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Ciladis is a member of the Fellowship of Seven. He is described as a small-boned, walnut-skinned man, and is the gentlest, most sensitive member of the Fellowship. Ciladis has saffron-colored eyes, a crooked nose, fleece eyebrows, and flat cheekbones. He wears a lavender-gray mantle.

He is sometimes referred to as Ciladis the Lost, having vanished long before the story begins.


Ciladis was a healer beyond compare, who took careful notes on his areas of study, and a gifted ambassador in conferences with great drakes. Shortly after the invasion of the Mistwraith, he crafted the Sunloop to forecast the revival of sunlight.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Stormed Fortress.

Ciladis was present at the inquiry into Davien's unilateral actions, at Althain Tower in Third Age 5129. He was the only one to consider speaking in the rogue Sorcerer's defense.

In Third Age 5462[1], Ciladis left Paravia in search of the missing Paravians and was never heard from again. His notes were archived at Althain Tower as well as Kewar Tunnel.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Child of Prophecy

Third Age 5036: Ciladis meets Meiglin s'Dieneval outside of Tawbas' Inn after she refuses to join the Koriathain. He reveals that the High King of Shand died in the battle with the Mistwraith, leaving Meiglin's unborn daughter as the only s'Ahelas successor. Meiglin acknowledges the paternal birthright, naming her daughter as Dari s'Ahelas. Ciladis informs Meiglin that the Fellowship can provide the means to raise Dari and someday give her the free will choice of exile through the West Gate as they did for the other royal lines.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: Ciladis' disappearance is first mentioned when Arithon suggests to Asandir that they should find the Paravians. As the Mistwraith loses its grip on the skies, a unicorn is shown guarding a Sorcerer sealed under sleep spells on a faraway island. This is not explicitly revealed to be Ciladis.

When Dakar tells the half-brothers about the gifts of their family lines, he mentions that Ciladis drew up the charter of Rathain in Third Age 1.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: When Asandir describes the Compact to a fisherman, it is revealed that Ciladis had hoped to redeem the methuri following the wars with drake spawn. This complicated the binding laid upon the Fellowship by the great drakes when mankind arrived on Athera.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: When Davien and Arithon discuss the original creation of the Compact, it is revealed that Ciladis argued in favor of granting humanity sanctuary, feeling that the Fellowship would be disowning the problem they had originally created otherwise.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: When Davien finally resumes contact with Sethvir, he notes that Ciladis' disappearance is an inconvenience that has forced the resumption of dialogue.

Selidie curses Ciladis' past meddling involving Meiglin s'Dieneval when the Biedar prevent her from interfering with Elaira's magecraft at Athir.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5924: Cosach questions the value of defending the mysteries as he lays dying during a True Sect ambush. Arithon shares the experience of a living Paravian with him and reveals what Ciladis said at the forming of the Compact.

Embrace coexistence with Athera's Paravians, and the benefits of longer life and robust health will evolve an enhanced connection to heightened awareness. This potential would benefit more than your children. All people may inherit the chance to expand in ways unimagined.[2]

Third Age 5925: After discovering the Paravians' sanctuary on Los Lier, Arithon recovers from Paravian exposure in a cottage where Ciladis once lived. He reads the Sorcerer's journals which cover diverse topics, from sketches of Fellowship members to recipes and spells. Arithon notes that Ciladis had learned of the Mistwraith's true nature as separate entities centuries before the rest of the Fellowship. The Sorcerer also invented a way for the sound of Athlien flutes to allow Athera's flora and fauna to persevere under the blight of the fog.

On Los Lier, Arithon finds a location protected in stasis, and realizes that the spells surrounding it should have dispersed at the first touch of sunlight, had evergreens not grown up around the location. Dispelling the wards with his gift of Shadow, Arithon meets Ciladis, who recognizes him and thanks him for his freedom. Ciladis shares the knowledge that the drakes' binding protects the Fellowship from Paravian exposure, and that each royal family was chosen by a one of the Fellowship and imbued with a shared virtue as the foundation for the royal gifts. He explains that after he discovered the true nature of the Mistwraith, he raised the local flux currents around Los Lier to preserve Paravian vitality. After Arithon falls asleep, Ciladis resolves to speak to the Paravians on his behalf.

Ciladis travels across Los Lier and steps through a threshold beyond senses to meet with the Paravians. He encounters unicorns dancing and is met by Tehaval Warden. The centaur, who still retains access to the earth link, warns Ciladis against advocating for Arithon because of the Fellowship's oath of noninterference. Tehaval Warden reports that Arithon has gained support from many Paravians. Avileffin's shipbuilding kin restore the Talliarthe and Tierendieriel Merevalia sees the prince safely away from the islands. Although Ciladis feels compelled to return to the continent immediately, Tehaval invites him to a feast celebrating his delayed release.

Ciladis finally returns to Althain Tower at the end of the year.


  • Of the five crystal spheres stored in the aumbry of Althain Tower, the clear quartz prefers to work with Ciladis.
  • Ciladis often sat in the balcony of Althain Tower, where a view of the sky encouraged thought.
Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.


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