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Cianor was an Ilitharis Paravian during the First Age and Second Age on Athera.


Cianor was born at Caith-al-Caen in First Age 615. In 815, he survived the massacre of Leorne (which was caused by the methuri of Mirthlvain Swamp) and led the Battle of Retaliation on Bordirion Plain.

In 826, his forces were defeated at Erdane by the Khadrim. Gravely wounded, he retired to Araethura, Rathain where he was present for the arrival of the Fellowship of Seven in 827. The Fellowship healed him, after which he granted them their redemption. He was appointed Keeper of the Records in 902.

Cianor resurfaces during the history of the Second Age. In 1542, he stabilized the realm after the murder of Paravian High King Marin Eliathe, and he was crowned the High King himself in 2545. During his reign, he earned the honorific of Sunlord.

Cianor returned to fight another rise of Khadrim and died in Second Age 3651. Normally, Paravians who have died on Athera do not reincarnate, but Cianor was an exception. At the darkest hour of the Second Age, he was reborn (tiendar'shayn'd) as Cianor Moonlord, and was present in Third Age 1 when the Fellowship wrote the Compact.[1]

Cianor was one of many owners of the Isaervian blade, Alithiel. When his sister, Princess Taliennse was rescued by Kamridian s'Ffalenn in the Third Age, Cianor awarded the sword to the s'Ffalenn line. Cianor also owned a jeweled scepter with bronze dragons that bore the spoken power of prophecy. This scepter is now stored in Althain Tower, along with a Second Age dagger he once owned.


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