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Daenfal is a city on the northern shore of Lake Daenfal in Daon Ramon, Rathain. The old city sits on the eastern edge of the River Arwent, built up around a Paravian watchtower on Arwent Plateau. Because of the River Arwent gorge on the west side, travelers must take a ferry across to enter the city. The southern side of the city is marked by a red sandstone revetment.

In the eastern crags overlooking a Paravian ampitheater for mourning the departed, humankind built a layered necropolis in the Third Age.


Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5669: After arriving in Daenfal, Fionn Areth challenges a guardsman, Uray, to a disarming duel. He wins unexpectedly, and Uray plots to pit him against Captain Jussey in exchange for a sword and lodging. Fionn Areth does better than expected against Jussey, and celebrates with the guardsmen at the Cockatrice Tavern.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5924: Arithon's route to Ithamon is cut off by True Sect diviners backed by the Koriathain and he turns south to Daenfal instead. Injured, he evades the True Sect in the necropolis, but ends up a captive of the Koriathain after fainting from blood loss.

Third Age 5925: Arithon returns to Daenfal with Vivet and Valien after fleeing from Ettinmere Settlement. He is caught in a Koriani trap at a Daenfal inn and turned over to the True Sect. After the public execution, Asandir arrives and raises a defensive ward around the scaffold across time and space. At twilight, Asandir, Dakar, Tarens, and Elaira transport Arithon on a litter through town. The Daenfal residents they pass struggle to equate Arithon with the Spinner of Darkness vilified by the True Sect.


  • The spellbinder, Verrain, once lived here, many centuries before the events in the story.
  • Foresters from Daenfal are known to work their traps in the Skyshiels, and near Rockfell Peak.
  • The mayor's flag is turquoise.