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Corith is the largest of the Lost Isles of Min Pierens, located far off the coast of Havish. It is the site of a drake lair and a ruined First Age foundation, and is described as a "fissured, clenched fist" of jagged grottos. The area has forbidding, scarred cliffs, and stands of crabbed cedar trees, and was burned desolate with drakefire in the First Age.

A network of caves exist in the cliffs, originally carved by the elements and later enlarged by the hot breath of dragons.


Under siege in First Age 827, a council of Paravians met here. The drakes summoned the Fellowship in the Second Dreaming because they were deemed masters without parallel in the arts of destruction -- at that moment in time, the template of who the Fellowship sorcerers were matched exactly with the intent of the drakes.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: Corith is first introduced when Lirenda shows an image of Corith from lane watch to Morriel Prime. It is the first site to see sunlight during the battle between the half-brothers and Desh-thiere at Ithamon.

Fugutive Prince

Third Age 5648: Following the campaign at Vastmark, Arithon travels to Corith to prepare for the future. He is kept supplied with help from Maenol's clansmen, but the trips become more risky in the spring, where the crossings might be noticed by early trade galleys.

Third Age 5653: The site is a small outpost used to coordinate the stolen ships from Riverton. Lysaer and his war galleys quickly overrun the outpost and reclaim the Cariadwin as it sails in. While Lysaer's men wait out a storm in the caves, Arithon's stranded allies take back the Cariadwin and sabotage the rest of the vessels, stranding Lysaer on Corith.