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Dakar is a spellbinder in the service of the Fellowship. He is described as a short, plump man with a clever face, chestnut hair, and a red beard. He has the gift of prescience and longevity-training, but prefers drunkeness and debauchery to achieving inner balance. Dakar has been taught to correct his bodily failings (such as his nearsightedness), but this would require a clear mind and sober state.

Dakar is also known informally as the "Mad Prophet". Kharadmon occasionally calls him "Mad One", and Arithon refers to him as "Prophet of Madness" in Ships of Merior. The nickname came about from a colorful incident involving a batch of town guardsmen driven stark, raving nuts by Dakar's eight weeks under a jail sentence.[1]


Dakar was born in Third Age 5057. At the age of four (Third Age 5061) he gave the West Gate Prophecy[2], and at the age of seven, he foretold his mother's death by fever. Ostracized by his scared family, he was taken in as a Fellowship ward. Dakar also gave a prophecy predicting the fall of Telmandir during the rebellion, which allowed the Fellowship to save the heir of Havish. Although the rebellion occurred before Dakar's birth (Third Age 5018), the author has stated that this is not a continuity error, and that it will be explored further in future books.[3]

Dakar was alive to witness the last of the Paravian dancers before they vanished from the continent, and at the start of the story, has been Asandir's apprentice for half a century.


Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Dakar's gift is one of the world's great mysteries, even after years of research by the Fellowship. The prophecies that Dakar makes come in two varieties: those which are malleable and can be subject to change, and those that are absolute. Malleable prophecies come to Dakar as visions which he remembers after he awakens. The words he chooses to describe them may be coloured by his own interpretation. Absolute prophecies come to him in a trance-like state and might not even have a visual component. The words spoken in tranced Sight would be in strict accord with the event that provoked the prophecy. These auguries are utterly different in their source than those subject to change, and are beyond Dakar's recall after he comes out of the trance.

These alone held pinpoint accuracy, and if the content of their riddles held opening for change, only the Fellowship had seen proof.[4]

In some cases, attempts to tap his inner resources for an act of grand conjury will be overwhelmed by a fit of prescience.

Role in the Story

Given the prominent role that this character plays in the story, plot events have been organized onto separate pages for each book.


  • Dakar is of no relation to the s'Dieneval clan lineage. His is a wild talent, not tied by bloodline.[2]
  • Halliron is taller than Dakar, who is taller than Arithon.


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