is aware of the troubles faced on Paravia.

As Elaira is pursued by Koriani initiates in Redburn, it is revealed that her spoken words once summoned Davien and Seshkrozchiel to her aid sometime in the past.

Third Age 5923: Seshkrozchiel reveals her desire to undo the damage done to Kathtairr and Davien warns that it will upshift the resonance of the entire planet. In early spring, their paired creativity causes a plant to grow. As expected, this affects the resonance across Athera to the detriment of humans and their settlements built in disregard of the flux lanes.

Seshkrozchiel's notice is drawn by a rune of appeal left on Asandir's dying horse in Scarpdale. The drake returns to the continent from Kathtairr. On a suggestion from Davien, she stops at the tavern where Dakar and Daliana are held captive. Davien reveals to the pair that Sethvir has cast strands and found that Lysaer's case is hopeless. He offers the option to step into Seshkrozchiel's true dreaming in hopes that they will end up in a place aligned with their true desires. Daliana accepts immediately, followed by Dakar who observes the rebirth of Isfarenn before ending up in Fiaduwynne.

Sethvir's casting of strands reveals that Seshkrozchiel is on the verge of a hibernation that might last for a millenium. He warns that Davien might not survive if he remains bound to the drake. After Luhaine is unable to convince the drake to release Davien, he bargains to take his place for the duration of the hibernation. The bargain is accepted and Davien walks free.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: In Scarpdale, Davien warns Dakar not to interfere in Lysaer's fate. He offers Daliana the means to remake her form as a man with longevity, allowing her to stay close to Lysaer without detection. She agrees even though he warns that she might never see success. Davien constructs an enchanted bracelet from thread in his cuff and also instructs her on how to permanently return to her original form.

Having become incarnate after his service to Seshkrozchiel, Davien reengineers the entrance to his home at Kewar Tunnel. Kharadmon arrives to challenge Davien over his inaction in helping the Fellowship, especially in investigating Chaimistarizog's absence beyond the North Gate. During the argument, Selidie Prime launches an assault through the Great Waystone. To protect Kharadmon, Davien is forced to wield untested drake powers. Kharadmon concedes that Seshkrozchiel's legacy is best kept far from Northgate.

After Lysaer is felled by a Koriani-spelled crossbow bolt, Sethvir reveals that Davien had altered Asandir's original mark of protection on Daliana. While transforming her into Dace Marley, Davien added quadrangle runes of chaos to protect both servant and master. These runes prevent Selidie from further magecraft against Lysaer while Dace remains in his service.

Elaira reaches the entrance to Kewar Tunnel in late autumn. Unable to breach Davien's defenses on her own, she uses the flint knife and the single boon granted by the Biedar to gain entry. Davien meets her just over the threshold. He hints that Asandir's oath of nonintervention might hinge on Arithon's offspring and suggests that Elaira read the diaries of Enithen Tuer.

Davien examines the flint knife and suggests that it offers a consensual way to interact with Biedar ancestry. He tells Elaira that Enithen Tuer's diaries were unsanctioned, transcribed from knowledge stolen by the Koriathain and preserved in a spell crystal. In the following months, Elaira learns the history of Audua Sedjii an Teshua from Davien and Enithen Tuer's diaries. Based on her findings, she decides to search the histories of royal families on Athera, to determine how the Biedar heritages became entwined with the s'Ahelas family. She learns that Arithon and Lysaer share a connection to the Lassiver lineage of the Biedar tribe through their s'Ahelas ancestry.

In late spring, a cryptic conversation with Davien makes Elaira realize that Arithon has discovered the Paravians' sanctuary and is now moving to challenge the Ettin shamans. After the shamans have captured Arithon, Elaira finally convinces him to let her depart.


  • Davien's ring is not required for spellcraft, but it has some other significance.
  • Davien's cloak is made of jet wool and bordered with chased-silver bosses. It is imbued with some form of his magecraft that can affect the wearer.
Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.
  • Davien chose not to sponsor a royal family when the Compact was formed.
  • Davien once asserted that humans' perception of flora and fauna influenced life on Athera to conform to racial memory.


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