Curse of the Mistwraith

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Curse of the Mistwraith is the first volume in the Wars of Light and Shadow.

The following editions and translations have been published. Please note that not all of them are still in print.

British US
CurseOfTheMistwraithBrit.pngCurseOfTheMistwraithBritReissue.png CurseOfTheMistwraithUS.pngCurseOfTheMistwraithUSReissue.png

French Translation Czech Translation German Translation Hungarian Translation
CurseOfTheMistwraithFrench.png CurseOfTheMistwraithCzech.png CurseOfTheMistwraithGerman1.pngCurseOfTheMistwraithGerman2.png CurseOfTheMistwraithHungarian1.pngCurseOfTheMistwraithHungarian2.png


They are half-brothers, divided by the vicious throes of a blood feud -- Lysaer, a prince raised as heir to a crown, and Arithon, brought up by mages. One bears the gift of the power of light and the other, command of darkness. Exiled to a world not their own, the pair must find common ground to defeat the Mistwraith that has banished the sun.

Yet there is more at stake than one battle with the Mistwraith -- as the sorcerers of the Fellowship of Seven know well. For between them the half-brothers hold the balance of the world, its harmony, and its future, in their hands.[1]


  • The author wrote 17 drafts of this story arc before arriving at a satisfying beginning, and has stated that every single idea from later arcs can be found in this volume. One of the original drafts began following the wedding of Talera s'Ahelas to the King of Amroth.[2]


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